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Citrix IMA Service cannot start Error -2147090410


After installing CIitrix hotfix PSE400W2K3R02.0.1, IMA Service will not start. When we try to manually restart the service, it will come up with error number   -2147090410.


Citrix Presentation Server 4.0,  Windows server 2003 Enterprise SP2


During the R02 install, it creates an invalid entry in the registry making the IMA thinks that the License server is empty., and hence won’t start the service.


After this hotfix install reboot, the IMA service won’t start. when we try to restart it will give error message saying

1 .Citrix License Warning Notice : MetaFrame Presentation Server cannot contact the license server Empty. (System event log)

2. When the service is restarted it gives similar error message above with number -2147090410  (popup when IMA service restart fails)

3. System event log will have error message like the below.,

a. The server running MetaFrame Presentation Server failed to connect to the Data Store.  Error - IMA_RESULT_NETWORK_FAILURE An unknown failure occurred while connecting to the database.

Event ID : 3615  Source: IMAService

b. Failed to load plugin Imaadminss.dll with error IMA_RESULT_DBCONNECT_FAILURE

Event ID : 3609 Source : IMAService

c. Failed to load initial plugins with error IMA_RESULT_DBCONNECT_FAILURE

Event ID : 3601 Source: IMAservice

d. This computer running MetaFrame Presentation Server will now stop accepting connections. This server is no longer in or could not enter a licensing grace period.

Event ID : 9017 Source: Metaframe


There is a citrix link that says the possible reason why it is coming up with this error, the steps go like the below .. but looks they missed including one more check.

If you are sure the DB and network connection is fine and issue is only experienced after installing this hotfix … Go straight to the last step mentioned below, if not .. follow all steps

1.      Check environment variable value for TEMP Directory and permission for the user account which starts this service and user account that connects to the data store.

2.      Check the zone configuration and make sure the server is in appropriate zone.

3.      Check network service has permission on the lastconnect registry value

4.      Run DSMAINT CONFIG /USER:<username> /PWD:<Password> /DSN:<full directory location of the mf20.dsn file>

For syntax

5.      Run DSCHECK to see if the DS connectivity , entries are valid  (/Clean switch is optional)

For syntax

6.      Try to restart service with different account instead of local account – which can eliminate any permission related issue


If any of the above steps helped you .. it may be connectivity /permission issue for the IMA to DS… If all the above were perfect (it was in my case) .. just check this below registry location.   During the R02 installation, for some reason, it creates three registry entries with invalid value .. which make the IMA to struggle starting.  Simply remove these entries and restart it will sure restart for you. 

***Please make sure to take a backup of registry before making these changes., ***

The invalid entry created is under HKLM\SOFTWARE\CITRIX\IMA

Entry names :

1.       LastPSServer REG_SZ key with just “” as value

2.      PSServer REG_SZ key with just “” as value

3.      PSSERVERPORT REG_SZ key with just  “”as  value

Remove the above three entries and restart the IMA service, it will start without any issue.

Restart server is not a requirement .. but if you want confirm if it is a permanent solution, you may do so.

I have attached screenshot for the same below for your reference.