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Jane is also a talented Tarot Card Reader and Certified Life Coach with a deep interest in assisting others in becoming aware of all aspects of a situation so that they then know what action to take to achieve the results they desire. Sometimes we even know what we need/want to do, but lack the confidence, knowledge or motivation to take the necessary action. If you would like to take advantage of her intuitive gifts, wide range of knowledge of the holistic lifestyle and ability to guide you through emotional challenges and blockages, you can make a private appointment with her by calling 480-356-3494 or email kripaluyogawithjane@gmail.com
Sessions are $45 per hour.

Every now and then, we hold workshops such as the following.


Secrets of vibrant health

“I learned a lot about the dangers of certain foods and products that we use every day, thinking they were safe. Thank you for opening my eyes,

I am more aware of what I and my family put in our bodies & how it affects us.”

Michele  Harbough,  Queen Creek, AZ

In this course, you will learn how to remain or become free from disease, shed pounds and feel full of energy and vitality, while at the same time loving your food.  A lot of what you think you know on this subject will be challenged.

Ground shattering information will be presented to you and after you have read it, we will meet for discussion and questions.

These are some of the subjects that will be covered.

  • Which Supplements work and how they differ from those that don’t

  • Where and why to buy Less Expensive Organic Foods

  • The importance of using Non-toxic Cooking Utensils and  Cooking Methods, with Recipes

  • Effects of many different Foods and Herbs on the Body and their Healing or Harmful Properties

  • Why and how to avoid Certain Food Additives, Pesticides, GMOs and Food Irradiation

  • How to Juice Fast, with Recipes, and how to break the fast.




or call 480-356-3494 to register.


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