PixelClock - Binary Clock of Life

Binary clock in stylish design with Conway's Game of Life feature.

Universal apps. Retina Ready.


Binary clock is a clock which display a time in binary format.

This app feature the most common binary clock consist of 6 columns of LEDs to show zeros and ones.

You can read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_clock

PixelClock offers the simple design in a stylish colors which random every seconds. Every time you run this app, it will never been the same.

Press the screen once to see the toolbar, you can customize the clock how it should be.

You could just go with plain color if you like. or try a darker background if you want to use the app in the dark.

PixelClock also included Conway's Game of Life feature. The whole screen follows the Conway's law. The cells born, survive and die every second. A cell with 2-3 neighbors will survive. A dead cells with 3 neighbor life cell will born. The rest will die. If you are lucky, the cells might eventually fill up the screen.

Only the 6x4 blocks on the middle, the binary tine display, the laws do not apply. We want to keep the time readable.

Text display also available as a guide how to read the time. 


- Colorful and Stylish design Pixel Binary Clock

- Included Conway's Game of Life as an extra feature.

- Adjustable colors, in a randomized way.

- Two selectable background, white and black.

More updates and features will be up soon!

Note: 24 Hours Format supported. (Just like on the screenshots)


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