My Home Theater Setup


Room: 24f (~7.35m) X 10.2f (~3.15m) X 8f (~2.40m) – A wall 6 feet high (~1.8m) was built at a distance of 16.4f (~5m) from
the projection screen which divides the space into two parts. The main seat was located 10.2f from the projection screen in order to get a
viewing angle of aprox` 36 degrees which is the THX recommendation.



Screen: Adeo Imager 106" framed screen gain 1.0



Projector: Sony VPL-HW55es


Reciever: Denon X4400 Atmos/DTS :X  ( with Audyssey MultEQ®XT32 )



Main speakers:  Bowers & Wilkins DM603 S2 (Zone 3 amplifiers are used to bi-amp the main speakers )


Center speaker: Bowers & Wilkins CC6s2


Surround speakers: Monitor Audio BXFX dual-mode D/Bpolar surround speaker



Atmos Speakers : Polk Audio OWM3 


Sub: SVS PB2000


Storage : Qnap TS-453A & TS-420 (24TB RAW)


Media sources: Dune 3D HD Base


Speaker cables: Monster XP



Other: ( Posters, Curtains , Seats etc' )