Manage the Details of a Complex Household

My Household enables you to manage the complex ins and outs of all the aspects of your domestic life.

It provides a way to keep track of your property, the financial institutions and service providers you use, the maintenance history and plans you have.

Over time, the My Household database will become an invaluable record of the history of your household activities.

Much of the information about your property, vehicles, assets and service providers is scattered around on your iPad in contacts and calendars, pictures and other apps.

My Household acts as a cross roads that brings together in one place references to all the data about your household in other places.

We do not duplicate the data - pictures are still in your albums and appointments are in your calendar - but My Household gives you a view of all this data in one central organized place.

Whats New in Version 1.0:
  • Color Schemes
  • Reports of all notes and all todo's
  • Multi event selections
  • Cross References to Service Providers¬†
  • Configurable selection lists
And What's coming in the next version:
  • Peer to peer sharing
  • Links to To Do apps
  • Links to Document Archives (iCloud)
  • More attribute types
About AIC:
  • Contact us at