I have always been interested in the roots of my family.

Before I left England for New Zealand in 1995 my mother said casually that a cousin of her's came out to New Zealand. This started me tracing the O'Hagan family.

This also led me to attempting to trace the ancestors of my children - the results of which are shown in this site.

The descendents of the families concerned are listed on the left.

Should you find any errors (and there will be many I am sure) please let me know.

Also if you have a connection I would be pleased to include the information. However please bear in mind that I publish only blood relatives, and do not publish details (except name) of living individuals. I have many records of individuals on my database, so if you see one of you family names but not the individual I may be able to help with your research.

Please enjoy my site.

Email: johngroome@clear.net.nz