The Great Depression

This is a webquest for 5th grade students about the games children played during the Gread Depression.  This webquest can be adapted for any grade level.
The targeted group for this webquest would be all students in grades 5-8, including English Language Learners (ELLs) as well as students receiving special services. This webquest fits into both the the Language Arts and Social Studies curriculum.
Georgia Standards:

SS5H5 The student will explain how the Great Depression and New Deal affected the lives of millions of Americans.

a. Discuss the Stock Market Crash of 1929, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, the Dust Bowl, and soup kitchens.

b. Analyze the main features of the New Deal; include the significance of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Works Progress Administration, and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

c. Discuss important cultural elements of the 1930s; include Duke Ellington, Margaret Mitchell, and Jesse Owens.

ELA5W1 The student produces writing that establishes an appropriate organizational structure, sets a context and engages the reader, maintains a coherent focus throughout, and signals a satisfying closure. The student

b. Writes texts of a length appropriate to address the topic or tell the story.


ELA5W3 The student uses research and technology to support writing. The


e. Demonstrates basic keyboarding skills and familiarity with computer terminology (e.g.,

software, memory, disk drive, hard drive).

f. Creates simple documents by using electronic media and employing organizational

features (e.g., passwords, entry and pull-down menus, word searches, thesaurus, spell


By: Robyn Redmon, Gail Godfrey, and Judy Roberts

This template was created by Patricia McGee and Deborah Claxton from the work of Bernie Dodge.