The MANHATTAN BRIDGE was the last of the three suspension bridges to be constructed across the East River.  It opened on December 31, 1909 and connects lower Manhattan with the borough of Brooklyn. The bridge was designed by Ralph Modjeski, a Polish bridge engineer, and its deflection cables were designed by Leon Moisseiff.  Manhattan Bridge is easily distinguishable from the other downtown bridges by its blue and white coloring.  Seven lanes of the bridge are for vehicles and four mass transit subway tracks cross the bridge.   

The Manhattan Bridge is viewed from South Street in lower Manhattan (first photo).  The second photo was taken on the Lower East Side near the East River and in the distance the Brooklyn Bridge is visible.  There is a beautifully photographed scene under this bridge in the Sergio Leone’s film, Once Upon A Time in America.  The Empire State Building is seen in the distance through the bridge's arch in the third photo. which was taken from Brooklyn Heights  The last photo is of the Bridge's entrance in lower Manhattan.