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Thriving, not just Surviving!
If you're interested in reading about my journey through diagnosis, research, decision-making and how I've built a healthier life as a result, in spite of cancer, click on "Choosing Cancer--My Story". It's a book-style compilation of my posts so far. There are now 14 chapters posted with more to come. Start with Chapter 1 and work your way through the easy way.
     I'm in the process of moving my material from a WordPress blog to this website where I can better manage my static content. There's lots more to come, but in the meantime, feel free to check my blog:  http://mygiftofcancer.wordpress.com 

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Vietnamese Traditional Herbal Medicine

Ever wonder about the alternative cancer therapies offered in Asian countries? Here's a great article (with photos!) taking you step-by-step through a visit to a very successful Vietnamese traditional herbal medicine doctor. Click here or click on the title to go to that page.

Check out some of our latest articles on healthy foods--some are particularly good for fighting cancer:

Beans are delicious and good for us and economical as well. Read here about how their popularity is enjoying a comeback.

On the other hand, some foods are notoriously bad for us. See my articles on Giving Up Sugar! and Tips on How to Reduce Sugar Intake and "Is Eating Sugar Really That Bad for Us?" and...


Click here for some tips on how to cut down on salt. Many people are struggling these days with high blood pressure and various liver and kidney problems. Find out about many hidden sources of salt in packaged and prepared foods.

 Think About It 
"If you are not happy with your life, you can change it in two ways: either improve the conditions in which you live, or improve your inner spiritual state. The first is not always possible, but the second is."--Leo Tolstoy

You have a choice. You can either let the past teach you or beat you.—Author unknown

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