My baby toddler becomes a gentleman!


I must admit here on something - I was a terrible mom. I was so bad growing my kid
I'd just prefer to spend my time in front of the TV ,tired of his whining and nagging.
I know that's not how it should be and it's wrong to act like that, but I got INSANE.
And it lead to a situation I had almost gave up hope on him.

You probably know what I'm talking about, It's nearly impossible to get your little one
listening to you espically as a toddler...
that's the reason you're reading this confession.

My little boy, Tommy (2) has been always hard time for me, since he was born
I felt something diffrent than my elder daughter Jessica (5).
I just couldn't seem to control this wild toddler, when it came to going to bed without
making a big deal out of it, to keep fighting with Jessi for every little thing
and to be very emotional for every reaction he gets from others which leads
to HOURS of crying.

None of my ways to discipline worked out,  trying to use logic to convince him to eat, play, sleep
did not make any progress on the way.
I also tried more sophisticated ways of manipulation which also failed working.
I have been yelling at him and it also came up as a false call...I was HOPELESS!

I was really depressed, but things changed when I told all the story to my best friend Monica.
She understood me, cause she has twins just a little older than Tommy.
She told me, that he has a great solution and its name is "Talking to Toddlers"

She told me that she has used this "Talking to Toddlers" Tricks,
for over a year now, to grow her twins in a much efficient way.
The main idea of this break-through course is to be able to talk to your Toddlers in their "language".
It has 3 hours of content about how to deal and talk to toddlers, and it also includes a "cheat sheet"
to make sure you get things done by yourself after the audios.
There is even 8 week guarantee if you are not satisfied!!

The most efficient thing I have learned is how to bypass Tommy's "no"  but I also got the following benefits:
- Discover how you can easily drop hidden commands.
- Change their emotional state EASILY!
- Get them to say YES - with a secret method used by sales people.
- Teach you toddler to handle rejection.
- Make your toddler more flexible on his thoughts.
- Become much better role model!
Improve your relationship with your partner

PLUS! they have just added a bonus - a copy of "Show Kids the Fun" with great ideas
on how to entertain your kids without spending money. IT'S GREAT I PROMISE!

The only bad thing about this course, is that it costs $37. but after thinking a lot about it
I came to realize, that it's worth it! It's my boy and not dealing with bad behavior could
hurt me for the rest of my life. No more aggressions, I love Tommy!

until now, I was depressed from having a 2nd child. Now I am thankful thanks to "Talking to Toddlers"

Thanks a lot Chris...

24/11/10 - Family meeting at the park.
22/11/10 - Jenni's birthday.
19/11/10 - Family dinner at mom's place.
12/5/10 - Tommy started walking!
10/4/10 - I can't deal with him anymore!
A great deal can be discovered about the personality by watching kids in new situations. One way of looking at personality differences is to observe the child's response to the unfamiliar. This response can fall anywhere along a continuum with extreme approach behaviors at one end and extreme avoidance behaviors at the other end. While most children are somewhere in between, the extremes do exist.

Several traits which will remain constant over a life time can be identified at birth, according to researchers Thomas, Chess, Birch, Hertzig, and Korn. "Initial Traits of Reactivity" is the way a child responds to the environment.