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My Go-To-Guy


With my services you save 30% in overhead costs that are normally associated with hiring full-time employees. Most businesses are spending 44% of their payroll on employee benefits! When you compare the cost of a full-time employee to a full-time contractor the benefits are obvious. You get a full-time skilled worker for less than half of what it would cost to keep an employee on staff. Plus, when employees are “on the clock” you pay for unproductive and costly habits like...
  • Frequent socializing, coffee breaks and lunch breaks
  • Personal errands on company time
  • Unnecessary Internet surfing
  • Personal phone calls and emails

Small Jobs:        $15 per hour

This is for secretarial level assignments such as making phone calls, drafting letters and general administration tasks.

Executive Level:    $75 per hour

For higher level professional support and advanced computer skills that are project based.

Pre-purchased Blocks of 40 Hours:    $1000
Receive Executive Level support at a discount when you pre-purchase 40 hours in advance. You can use the hours in segments anytime you like within a year of the purchase date. Project assignments must be received at least 48 hours in advance and can be subject to existing client commitments.

Rush Fees:
I do NOT offer extra fees for rush processing. All project requests that I receive are completed timely and efficiently. If you are in an extreme rush, I will work with you to provide the best possible service considering your deadline.

I am a registered US Sole-proprietor in Colorado, and I  can easily accept payments directly to my US bank account without transfer fees. I also accept payments by Google Checkout or PayPal.