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Barbecue Shrimp Recipes

Did you know. . .
  • Despite the name, "Barbecue Shrimp" dishes are neither barbecued nor cooked with barbecue sauce. 
  • Barbecue Shrimp is one of New Orleans' most famous (and popular) Italian-Creole dishes, and it means shrimp are sautéed in Worcestershire-spiked butter sauce. These recipes illustrate there are many variations and they are all spicy.
  • Saveur suggests, "Use fresh head-on shrimp if you can find them and remember to remove the eyes before cooking, as they will turn the sauce black."
  • Typically, Barbecue Shrimp is served with hot garlic bread or hot French bread (to soak up gravy) and a crisp salad. Sometimes, a bib is included.