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Our mission is to promote and enable philanthropic culture in our workplace - Capital One, Virginia.

By taking the tasks of finding charities and monitoring funds upon ourselves, we are enabling more and more donors everyday. In order to sustain the culture, our donors are being involved in the projects. Each donor has committed to visiting his / her project. MFBH volunteers and donors are also actively involved in the projects - we are helping one of our projects build its website, and another project in getting some important government clearances.


The Corporate Affilitation Model

MFBH volunteers and donors share a unique bond of trust due to our affiliation with Capital One. This trust has played a significant role in realizing our mission of enabling a philanthropic culture, and lies at the core of our success.

"The Corporate Affiliation Model" is a term we have coined to describe this model of charity where volunteers and donors belong to the same work place. If you wish to deploy this model in your own company and start a similar movement, please feel free to write to We will be most glad to share our lessons and experience with you.


Founding Principles (Uncompromisable)

  • Zero Administrative Costs - Cheques in = Cheques out
  • Time Commitment from Donors - Each donor must visit his or her project within 2 years of commencing sponsorship, otherwise their donations will be discontinued


People Values (Uncompromisable)

  • Honesty: Truth above all!
  • Timely Execution: Each day's delay is a day lost in a child's life
  • Speak Your Mind: Don't let grievances culminate. Disagreement with ideas is the genesis of improvement.