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Beverage Numbers

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NumberTitleTypeBase 1
NumberTitleTypeBase 1
 Bay Breeze Cocktail  
 Christmas Eve Punch, C's No Alcohol  
 Cranberry Margarita Slush  
 Dewey's Banana Punch Slush  
 Maker's Mark® Manhattan Cocktail  
 White Russian Cocktail  
00000 Kahlúa® Coffee variations (chart) Hot  
00000 Manhattan - American Whiskey chart Cocktail  
00001 Fay's Spiked Punch (incomplete) Punch  
00002 Shirley Temple NA, Gary Regan (01) No Alcohol  
00003 Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Frozen  
00004 Lynchburg Lemonade House  
00005 Margarita Cocktail  
00006 Tequila Sunrise, Dale DeGroff Cocktail  
00007 Champagne Cocktail Cocktail  
00008 Bloody Mary, Ted Haigh's Cocktail Vodka, tomato juice 
00009 Bloody Mary Bar (list) Party Tip  
00010 Irish Cream Liqueur Liqueur  
00011 Bacardi® Tropical Punch Punch Rum, Hawaiian Punch® 
00013 Sparkling White Grape Juice Punch (no alcohol) aka Mock Champagne Punch, SL (1.75 gallons US) No Alcohol White (Niagara) grape juice 
00015 White Russian (Batch), House Cocktail  
00016 Watermelon Margaritas from Cooking Light Slush  
00017 Frozen Strawberry Margaritas from Cooking Light Frozen  
00018 Mimosa, DeGroff (01)  Cocktail  
00020 Cosmopolitan, Dale DeGroff Cocktail Citron vodka + Cointreau 
00021  Cosmopolitan, Toby Cecchini, Odeon ca. 1988 Cocktail Absolut Citron, Cointreau 
00024 House Coffee Liqueur Liqueur  
00029 Grenadine, Dave Stolte (8-oz.) Craft  
00030 No-Cook Simple Syrup, J. Meehan + D. DeGroff (24-oz.)  Craft  
00031 Simple Syrup, Cooked Craft  
00047 Tequila Madrugada, BHG Mexican Cook Book (01) Cocktail orange juice and tequila 
00060 Perfect Margarita, Jimmy Buffett's (01) Cocktail  
00070 Classic Manhattan (01) Cocktail Rye whisky and Italian sweet vermouth 
00071 Royal Manhattan Cocktail Canadian whiskey and Italian sweet vermouth 
00072 Millionaire's Manhattan Cocktail Canadian Whiskey and Harvey’s Bristol Cream 
00073 Big Apple Manhattan (01) Cocktail  
00074 Central Park Manhattan (01) Cocktail Woodford Reserve® Bourbon, Drambuie®, Frangelico® and cream 
00075 Perfect Manhattan (01) Cocktail Rye whisky, Italian Sweet Vermouth and French Dry Vermouth 
00076 Maker's Mark® Manhattan (01) Cocktail Maker's Mark® Bourbon and French Sweet Vermouth 
00077 St-Germain® Manhattan, Josh Durr (01) Cocktail Rye whiskey and St-Germain® 
00078 Wry Manhattan (01) Cocktail Rye whiskey and Southern Comfort® 
00079 Slippery Slope (01) Cocktail Rye whisky and Cherry Heering® 
00085 Pumpkin Purée, Brian Miller Craft  
00086 Sugar Plum Reduction, The Mansion Bar at Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek Craft  
00087 Gingerbread Simple Syrup, Betty Crocker (about 12-oz.) Craft  
00088 Dried Citrus Peel, B.T. Parsons (about 1/2 cup) Craft  
00089 Grapefruit Bitters, B.T. Parsons (20-ozs.) Craft  
00090 Brandied Cherries, WA State Fruit Commission (1.5-quarts) via Cherry Home Companion Craft  
00091 Brandied Cherries, Better Than Store-Bought (2-pints) Craft  
00092 Irish Whiskey Cherries, Joy Richards (4 cups) Craft  
00093 Luxardo Cherries, Melissa Clark (3 cups) Craft  
00094 Jack Daniels Vanilla Cherries, House - - incomplete Craft  
00095 Preserved Cherries (NA), Todd Thrasher (about 65-pieces) Craft  
00096 Feeling Peachy Liqueur, A.J. Rathbun (about 1.75-pints / 28-ozs) Liqueur  
00097 Cocktail Rim Mixes Craft  
D00301 Louisiana recipes Bloody Marys for a Crowd (5-Qts) Cocktail Vodka and V-8® Juice 
Showing 56 items