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White Russian, House (10)

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Source:  House 2013

Glass:  Snifter or Rocks

Makes: 10 (5.5-0z each)


  • 32.0-oz/946-ml (1-Quart) Farmland Dairies 40% Heavy Cream, divided
  • 12.0-oz/360-ml (1.5 cups) coffee liqueur, divided
  • 12.0-oz/360-ml (1.5 cups) Smirnoff Vanilla vodka, divided


For Serving
  • Ice cubes


01.  Into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes, pour 8-oz/240-ml (1 cup) of the cream with 3-oz/90-ml each (6 Tbsp or 2 jiggers each) of the liqueur and vodka; shake well.

02.  Pour into ice-filled snifter (or rocks glass) and serve. 

03.  Empty shaker and add fresh ice; repeat with remaining ingredients.