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White Russian

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TitleGlassKahlúa®VodkaDairyDairy AmtAddGarnishYearSource
TitleGlassKahlúa®VodkaDairyDairy AmtAddGarnishYearSource
Black Magic rocks over ice Stir 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) 2.0-oz (4 Tbsp) None  1 dash (0.25 tsp) fresh lemon juice Lemon twist   
Black Russian old-fashioned over ice Stir 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) 1.5-oz (3 Tbsp) None    2000 The Best of Kahlúa® pg 5 
Black Russian 2 old-fashioned almost filled with ice cubes Stir 0.5-oz (1 Tbsp) 1.5-oz (3 Tbsp) None    1991 Gary Regan, The Bartender's Bible pg 159 
Blind Russian old-fashioned almost filled with ice Shake 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) Irish Cream Liqueur 2.0-oz (4 Tbsp)     
Blue Russian   2.0-oz (4 Tbsp) Half-and-Half 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp)    Mix That Drink 
Coffee Stick  Shake 1.5-oz (3 Tbsp)  Heavy Cream 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) 0.5-oz (1 Tbsp) Sambuca  1991 Gary Regan, The Bartender's Bible pg 250 
Colorado Bulldog Strain over fresh ice in highball glass Shake 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp)  Milk 3.5-oz (7 Tbsp) Top with 0.5-oz (1 Tbsp) Coca-Cola; stir.    
Colorado Bulldog 2  1.5-oz (3 Tbsp)  Heavy Cream 4.0-oz (1/2 cup) Splash of Coca-Cola; stir briefly.    
Colorado Bulldog 3  Shake 1-part 1-part Heavy Cream 1-part After shaking, fill with Coca-Cola.    
Colorado Bulldog 4  old-fashioned Shake 1-part  1-part  Heavy Cream 1/2-part After shaking, top with 1/2-part Coca-Cola; stir.    
Irish Mudslides For 2 red wine 2.0-oz (1/4 cup) 2.0-oz (1/4 cup) from freezer Ice Cream 6.0-oz (3/4 cup) best quality vanilla ice cream, slightly thawed  Blend all on High until smooth, about 2 to 3 minutes. Mini chocolate chips 2011 This Bottle of Vodka 
Kahlúa® and Cream Build on ice in old-fashioned 1.5-oz (3 Tbsp)  Heavy Cream 4.0-oz (1/2 cup)   2000 The Best of Kahlúa® pg 5 
Kahlúa® and Cream 2  0.67-oz (4 tsp)  Heavy Cream Float 0.67-oz (4 tsp) on top 0.67-oz (4 tsp) amaretto   Italian Dessert Recipes 
Kahlúa® Smith & Kerns  1.0-oz (2 Tbsp)  Heavy Cream 2.0-oz (4 Tbsp) Splash of ginger ale, coca cola or your favorite carbonated soft drink; stir.     
Kahlúa® Toasted Almond old-fashioned over ice Stir 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) and 0.5-oz (1 Tbsp) amaretto  Heavy Cream Splash     
Kahlúa® Top Banana  1.0-oz (2 Tbsp)  Milk 3.0-oz (6 Tbsp) 0.5-oz (1 Tbsp) Crème de banane and 1 cup crushed ice; process in blender.  2000 The Best of Kahlúa® pg 15 
Muddy River  old-fashioned Shake 2.5-oz (5 Tbsp)  Heavy Cream 1.5-oz (3 Tbsp)    Gary Regan, The Bartender's Bible pg 159 
Mudslide  Stir 0.5-oz (1 Tbsp) 0.5-oz (1 Tbsp) Heavy Cream 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) 0.5-oz (1 Tbsp) Irish Cream Liqueur  2000 The Best of Kahlúa® pg 21 
Mudslide Milkshakes For 2 goblet 4.0-oz (1/2 cup) 2.0-oz (1/4 cup) chocolate vodka, from freezer Ice Cream 1-pint (16.0-oz) best quality coffee ice cream, slightly thawed 4.0-oz (1/2 cup) well-chilled Irish cream liqueur and 1 banana, frozen and sliced. Add all to blender; process on High until smooth, about 2 to 3 minutes.  1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) cocoa 2011 This Bottle of Vodka 
Nutty Russian highball  Shake 1.5-oz (3 Tbsp) Heavy Cream 2.0-oz (4 Tbsp) 1.5-oz (3 Tbsp) Praline New Orleans Style Pecan Liqueur    
Raspberry Kiss  Shake 1-part  Heavy Cream 1-part 1-part Chambord    
Russian    Please Select    1940 Old Mr Boston DeLuxe Official Bartenders Guide 4th Printing pg 127 
Russian Bear   2-parts Heavy Cream 1-part 1-part Crème de Cacao  1960 The House of Calvert Party Encyclopedia pg 35 
Russian Santa  Shake 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) Egg Nog 2.0-oz (4 Tbsp)     
Sombrero  Shake 2.0-oz (4 Tbsp)  Heavy Cream 2.0-oz (4 Tbsp)   1991 Gary Regan, The Bartender's Biblepg 251 
Spiced White Russian   Gently stir 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) Ginger and Cardomom-Infused Vodka Heavy Cream 1.5-oz (3 Tbsp) 0.5-oz (1 Tbsp) Irish cream Candied ginger or cinnamon stick. 2011 This Bottle of Vodka 
String of Pearls, Joe's Pub Strain into chilled cocktail glass.  Shake 1.5-oz (3 Tbsp) Half-and-Half 0.75-oz (1.5 Tbsp) 0.75-oz (1.5 Tbsp) White Creme de Cacao Hershey's White Chocolate Kiss  Gemini Spirits & Wine 
The Chocolate Raspberry Strain into chilled martini glass.  1.5-oz vanilla vodka Half-and-Half 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) Chambord and 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) chocolate liqueur  2009 Mix That Drink 
White Cuban  1.0-oz (2 Tbsp)  Heavy Cream 2.0-oz (4 Tbsp) 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) Rum    
White Russian  Shake 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) Heavy Cream 2.0-oz (4 Tbsp)   2000 The Best of Kahlúa® pg 5 
White Russian2  Shake 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) 1.5-oz (3 Tbsp) Half-and-Half 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp)   1991 Gary Regan, The Bartender's Biblepg 179 
White Russian3  0.5-oz (1 Tbsp) 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) Heavy Cream 2.0-oz (4 Tbsp)     
White Russian4  1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) Vanilla Vodka Heavy Cream  A bit of ice; top with heavy cream.  2007 Tavern Wench 
White Russian5   1-oz (2 Tbsp) Kahlúa® or Crème de Cacao 1.5-oz (3 Tbsp) Heavy Cream 1-oz (2 Tbsp)    Mix That Drink 
White Russian6 iced rocks glass Shake 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp) Heavy Cream 1.0-oz (2 Tbsp)     
Your Mother chilled highball 3.0-oz (6 Tbsp)  1.5-oz (3 Tbsp) vodka Milk 3.0-oz (6 Tbsp) 3.0-oz (6 Tbsp) Irish Cream liqueur    
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