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Sparkling White Grape Juice Punch (no alcohol) aka Mock Champagne Punch, SL (1.75 gallons US)


Source:  Adapts recipe in Southern Living 1993 Annual Recipes (Oxmoor House, 1993), 340.

Glass:  Punch Bowl and Punch Cup or Balloon Wine Glass (Think mine are 8-oz not 12-oz)
Could also pour into Champagne Tulip and pass on trays

Makes:  1.75 Gallons US / about 6.6-liters (cups estimated below)

Doubling recipe results in 3.5 Gallons US / about 13.25-liters  (cups estimated below)


To double this recipe, you need:

  • Ice ring(s) with artistically-arranged (Is there any other way?) washed white grapes and thinly-sliced lemons

For Serving
  • Punch bowl and ladle, or
  • Stemmed glassware and tray(s)


01. Chill juices and ginger ale at least twenty four (24) hours.*

02. Then, in a large punch bowl, combine all liquids; lightly stir once.

03. If using, add ice ring. Serve immediately.

From KD's "Honey Do" Shower
The appearance of this punch resembles Chardonnay.