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Bloody Mary

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TitleTypeQTYBase 1Base 2YearAdapt/Credit
TitleTypeQTYBase 1Base 2YearAdapt/Credit
Agave María Cocktail 01 Tequila, Silver Juice, V8® 2004 Park Kerr, Viva Margarita 
Asian Bloody Mary Modern 01 Vodka Juice, Tomato 2010 Elizabeth Minchelli in Rome 
Bloody Bishop Modern Varies Sherry Juice, Tomato  The Nibble 
Bloody Bull, Brennan's Cocktail 01 Vodka, Top Shelf Beef Bouillon  Brennan's New Orleans 
Bloody Eight or Eight Ball  Modern Varies Vodka Juice, V8®  The Nibble 
Bloody LeRoy Modern Varies Vodka BBQ Sauce  The Nibble 
Bloody Mary Updated Classic 01 Vodka Juice, Top-Quality Tomato  The Nibble 
Bloody Mary Mix, LT No-Alcohol 04 Juice, Tomato Worcestershire sauce  Chef Laurent Tourondel 
Bloody Mary Punch recipes Punch Varies Varies Varies Varies  
Bloody Mary: Sriracha recipes Modern    Varies  
Bloody Paradise Cocktail 01 Vodka, Citron Vinegar, Balsamic 2000 Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten 
Bloody Scotsman or Highland Mary Modern 01 Scotch Juice, Tomato  The Nibble 
Bloody Snowball Modern Varies Whiskey, Bourbon Juice, Tomato  The Nibble 
Cajun Bloody Mary USA Regional 2.5-QTS Vodka, Pepper Juice, Vegetable or Tomato  Coastal Living® 
Cajun Bloody Mary USA Regional 01 Vodka Juice, Tomato Juice  Cochon via Saveur 
Fizzy Mary Cocktail 01   2012 Camper English, Alcademics 
Fresh-Tomato Juice Bloody Mary Cocktail 04 Vodka Fresh, Tomatoes 1994 Picnics edited by Heidi Haughy Cusick 
Highland Mary or Bloody Scotsman Modern 01 Scotch Juice, Tomato  The Nibble 
Isaac's Ultimate Bloody Mary International 10 Vodka Sherry, Dry 2001 Darina Allen's Ballymaloe Cooking School Cookbook 
Louisiana Recipes USA Regional Varies Vodka Varies   
Mary Full of Grace Modern 01 Gin, Tanqueray®  Vermouth, Dolin Blanc  Tabasco®  
Merry Mary Punch Punch 24 Gin, Vodka or Rum Juice, Orange 2012 Tabasco 
Pete Petiot Modern 01 Vodka Juice, Tomato  The Nibble 
Proud Mary: Best Bloody Mary Mixes Other     Imbibe 
Russian Mary Modern 01 Vodka, Top-Shelf Juice, Top-Quality Tomato  The Nibble 
Spicy Creole Bloody Mary USA Regional 24-oz Vodka Juice, Tomato  Pickapeppa 
Spicy Fireside Bullshot Hot 08 Vodka Juice, V8 1997 Christmas Gifts of Good Taste 
Sriracha Bloody Mary Cocktail 04 Vodka Juice, V8 2010  
Sriracha Bloody Mary Modern 04 Vodka Juice: V8 2010 The Tasteful Life 
The Best Bloody Mary Cocktail 12 Juice, Fresh Tomato Vodka or Gin 2009 Greg Best and Andrew Minchow 
Virgin Bloody Mary Mix, LT No-Alcohol 04 Juice, Tomato Horseradish  Chef Laurent Tourondel 
Winter Bloody Mary Cocktail 01 Vodka, Pepper Sherry, Harvey's Bristol Cream 1990 Cold-Weather Cooking 
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