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Sparkling Drinks (lists)

With Alcohol


Birthday Cake Martini (01) via SG Blog

Black Velvet via SG Blog

Blushing Mimosas (08) via SG Blog

Blushing Saint (01) via SG Blog

Bourbon and Champagne Cocktail (01) via SG Blog

Champagne Cocktail (01)

Champagne-Limoncello Apéritifs with Candied Lemon Peel (12) via SG Blog

Champagne Manhattan (01) via SG Blog

Honeydew Mimosas via SG Blog

Imperial Champagne Cocktails (10) via SG Blog

Key Lime Spritzer, Dorothy Letterman's (01)

Mango Bellini, Weight Watchers (01) via SG Blog

Peach Granita Bellinis (08) via SG Blog

Pomosa (01) via SG Blog 

Ritz Cocktail (01) via SG Blog

Rudolph's Tipsy Spritzer (9 cups) via SG Blog

Seelbach Cocktail (01) via SG Blog

Sparkling Chimayó Cocktails (08)

Sparkling Margarita Sangria Party Cocktails, Monica's (4-qts) via The Yummy Life

Sparkling Sea Breeze (08-10) via SG Blog

Yes We Canton (01) via SG Blog


Punch, Champagne

Punch, Champagne ca. 2010s

Punch, Champagne ca. 2000s

Punch, Champagne ca. 1990s

Punch, Champagne ca. 1980s

Punch, Champagne ca. 1970s

Punch, Champagne ca. 1960s

Punch, Champagne ca. 1950s