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* Recipe we regularly use (others we'd like to try)

ice cream and sorbets

Irish / Irish-style

Apple Cake with Caramel Icing, EJ's

Apple Pie, Great Great Grandmother's


Applesauce Cake



Corned Beef and Cabbage Meal

Corned Beef and Cabbage Menu

Corned Beef, Sauces for

Corned Beef (slow cooker)

Country Rhuarb Cake

Cream Cheese Spread, Pat's

Darina Allen recipes

Fruitcake, Great Grandmother's Irish

Horseradish Sauce, Pat's

Hot Cross Buns, Pat's

Irish Breakfast Menus 2012

Irish Mist Salad Dressing

Mushrooms on Toast

Parsley Gravy / Sauce

* Pat's Cream Cheese Spread

Potato and Spring Onion Soup, Saveur

Scallop Bisque, Saveur

Stacked Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Italian / Italian-style

Art of Antipasti

Baked Zucchini Sticks

Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Bruschetta, Fire Roasted Tomato

Butterscotch Fudge

Campanelle with Butternut Squash, Leeks and Wild Mushrooms

Eggnog Cake with Apricot and Eggnog Filling

Garlic Bread

Garlic Meatballs for Poorboys


Italian Amaretto Cake

Lasagna, Mom's

Layered Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Spread

Manicotti, Seafood

Mozzarella Melts (Mozzarella in Carrozza)

Muffaletta (sic), Open-Faced Hot

Muffuletta, Emeril's

Muffuletta Dip

Muffulettas, Mini

Olive Salad, Italian

Penne, with Italian Sausage Emeril's

Pesto, Smoked Almond

Pizza, 3-Cheese with Fresh Spinach

Pizza, Basic Sauce (red)

Pizza, Chicken and Herb White

Pizza, Margherita

Pizza, New York-Style Sauce (red)

Pizza, Pear & Prosciutto

Pizza, White (Pizze Bianche) combinations

Prosciutto & Cheese Appetizer Toasts 

Ravioli, Fried

Ravioli, Quick Crisp with Roasted Tomato Sauce

* Risotto, Saffron Pistachio

Sauce, Mushroom Bolognese 

Sauce, Rocco's How Low Can You Go Low-Fat Marinara

Sauce, The Butcher's 

Shells, with Tuna Sauce (Chiocciole con salsa di Tonno), Giuliano Bugialli's

Shrimp and Smoked Tomato Marinara

Soup, Coral Tree Café's Vegetable

Soup, Easy Minestrone

Soup, Henry Hill's Minestrone

Soup, Root

Tiramisù, Limoncello

* Tortellini, Anna's

Vegetable Pasta Salad, Warm

Warm Lemon-Rosemary Olives

Warm Vegetable Pasta Salad

White Polenta

Wild Mushroom Pasta Alfredo with Walnuts, Slow-Cooker 

Ziti with Broccoli (Ziti con Broccoli)

Ziti with Sausage and Broccoli (Ziti con Salsiccia e Broccoli)

* Recipe we regularly use (others we'd like to try)