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We began outlining this section June 16, 2015. Suggestions welcome.


How to use

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Making at home

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Chile peppers

Avoid chile burn

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Identify chile peppers

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Pickle chile peppers

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Relieve chile burn

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Grapefruit spoon hacks

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How to supreme citrus

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How to zest citrus

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Brandy cherries

Make bitters

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Make grenadine

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Make homemade coffee liqueur

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Make homemade Irish Cream liqueur

Make syrups

Prepare themed menu

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Use liqueurs


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Get corn from cob easily and safely

Roast corn

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Select and store corn


Create embellishments

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Estimate servings

Frost a cake

Make pie crust

Store and transport

Tips for flambéed desserts

Tips for frozen desserts

Commercially prepared products will likely contain extra milk solids and/or gelatin which affect the texture as well as freezer characteristics. If you are purchasing an ice cream dessert, read the company's instructions and look for online customer comments as a gauge for ascertaining the effectiveness of each seller's instructions. 

Countertop thawing is not one of three safe thawing methods recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). See United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). "Freezing and Food Safety: Safe Thawing." Food Safety Education. n.d. Web. 1 Oct. 2014. 

Ice cream desserts freeze differently due to many factors, including the particular ice cream and other ingredients you use, your freezer temperature setting, even the temperature inside your home. 

If you add liquor (example: Bourbon Ice Cream)  or liqueur (example: Whipped Kahlúa® Pie), the alcohol content and amount you use will deter freezing, and result in a softer texture.

Tips for using heavy cream

Chill a metal bowl (Williams-Sonoma example) and balloon whisk, if you have one, or the metal beaters to your mixer for whipping the cream because this helps the cream to whip quickly and it will increase its volume (have more height). Martha agrees

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Party plannning

Also see Host an ice cream social below.


How to make gourmet vinegar

Pairing herbs with wine

Ice cream

Host an ice cream social

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Make vanilla extract

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Knife skills

Carve chicken or turkey

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Cut fresh mango

Cut fresh pineapple

Cut pitted olives efficiently

Cut pomegranate

Cut small fruit efficiently

Cut watermelon

How to cut chiffonades


Store and reheat







Roast in oven


Pasta and Rice


Slow Cooker

PDF files

Tips for getting started

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Canning salsa

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Making salsa

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Soups, Gumbos and Stews

Make Bone Soup in slow cooker

Make Dark Brown Chicken Stock Emeril's way

Make Seafood Stock Paul Prudhomme way

Make Vegetable Stock

Nesbit, Chef Darin. "How to Make a Great Pot of Soup."  Louisiana Cookin'. PDF.


Select and store watermelon