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You'll find a small collection of recipes shared among a group of friends and their families since the 1970s. Most food recipes are posted via our blog; however, for easier updates, we link between several web sites related to our group.  

All of us have been neighbors or colleagues in the USA. We enjoy spending time together, laughing, and sharing a meal. Most of us are parents of 2-leg and furry 4-leg children. 

Beginning in August 2011, some of us are curating our recipe collections. Some of our favorite recipes have never been written down before, while others are not necessarily original.

The information contained in our websites is for general information purposes only. 

During this process we also hope to modify recipes because we wish to make substitutions for health reasons and to update for changes in an ingredient's availability or package size.

On April 16, 2015, we began a list of all recipes.

What's missing?

1) These misplaced recipes 

If you can help, please comment on the Lost and Found page  or contact us at myfriendscook [at] gmail [dot] com.
2) Lots of food photos.

Generally, photos are amateurish. We're amateurs.

3) Names.

For privacy and security reasons, we do not post members' names.  

4) Discussion about personal lives. 

Outside our scope. See 3) above.

5) Marketing campaigns.

We have no brand-sponsored links (see Links below), paid advertisements or promotions, give-aways, or contest entries. If that changes, we'll say so.  

6) Money.

We are not paid for our choices or opinions.  See 5) above. We pay expenses out-of-pocket.

7) Technology professionals.

See 6) above.  


We use "cookies" on all of our web sites to deliver content. 

Also, on some of our web sites, we use cookies for web analyticsIn those situations, we presently use Google Analytics, a free service providing basic metrics about a web site's performance; a few individuals in our group may access the composite data. 

Since we are not technology professionals and we have no marketing campaigns, we casually use the basic metrics to measure traffic and identify traffic sources

We use information supplied by standard Google Analytics reports to look at visits (how many people visited the site), page views, and how visitors came to the site (e.g., Google search or link from another website). We use this information, for example, to identify popular content.

By using our web sites, you consent to the data collection. If this is unacceptable, please exit our web sites. 


For the convenience of our group, we find it helpful to link to third-party web sites. Regularly, we include cookbook and product images. 

We are not compensated for our choices, opinions, or web site administration. Currently, we are not taking advantage of any affiliate program. If those practices change, we'll post a notice.  

We link to cookbook sellers (mostly Amazon) when we use or adapt a recipe from a specific cookbook. Often, we own the cookbook and seeing its image is a helpful reminder.

We link to specific products to assist nutritional analysis and comparisons, to identify items while shopping and/or because we may prefer a particular brand for a variety of reasons. As always, choose what you think is best for your family.

We are not compensated if you choose to purchase an item we link to on another web site.


Occasionally, we'll post public project announcements.

Any visitor may post civil comments to the blog. We reserve the right to edit or remove content or comments after posting.

We invite favorite food and drink posts from friends and family

Scan it, blog it, upload it, or send via Email. If you adapt or use a recipe from a book in these libraries,  just tell us where to find it, and send other content you wish to share (e.g., photos, tips). 

You may contact us at myfriendscook [at] gmail [dot] com. 


We do or have used all of the recipes with an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the title listed here

Source Credits

Where we use or adapt another's recipe, we credit the known source; however, we do not publish our members' names. 

Beginning January 28, 2013, if we don't know the source, we'll use "Locate" tag. If you know the original source of these recipes, please share the information by commenting on the particular post(s)