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More about EFQM


Do you want to discover EFQM offices, its staff and how we work?

Do you want to update your knowledge about the previous Model?

Do you want to know more about EFQM Excellence Model 2013?
Are you committed to start the Journey Towards Excellence?
Do you want to start doing something but you don’t know well how to start?
Would you like to assess your organisation's performance?
We have a solution!
EFQM Introductory Meeting:

Introductory Meetings are intended for EFQM Members, especially new members and new EFQM Representatives.  The aim of these one-day events is to give participants an introduction to EFQM and help them anticipate what an increased commitment to driving Excellence in their organisation will involve.

You will discover EFQM, the Model and the EFQM Strategy. Apart from that, you will learn how to assess your maturity level and which are the following steps towards Excellence. Finally, we will show you what we do and you will be able to meet the staff! Discover more clicking on the following link. [EFQM Introductory Meeting]


EFQM Excellence Model 2013 –Brochure-

On this site you have the first introductory information about the Model 2013. It is a good start but… not the end!

You can find the complete information about the Model 2013, the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence and the RADAR in this brochure. Click on the following link and don’t waste the opportunity to discover EFQM Publications! [EFQM Publications]


Start the Journey Towards Excellence:

We offer this course to individuals who are seeking to start a business excellence initiative at their organisation. Trough this 32day programme, you will:

n  Understand how to use self-assessment as an improvement tool

n  Develop a roadmap for how your organisation can progress

n  Discover how to prioritise improvement actions

n  Recognise the cultural aspects of Excellence and develop a plan to engage people within your organisation

n  Learn to use different tools and techniques to increase performance

n  Get to know EFQM’s Levels of Excellence

This course is the first step to introduce the Excellence in your organisation! Don’t hesitate and click on the following link to know more about EFQM Training services [EFQM Training].


Encourage your People through the Commited to Excellence:

As a new member, or if you are initiating a change programme based on concepts of Business Excellence, ‘Committed to Excellence’ is the best way to start.

The ‘Committed to Excellence’ recognition programme provides you with a good starting point: structuring your ambitions and giving you external input on your approach.  In undertaking the programme, you will build knowledge and experience of how to apply EFQM tools and models, and how to engage your people in continuous improvement. You can find more information about this programme and more EFQM services on the following link [EFQM Recognition]. 




You will find all the information on: www.efqm.org