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Benefits of using the EFQM Excellence Model

The general benefits of using the EFQM Model are the following:

     n  Satisfied and loyal customers
     n  Successful leaders
     n  A common sense of purpose throughout the     organisation
     n  Constant, well managed change
     n  Engaged and motivated people and other stakeholders
    n  An upward flow of ideas
    n  Efficient and effective use of data
    n  Efficient and effective operation
    n  Pride and the desire that drives further improvement
    n  Minimal fire-fighting / recurring problems
    n  Innovation is the norm
    n  Excellent results, including good financial performance

The specific benefits of using the EFQM Model are the following:

n  Future Focus

n  Key Results

n  Innovation

n  Sustainability

n  Reactive to change in the environment



The typical Benefits for Management are the following:


n  See the link between strategy and operations

n  Engage employees in change

n  Lead improvements


The typical Benefits for Leaders are the following:


n  Help deliver the strategy

n  Understand what is important to do as a leader

n  Develop a unique culture where excellence is the norm



The typical Benefits for Employees are the following:


n  Provide their input to build a common direction

n  Understand the impact of their action

n  Contribute to progress






Now it's your turn!
Do you know any other benefit?
What are the benefits of using the Model in your organisation?
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