Private Instagram Viewer Online

If you really want to see that person’s profile at any cause then you can try asking them directly by sending them a follow request. Once you hit the follow button, that person will get notified about your request. The person after checking out can accept your request to follow him/her but it’s not 100% sure that s/he will allow.

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But still, if you don’t believe any of the above methods and think that Instagram private profile viewer or IG viewer can provide you access to the private Instagram accounts/profiles. Then you can go and try out a few of the below mentioned popular private Instagram viewers:
Make sure you are following some mutual contacts of the person. It automatically brings about a level of trust. Also follow some celebrities, for good measure, you think maybe followed by the person in question. You could follow random people too, just go to any regional celebrity page and start clicking randomly for 2-3 minutes. Out of the 100 odd people, you just followed you are bound to find about 3 who followed you back too. Repeat with another celebrity page.