Methods To Get Free Xbox Live Codes

GPT means get paid to, which means you will have to carry out the certain task to get points, these points can be converted to your desired cards such as free Xbox live codes or Amazon gift cards or iTunes codes.

You can do many small tasks which can fetch you points on these websites. Some of the tasks you need to perform in these type of GPT website are as follows

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  • Micro-tasks: many websites offer their users to perform micro-task, based on their task perform points are awarded. These micro tasks required very little time, but also bring small rewards. When you reach certain levels in the task, your payout will be increased.
  • Paid Offers: paid offers are small offers which you can perform to get some quick money. Many GPT websites have Offer walls which host different offers based on your country. You can choose any offer given in the offer walls according to the points you will earn for free Xbox Live codes.
  • Watch videos and earn points: these are basic ads videos which every GPT websites got in their wallet. These are very small videos which are of 15 seconds to one minute. You should spend a certain time watching these videos which give some easy and quick points.
  • Play games: you can also get many games which you can install in your mobile and play, for that you will get some points in GPT websites. Mostly all the GPT website has these types of offer where you required to install games and reach certain levels.
  • Buy certain items with affiliate links: All the GPT websites hold these type of offers where you need to buy certain items using their affiliate links. You can check for items which you require and buy those on GPT websites.
  • Click ads: many GPT websites will give you points when you click on their ads.