Google phone application

Last November Google completely renewed the phone application included in the Pixel and Nexus , with a cleaner appearance and certain interesting news that we told you at the time , such as an automatic number identification system like caller id app for android.

Only a few months have passed, and the XDA-Developers community has finally managed to port this application to devices that, until now, were not compatible . In this way, anyone who wants can try the renewed phone application on their Android device.

Try the Google phone application on your mobile

The application, which can already be downloaded from the corresponding thread in XDA-Developers , should be compatible with all devices that have a version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher .

So far, in order to enjoy the application on other devices, it would be necessary to have a modified recovery to proceed to a manual installation by flashing the necessary zip file. Now, thanks to this patched version , it is only necessary to download and run the file in order to install the app and enjoy the latest news .

Once downloaded and installed the executable file on our phone, it will be necessary to grant the application the necessary permissions , otherwise you will not be able to access our contacts, call list or location. It is possible to enable the permissions from the device settings, or from the application itself, by clicking on “activate” whenever this option appears on the screen .

Before finalizing, it is necessary to comment that the application, although it seems to work correctly in all the devices where it has been tested, has a significant lack, and it is that the new identification of calls does not seem to work, since it is an exclusive service of the terminals of Google. Either way, the rest of the application's features work correctly.