Control your computer from your Android smartphone

How many times has it happened to us that we were watching a movie on the computer and we didn't want to get out of bed to turn it off? Or have we had to do a slide show in class and we had to be playing the computer keyboard all the time to move on to the next one? For situations like these and for many more that you can think of, we bring you an application with which to control the computer at will with just a few gestures and controls from our smartphone and remote control apps android , we talk about Unified Remote.

This is an application that will come in handy to all of us who use the computer along with the smartphone throughout the day. Once installed on our device, we will only have to install on the computer the program that will serve to link both terminals and then we will already have a remote control with which to manage the different functions and controllers of our PC.

Unified Remote has a multitude of functions with which to make our lives easier . From a basic input panel, where we can control the mouse and enter data with the virtual keyboard or the microphone of the smartphone , to a multimedia control panel for the Windows Media Player, through control boxes on and off , administrator of files or Spotify among many others. Being the free application, we find that it lacks some interesting functions such as game controls, web browsers, or other multimedia content playback programs that we will only find in the paid version .

As we see, this is one of the most complete remote control applications of Google Play , with permission from TeamViewer . The application that works under the same Wi-Fi connection to which the computer is connected was updated a few weeks ago providing more functionality and more control options to our smartphone . As a Unified Remote user I can not be happier with her and since Andro4all we encourage you to try it and tell us what your experience is.