Avira Free Antivirus Review 2019

One of the best features of Avira, beyond its excellent ability to detect, block and remove malware is its gamer mode. It automatically detects when you are playing a game, whether online or offline, or watching a video and suspends scheduled scans so there won’t be any lag. It will not display pop-up notices while the gamer mode is on. Once you are finished watching your movie or playing your game, Avira senses you’re through and resumes any suspended scans. You are still protected in real time, so any malware that attempts to piggy-back on a video or game will be blocked by Avira.

This program includes extra security tools not typically found in basic antivirus software, including a VPN and a personal firewall. It also has a system vulnerability scan that looks for any weak spots in your system, like outdated software, and helps you strengthen them so hackers and other threats can’t sneak in.

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The program is a little tricky to set up and use. Each tool is a sperate module you need to click through and set up on its own. You can’t access other tools when you’re working with one. For example, if you’re looking through the quarantine folder in the antivirus module, you can’t pop over to the VPN without first backing out of the antivirus module then choosing the VPN from the main dashboard. The only other real complaint is because it’s a free program, there are a lot of pop-up ads asking you to upgrade to one of Avira’s paid programs. This can get annoying, and it does affect the speed of your computer.