AVG Review

AVG is a security-conscious and affordable antivirus that earns its spot on our best antivirus software list. While not as secure as other options, it comes close, and the powerful interface is enough to account for that shortcoming.

In this AVG review, we’ll use lab results and hands-on testing to gauge how well it performs in the real world. We’ll look at and discuss features, pricing, user-friendliness, protection and support before giving our verdict.

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AVG has a generous free offering that provides basic protection against malware. It also provides ransomware protection, a feature that many antiviruses hide behind a paywall. Additional protection measures, such as download monitoring and email protection, are included, as well.

AVG’s Secure Browser is included with each install. This Avast Secure Browser clone mimics the look and feel of Google Chrome with a list of built-in extensions. Of the list, the password manager, ad blocker and privacy cleaner are our favorites.

Since Avast’s acquisition of AVG in 2016, the two antiviruses have become similar. While they share the same infrastructure and protection methods, we like AVG’s feature set and interface more overall.