’s NetCut - Best WiFi Hacking Apps

When you enter the world of hacking, you would know that almost every basic tutorial that you would search on the net won’t be possible without a Good Internet Connection. Today we can find ourselves surrounded by a lot of Wi-Fi networks everywhere. So, anyway of accessing them will be surely useful and if you are here, for this reason, my friend, you are at the right place. So, why waste money on something which we can access by our day to day used android phones. Yes, you heard it right, there are certain apps that can help you get access to a Wi-Fi network without spending any bucks. On contrary read our article on How to Protect Yourself on Public WiFi Networks to stay safe.

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This app also has the same functionality as Wi-Fi Kill. NetCut has been a very popular app for the windows platform and arcai recently launched it for the Android platform. The advantage it offers over WIFI Kill is that it can protect your Wi-Fi from other NetCut Softwares but such features require a paid subscription.

There are few things that I like about NetCut like one of the best thing is that It support from most basic Android version 2.3.3 Gingerbread to the latest Android versions. So if you are on one of the older versions, don’t worry NetCut is there to save you. (Though I recommend you to get a new phone man :P, that has Marshmallow at least because if you are in this article you definitely are a tech freak)

And one more thing that I should definitely mention is that if there’s anyone trying to spoof you, NetCut has a defender running to save you