Apex : New Player Spots

If you are really new and want to just get some loot without getting eliminated immediately then head to the following locations. These are all locations that are designated as mid-tier loot but don't have a name to them. Areas that aren't labeled will generally see less traffic than ones that do. You can go to these areas for pretty good loot, and likely avoid any other players in the process.

This is an obvious one to players who have been playing quite a bit, but I've seen people pass right by these. They kind of have a tendency to blend in with the map, but Supply Crates are useful for grabbing quick loot and can have a variety of things inside of them. 
Periodically throughout the match you'll see a small blue circle on the map. This designates an incoming Supply Drop to that spot. These give you a big chance to get Legendary gear and weapons. As far as I know, these are the only way to find the Kraber .50-Cal Sniper and the Mastiff Shotgun. They are currently the only two Legendary weapons in the game, and are very powerful in the right hands.