Apex Legends characters, classes and abilities explained

Apex Legends characters and classes are, unlike its battle royale counterparts, a pretty central part of the game.

Whether they end up folding into a tier list and how far the top-level players take class-based play is a question that's going to play out over time, but for now here's a breakdown of all the essentials for each class, noting all character abilities and playstyles for you to get off to a running start.

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There are eight classes in-game at launch, with six already unlocked and a further two that you'll need to unlock in-game, either by earning the in-game currency or paying for it with real-world cash. Below, we run through all eight in alphabetical order.

Bangalore is a 'soldier'-style class, meaning she's all about pretty regular gun-based combat. Her passive and tactical abilities combine very well for rapid repositioning, we've found, so she actually works well as a combat support character too, allowing your team to reposition or for you to help set up a flank.

Beware that Rolling Thunder requires you to throw a kind of beacon to set it off, so you need to be within relatively close range for it to be of much use.