PASTORS AND HELL by Steve Kreins

Steve Kreins - Pastors and Hell

Just in case you have a few minutes...I thought you might want to read the following e-mail that Ray Comfort received from Steve Kreins, Pastor First Church of God in Waco, Texas

Dear Brother Ray,

I have been a pastor for 25 years. I always thought I was doing a reasonably good job. Kind of like the folks that tell you they consider themselves "good people." I had tried to preach, what I thought, was the whole counsel of God. I prayed, over the years, with many people to accept Jesus and make Him Lord of their lives.

My wife Judy and I moved to Ruidoso, New Mexico about six years ago to plant a church. Shortly after arriving I was convicted that something was horribly wrong with my ministry. I read the scriptures and prayed earnestly that God would show me what was wrong. The feeling continued to grow and I became depressed and moody. I asked Judy to pray for me and explained my problem. I didn't know if this was the Holy Spirit convicting or Satan attacking. She prayed that God would reveal the cause of my depression and make Himself clear as He revealed any problem with my ministry for Him.

That night I had the most terrifying, realistic, blood chilling nightmare any man has ever had. I am a Vietnam veteran and I know a little about nightmares. Nothing in my experience has ever come close, nor do I ever want it to, to the horror of that night!

I dreamed that it was judgment day and I was standing right next to the throne of God. I noticed that to my left and my right were pastors as far as I could see. I thought this was odd that the Lord would reserve this front row space for pastors only.

I looked out across a space of only a few yards and there were millions, maybe billions, of people, yet I could see each one of their eyes staring at me. As I studied this group I noticed that I knew many of them from times at the altar or ones who had sat under my teaching. I was pleased to see that they had made it to heaven, but confused because they didn't look happy. They looked very angry and hateful.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord say, "Away, I never knew you." I was suddenly frightened that what I was seeing was those who "thought" that they were saved. Then I saw all of them pointing a finger at each of us pastors and together, in one voice that shook my soul, "WE SAT IN YOUR CHURCH AND THOUGHT WE WERE SAVED. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US WE WERE LOST?"

Tears were pouring down my face and the faces of all of those pastors. I watched as one by one those people were cast into hell. One and then another, and another, and another......., until they were all gone. I died inside as each one screamed in agony and gnashed their teeth, cursing us as they went into the lake of fire.

Then I was looking into the face of Jesus and He said to me, "Is this the part where I'm supposed to say, ' Well done my good and faithful servant?" I woke up with a scream and my heart pounding and I was begging Jesus to forgive me.

I died a million deaths that night. Since that night I have done two things on a daily bases. I do everything I can to preach the law before grace in the hope that conviction of sin will bring a sinner to true salvation. The other thing that I do is pray for every person I have ever preached to asking God to repair any damage I have done. I also never believe anyone when they tell me they are saved. It is my duty to challenge them and search out the solidness of their salvation.

Your ministry and material has been a great blessing to me. I am learning to be more effective and confident as I teach others how to share their faith by using the Law. I have seen several people saved, who thought they were saved, as I have used The Way of The Master material to teach them evangelism.

I do want to hear those words, "Well done my good and faithful servant", and thanks to you and your team I have a better chance of hearing them. Thank you! I just wanted to let you know, some pastors are waking up to the truth. The desire of my heart is to please God. I pray that my days of being a man pleaser are over along with the nightmares. I also pray that God will use me to bring other pastors into the truth of the Gospel message so that they will not have to face the nightmare that I did.

Steve Kreins
First Church of God
Waco, Texas

From Mark
I hope that you will read these words carefully and pray. I was a false convert and deceived for many years, I pray that my heart will be broken again and again, and that the Lord will some day say to me "Well done good and faithful servant", my heart breaks for all the years that I thought I was saved, and I was on my way to Hell.

But more over, I am saddened for all the people that I am responsible for; how many of them did I preach a man pleasing, false, ear tickling doctrine to?
I pray that someone who knows Biblical Evangelism with the Ten Commandments will reach them, and the Lord will convict their hearts, and that they will repent and be saved.

I have sent "True and False Conversions" and "Hell's Best Kept Secret" to many of you, I pray that you will read it, or watch them, and that the Lord will cause your heart to be convicted and softened.

Please Know that "Biblical Evangelism" is not a new doctrine, this is the gospel of Jesus Christ; taught the way that Jesus taught the Apostles and the Disciples in the New Testament, the same way Spurgeon and Phinney and all the great men and women of God have preached ever since.
This is not the ear tickling message that man has been preaching for the last hundred years or so, Just like the Bible said would be preached in the last days, that will cause millions of souls to burn in Hell forever...

Please pray about the message that you preach...many lives are at stake as we speak...

This is part of my testimony, that the Lord has done in my life... Mark.