"EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY" by James Russell Publishing


  The Lord is hiring now in your town.  You do not need teaching skills or prior education.  There are many jobs available, but most all are senior management positions.  You obtain an instant promotion the moment you are hired!  There's no working your way up the ladder here.  If you dare to accept this once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity you will be extremely rewarded beyond your wildest expectations. 

  Qualifications:  You must be willing to reach into your pocket and remove a Gospel tract and place it somewhere just about everywhere you normally go.  If you can perform this easy-to-do-task you have met the minimum qualifications.  This is the test you must pass.  If you can't be trusted to do this easy task you are not qualified for this job.  Search your heart as it is here your true qualification will be evaluated. 

  Education:  You will be trained at God's expense to obtain the Master's Degree!  This is a highly specialized anointed degree given to those who serve faithfully performing the will of the Father.  It exceeds all educational degrees from universities and Bible colleges.  You will see miracles appear as you faithfully go forth to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  

  Job Security:  There are no terminations or layoffs.  This job lasts a lifetime and beyond!  Even if you backslide your job position remains available.  There is always a welcome home celebration for the prodigal son.  However, once you begin job training it is rare employees quit this job because it pays so well and the benefits are superior.

  Hours of Work:  You choose the hours you want to work.  What is the catch?  You do not get a day off.  The job is so easy there is no reason to take a day off.  When it comes to soul-winning and healing the sick even the Lord Jesus did not rest on the Sabbath.  It is permissible to do good on this day!  People desperately need the message you are delivering.  Those who are lost need to hear from God on the Sabbath.  Your pastor works on the Sabbath and so should you.  Keep in mind the devil takes no vacation or day-off to cease his evil works.  Your light still must shine all seven days of the week.  You are never pressured to put in 8-hours of work or more per day.  You do not need to set an alarm clock.  You just relax and allow the Lord to guide you each day.  You may never know where you will be tomorrow or the next day, but you will be working somewhere, leaving a trail of Gospel tracts and the Word of God wherever you go.

  Pay Raise:  Your wages will increase each year regardless of the state of the economy.  However, you must be diligent to not slack off when others are having a tough time financially.  You will be required to work, proclaiming the good news of the Gospel "to the lost" not to the already saved.  Lazy and disobedient servants may be subjected to lashes by a whip from the Master (this warning is from the Gospel).  Unfruitful and unprofitable servants may be terminated from employment with the loss of all benefits.  Only the faithful servant will receive automatic pay raises.  All others need not apply!

  Location:  At first you must prove faithful in the little responsibilities of servicing the small world location where you now live.  When  you prove faithful you will be assigned to manage larger and more exotic destinations.  Be prepared to travel.  When you work for the Lord you will eventually travel just as the Apostles did.  You must be willing to visit the finest shopping malls nationwide and golf courses, attend sporting events and concerts, car shows, trade shows, motorcycle rallies, special events, campground resorts, large and small towns and cities, visit museums, theme parks, libraries, courthouses, hospitals, etc.  Everywhere the lost is to be found!  You may even be required to purchase a travel trailer for extensive tours of the country to perform your assignments.

  Sick Leave:  Sick leave is unlimited.  You are not limited to specific sick-days.  If you need weeks to recuperate you shall have it and all of your bills will be paid.  However, be prepared to be healed.  The Lord Jesus of Nazareth will heal those who are busy doing His Father's work.  After all, you can't proclaim the Gospel if you are sick.  A fabulous fringe benefit!  Get ready for your healing when you join the Lord's Army.

  Age Discrimination:  The Lord does not discriminate.  If you have the ability to distribute a Gospel tract or give a gift to a stranger you are old enough.  Retired people are in special demand by the Lord.  He wants and needs the elderly who have the time and the money to invest in saving the lost everywhere they go.  Many travel in motor homes and could leave many thousands of Gospel tracts in National Parks, golf courses, resorts, etc.  The purpose of your good works is to give Glory to Jesus Christ and the Father. 

  Vacation:  There is not vacation from this job.  You will work 365 days each year.  However, you will find yourself in "vacation resorts" you never dreamed you would ever see.  The Lord will create these opportunities and give you all-expenses-paid trips nationwide and the world.  Yes, you will be working in vacation resorts when all your friends are working punching that time clock.  Can you handle this responsibility?  Be aware, you must first prove worthy and gain valuable on-the-job experience in your own town or city before the Lord will promote you to traveling beyond.  Generally expect about one to two years training locally before the big promotions begin.  Be faithful in small beginnings and the Lord will expand your territory like He did with in the prayer of Jabez.    

  Faithfulness:  The job is full of excitement and fun, but you must remember at all times who is paying the expenses.  This means if you enter a shopping mall you are to roam inside and place Gospel tracts here and there, even inside each individual store.  This is your #1 assignment.  Second to that is your enjoyment of shopping.  If you find yourself shopping and not proclaiming the Gospel you are not putting the Kingdom of God first.  You would not even be here shopping if the Lord did not employ you.  Keep your priorities in check!  God's work comes first, then your pleasure will be full.  If you consider the last time you went shopping you never even left a Gospel tract anywhere.  In this new job you must reverse your priorities.  If you can't handle it, then don't apply for this job.  The Lord needs mature and faithful workers to sow for His harvest.

  Trustworthiness:  You must work each hour, each day.  Everywhere you go a Gospel tract must be placed somewhere.  Remember, this is serious business.  The Lord is investing heavy money with you to proclaim His Gospel and He will not permit slacker's or uncaring hirelings to maintain management positions in His Kingdom.  This is the big test you must pass.  You can do it.  The only thing stopping you is a desire not to do it.  You don't have to like it.  You only have to do it.  You may not like a lot of things on your current job, but if your boss tells you to do it, you will.  The boss is telling you to proclaim the Gospel.  Just do it and then the miracles will begin.  Remember, if you can't even reach into a pocket and remove a Gospel tract and place it somewhere you must evaluate your mission in life.  The Lord is serious when He said if you do not gather you scatter.  Think about that.  You need to get to work!    

  Promotions:  As you prove faithful on a "daily" and even "hourly" basis to diligently proclaim the Gospel to the lost (not to saved people who do not need salvation) greater responsibilities will be added upon you.  As the responsibility rises so will your expenses and the Lord automatically gives pay raises to compensate for the ever rising bills to be paid.  The Lord pays the bills!  Your promotion may not have worldly status, but other Christians will be awestruck seeing the wonderful good works you are doing to bring glory to the Lord.  However, you will not feel worthy for such honors and will shun worldly recognition.  In return the Lord will promote you to higher and higher levels of responsibility with a salary that will more than meet your needs. 

  Special Assignments:  At times you may need to work "under cover" to avoid detection so you may penetrate dark places.  Getting caught distributing Gospel tracts can cause you to be asked to leave a premises under a "no solicitation" policy.  Therefore, most entry-level positions require under cover secret assignments when working locally.  As you travel to cities and towns beyond it is not as important because you will not be back there often.  You may even be called to appear in undesirable areas such as bar rooms, night clubs, seedy areas of a city and even high-crime neighborhoods, homeless missions, courthouses and police stations.  Crime prevention is an important part of your job!  Rather than wait until crime happens and then offer programs to help victims, your job is to help prevent it from happening.  Salvation of the lost can do this!  One Gospel tract can change a life and prevent hundreds of crimes from taking place.                    

  Retirement:  Everybody gets a retirement, but for those who work for the Lord you are a bond-servant.  You don't retire.  You will be required to work, work, work every day of your life to redeem the time.  In return the Lord will repel the devourer, restore the years the locusts have eaten and grant you long life.  Why?  So you can live long, prosper and continue to proclaim His Gospel to the lost.  Yes, you may visit retirement resort destinations and you may enjoy yourself, but unlike those who chose not to put the Kingdom of God first and sit around doing nothing, you will have to leave a gospel tract by the pool, in the lobby, in the restroom, in the yellow pages of a phone book in the hotel room, in the restaurant with the tip, by the vending machines, etc,  Yes, it is work, but remember the Lord's benefits.  Special attention and benefits are available to those who love the Lord.  Those who love the Lord will obey His commands to proclaim the Gospel.  Are you gutsy enough to tackle this awesome job responsibility?    

  Wages:  This depends upon your faithfulness.  Some will be paid less than others.  The more dedicated you are to saving the lost, the more money you are going to earn.   Be assured you will be paid well.  The laborer deserves his wages and the Lord is no thief.  He pays the bills!  Put the Kingdom of God first and your wages will surprise you.  Yes, it is possible to earn many thousands of dollars per month without asking anyone to contribute a dime in donations to your ministry.  The Lord will reveal the skill, talent and ability for you to obtain wealth.  Let Him perform this miracle.  And, it will be a miracle when it does happen, too!  Just trust and believe and keep working for the Lord and you will see amazing things.

  Employment Contract: 10% tithe and/or gift offerings are required to invest in your own employment.  The more you invest in God's work the more you will earn!  Malachi 3:10 is the business contract.  The Lord wants food in His house and that means He wants souls in His house.  You are investing directly with God Himself to save the lost.  That is God's #1 agenda: to save the lost.  When you begin reaching out to the lost watch out, you will see miracles happen in your ministry.  That is why the Lord pays so well in this job!  

  Starting Date:  Today is the day of salvation.  Today is the day of reckoning.  Today is the day the Lord has made.  Those who delay are like women with no oil in their lamps.  Do not be like them and be left behind.  You start today by making your decision to accept this job opportunity.  Tomorrow you go to a Christian bookstore and buy your Gospel tracts and gifts that you will give away to people you meet.  Yes, you do meet people and you will as you go about your day.  But before you part ways, you simply give them a nice gift that has one of the promises of the Lord on it.  Bookmarks, coffee mugs, whatever you want to give.  Yes, that means you will have a "gift ministry" and you will be giving gifts to the world (Jesus gave gifts of healing, His Word and Salvation to the world).  You begin right now.

  Acceptance:  Yes, Lord.  I do not want to work for man all of my life and be subject to the ridged rules of the world's way.  I want the miracles and the blessings.  Yes, by my accepting this job and faithfully performing it I am assured I will obtain mercy in my times of need, for I am being merciful to others by sharing the gift of Salvation.  I will tell others of the miracles you have performed for me.  I will share this good news as you embolden me to reach out and give your Word to those who do not know you.  I will use the 10-second rule.  Every ten-seconds I will be somewhere and I will try to leave a Gospel tract each ten seconds.  I may fail to reach this perfect goal, but I will reach dozens to hundreds of people each day as you lead me.  From this day forward I ask the Father in Jesus name to give me your anointing to faithfully perform this vital job.  I will now go forth to save the lost and in my travels upon your bidding I will heal the sick by sharing your Word and promises.  I am willing to accept small beginnings.  I don't care if other Christians fail to take the initiative to reach the lost.  I don't care if you send me to a city or location where nobody is reaching out to save the lost.  I will do the job!  I can easily reach into a pocket and remove a Gospel tract and place it somewhere.  I can easily proclaim to anyone who will listen the wonderful miracles you will and have performed for me.  I will no longer remain silent and shy.  I am willing and from this small step of setting my will upon Your will the job begins.  I will accept training from the Lord Jesus' Word in the Bible.  I will hear His voice and obey His commands.  I am not perfect and I have many faults and fears, but I am willing to learn and step out in faith to go to work for God.  I may feel at times that my job is useless, but I will prove faithful for the Lord will uphold me and guide my path and I shall not fail.  His Word shall not return to Him void.  So it shall be this day I am now fully employed and now working for the Lord.  Quitting is not an option.  I will use the wealth God gives me to proclaim the Gospel and be a good and faithful steward to bear good fruit for God to save the Lost. 

Date: ________________________   Signature: ___________________________________________.

Upon signing this document you will be employed by the Lord.  You have a heavy job responsibility.  Upon getting your first job assignment of distributing Gospel tracts you will find yourself alone while tens of thousands of Christians nearby do not care to share the Gospel with the lost.  You will need courage and a strong resolve to work for the Lord to obey His commands.  You may find rejection by some, but not all.  Most will accept your message and your gifts.  You will also experience miracles, so you must be prepared to live in a "twilight-zone" environment where the impossible happens. 


  Your first assignment is to use 10% of your gross income and invest it into Gospel tracts and gifts.  You may buy these at your local Christian bookstore.  The gift item you will give away must have God's promise on it and an identifying Bible verse.  Example:  "Whosoever Calls Upon The Name of The Lord Shall Be Saved - Romans 10:13."  It could just say, "God Keeps His Promises."

  Your second assignment is to leave a Gospel tract everywhere you go.  Use the ten second rule.  Every ten seconds you will be somewhere, so leave a Gospel tract everywhere you can.  Leave a trail of God's Word wherever you go. 

  Your third assignment is to give a Christian gift to everyone you meet.  If you do not meet anyone on a specific day then boldly strike up a brief conversation with someone and then give them a gift.  Giving gifts to strangers in open public places will embolden you and increase courage.  In time, you will discover your fears falling behind as you boldly proclaim the Gospel wherever you go. 


  I want to share my testimony with you about the truth of being employed by God.  I wrote the above article to reveal that I once worked and punched a time clock, working like the world system demands.  I had no education, just a high school diploma that I could hardly obtain today.  I have a bad memory.  I can't even memorize the words in a song.  I was a failure in life, a total failure.  Financially and mentally broke and crushed by the world system.  I had nothing.  When I decided to work for the Lord and accept His challenge in Malachi 3:10 He blessed me beyond my wildest imagination with financial success in just one year's time.  He turned me into a book publisher, imagine that.  Someone who failed English in high school yet.

  After making my decision in Malachi 3:10 I invested money into distributing Bible tracts everywhere I went.  At first I was terrified and scared, but I knew saving the lost was one of the best things you can do for God.  He does not want the lost to perish.  Hell is so monstrous I too felt if I could help save others from such an awful fate it would be merciful to do so.  I was right.  It is merciful and the Lord then poured out his mercy upon me by giving me miracles of financial income and medical healings.  By giving gifts to people who are lost or in need of deliverance of a problem is the same method used by Jesus.  He gave gifts to the world and delivered them. 

  I took full responsibility of making sure the money I invested in God was in fact going to be used to save the lost.  This made me a good steward in the Lord's eyes and more blessing materialized so I could reach out to the lost even more and more.  I never dreamed I would be in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, South Dakota or Mississippi, proclaiming the Gospel.  I never wanted to proclaim the Gospel.  But God commands that we do so and I was determined to obey.  After all the Lord has done for me, it is the least I can do is reach into my pocket and remove a Gospel tract.  That takes no courage and no training.  But that is how I started and I still do it each and every day!  All the National Parks I visit like Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, etc., I am having fun visiting, but my main job is to leave the Gospel everywhere I can find a place to leave it.  I give gifts to everyone I meet and each gift has the promise of the Word of God on it.  

  Now I travel the USA with all my bills paid in advance (like a retired person that I am just younger than most) and I visit all the nice resorts this country has to offer.  I have no time clock to punch and I have to pressure to go anywhere at any time.  I don't even make reservations as I am not in any hurry to get anywhere.  I let the Lord give me ideas where to go next.  So, I leave Gospel tracts at gas stations, restaurants and rest stops when I am traveling. When I get to a destination my pockets are packed full of Gospel tracts and gifts.   Imagine having a job like this!  You can.  The Lord truly is hiring! 

  You can give money to the poor, but when you give the Gospel the poor will be poor no more.  The sick get healed, marriages are saved, crimes and suicides that were to happen are foiled.  Bad lives are made good.  Dreams come true.  Salvation arrives.  See the big picture?  God does the work.  All I have to do is just spread the seeds of God's Word everywhere.  And when I need help?  The Lord is right there for me giving His mercy upon me delivering me from my distresses. 

  There are too many Christians not doing the work of proclaiming the Gospel directly.  They give money indirectly to the church, but they have no commitment to save the lost themselves.  The job opportunity is incredible.  If God can pay me so well to do this easy job and permit me to travel to all the nice resort destinations like a perpetual vacation, He will do it for you.  Why?  Because when I come to a city I notice that I am alone working while I am surrounded with tens of thousands of church-goers.  I see churches everywhere, but nobody distributing the Gospel downtown, in the poor sections, in crime areas, in drug infested neighborhoods.  I toss Gospel tracts from my truck or motorcycle to sidewalks in dangerous areas.  It's at least an effort and it does get results.  But where are all the other Christians?  They don't care to save the lost.  This pattern repeats itself over and over, city to city.  God has some huge job openings here!  To whom will He send?  Could you say, "Lord, send me!"

  So you see tens of thousands of Christians have missed this job opportunity.  The city should be paved with Gospel tracts to reach the lost, but you will find none.  There should be Christians visibly working, but you find none.  You should see retired Christians working, but they are too busy traveling in motor homes having fun.  You will be humanly alone.  You will be amazed to find yourself doing the job the local Christians should be doing.  Some times you will be angry at the apostate churches bearing no fruit to save the lost in their own cities.  But I can tell you this.  Any Christian who sees such a vast opportunity and takes advantage of it get a high-ranking management position with the Lord right away.  It is like the Lord saying, "Hey, I got one here that wants to work for me.  I will bless him to do my heart's desire."

  Take advantage of this fabulous job opportunity.  Read the job description again and take on the job.  Yes, you may be scared at first, but just do it.  Get to work for the Lord and watch the miracles come your way.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all.  You will also notice the Apostles performed miracles as they went forth to proclaim the Gospel.  So it will be with you.  As you go about the work, the miracles will happen.  Put the Kingdom of God first and God will pay the bills and solve other problems that arrive.  He who wins souls is wise and you are now gathering for the Lord and not scattering. 

  What other job can you think of that has such fantastic benefits that will permit you to travel at ease and at will and all you have to do is go about giving the gift of God's Word to people?  I do not know how God will finance your gift ministry, but He will create miracle to do so.  As you get serious and heavily distribute Gospel tracts in  your town or city you will see the Lord's hand move upon your circumstances.  You may go through a time of testing to see if you are "determined" to get the job done.  Just push through it.  Go forth each day saying, "Lord, what can I do for you today?"  He will guide you where to go.

  The Lord blesses those that please Him.  If you can agree that the most important theme of the entire Bible is God reaching out to save the lost, then you should see the importance of real evangelism in God's eyes... it is vital and important to Him.  Jesus said He came to save that what was lost.  He suffered and died to save the lost.  See the importance now?  There is no excuse for any Christian to not proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  Because hundreds in their church don't do it, they don't do it and the cycle repeats itself so nobody does it.  And we wonder why crime is taking over our cities.  We are not doing the job God told us to do.  I go to motorcycle events across the country and I see many pastors at these events and they are "not working" to save the lost.  Even they don't bother to put Gospel tracts in their pockets.  I see them in casinos, "not working" but they are playing!  I see them a golf courses and other fine resort locations and they are "not working" and they are not teaching others how to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  Blind guides misleading the flock.  Pastors, elders and deacons should be setting an example and teach us to save the lost.  It is better to listen to Jesus' voice and obey His commands.

  This is not a job opportunity like television evangelism where they want your money to expand their ministry.  It is not financed by a church or investors.  You don't take donations from people!  You let the Lord pay your bills.  This is your own ministry dedicated 100% to God's work.  You will enter places where Christians go, but do not work.  Places like Disneyland and other resorts.  You will also go into places where nobody wants to go; courthouses, jails, hospitals and bad neighborhoods.  You will invest your money directly into God's work to save the lost.  In return, God will invest in you.  You will never recruit members into a church.  The Lord can save without a church.  Just ask that thief on that cross.  He had no church or baptism for salvation, he simply called upon the name of the Lord and was saved.  It is so easy for Jesus to save if we only let Him do so.  Many will be saved just by reading the Gospel tracts and gifts you give.  You don't have to stand on a sidewalk and pass out tracts.  You just leave them on countertops, telephones, vending machines, between a can of bean in the supermarket, etc.  It is so easy to do! 

  Your job is not to build church membership.  Your job is to sow seed.  God will do the rest.  Don't get side-tracked.  You leave the salvation business to the Lord as you sow the seed, so you shall leave the Lord to decide what church that person shall attend.  You don't want to get meshed with recruiting church members.  Especially putting new members into a church that does not teach and train members to proclaim the Gospel like you are now doing.  The lost get saved.  That is the priority.  Attending church does not save!  You also don't want to be held responsible to see all your work go up in smoke because later you discover the church you sent everyone to was apostate, a cult or later discovered owned and operated by a corrupt pastor.  Remember this, the Apostles never took a collection to build a physical church building.  They used money collected to directly do good with it and to send forth someone to save the lost.  So, be careful about any recruiting attempts.  Stay clear of this.  It is not your job!  Let the Lord lead His people where they should go.  His arm is not so short that He can't guide His own sheep who hear His voice.  This is not your church's ministry.  It is your ministry!  The job is for you to spread seeds and that is all.  If you don't like this job, then don't take it.  Take some other job.  But don't corrupt your ministry by letting others tell you what to do.  Stay focused on the job at hand.  Let the church recruit their own members, but you save the lost. Churches go astray and take their members with them to hell.  The   churches today are allowing homosexuals and other grossly sinful people to be pastors and allowing same-sex marriages.  Do you want to risk your fruit being thrown into that basket?  Your church can become corrupted in a day.  Don't meddle in this business.  

  Is it God's will for you?  There are some things you don't have to pray about.   You don't have to pray about tithing, you just do it.  You don't have to pray about witnessing, you just do it.  God already has told us His will in these matters, so don't bother praying to God about things He already said to do.  Also, without faith you can't please God, so step out in faith with weak knees and all and get to work.  He will help you, step-by-step, day-by-day.  Fear not.

  In my travels I meet hundreds upon hundreds of Christians that say, "Wow, I wish I could travel like that and have every day off to do it."  What I find is that God will make it happen, but these people are not even obeying the Lord's commands "as is" to proclaim the Gospel.  If they did so, God would expand their territory automatically.  They need to stop dreaming and wishing and get to work.  Then the opportunities will come.  The moment to begin to reach out with the Gospel message to save the lost miracles happen so you can continue to do this work. It is so important to God that He will make miracles happen for you so others can be saved.  As long as you continue to attend church and do nothing to save the lost you are not fulfilling Jesus' commands.  You may think you are, but you are not.  It is not Biblical.  You must gather or you are scattering.  How many souls have you gathered for Christ this past week?  Month?  Year?  It should be hundreds to thousands!   

  If you are serious about taking on the job consider purchasing "Walking With The Lord" devotional book.  It has hundreds of ideas on how to distribute Gospel tracts and how to witness, even for shy people.   

  I wanted to share my thoughts on the matter and I hope you accept the job offer.  Try it.  You are actually creating your own job position in God's Kingdom.  Think about the rewards you will receive for doing so.  Think of the merciful acts you are performing for others who have no hope.  Think of the crimes you will stop.  It is a wonderful job!  It is a fun job to give strangers wonderful gifts!  They really are impressed when a perfect stranger gives them a gift. Imagine giving gifts to the world!  Imagine traveling to all the resorts and cities in the USA or even England, Europe, the world.  That's your new job.

  Who says proclaiming the Gospel is not fun?  It's the best job I ever had in my entire life and I don't want to retire! - James Russell  

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