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The Apostate Church


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"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers, and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables." 2 Timothy 4:3-4.


  What you are about to read may shock you.  It may even wake you up from your slumber and allow you to escape the plagues that afflict those who won't come out of her.  Get ready for an eye-opening revelation!  Your own church may be an Apostate Church and you don't even know it.  We will use a simple question & answer format or use a simple statement to pose a problem and briefly explain an answer, based on the Bible.  It is designed to make you think and evaluate your standing with Christ and to insure that you are being loyal to Christ and not some organization that appears religious and is not of God's Kingdom.

  Here is one thought to ponder.  Jesus proclaimed that many, most will go to hell and very few will enter heaven.  Now how can it be that all the tens of thousands of churches in America today all believe they are going to heaven?  Get the idea?  The multitudes believe they are going to heaven and are being taught that they are, but blatantly with great arrogance they disregard what Jesus says. 

  Do you really want to keep on believing what your pastor keeps telling you or are you wise enough to listen to your Lord and Savior, Jesus of Nazareth?  Will you dare to explore the truth as God Word proclaims the truth to be?  Or are you one of the many who will be sadly surprised one day to discover they are perishing in hell because they were lied to by a pastor?  Jesus has a message for religious people, "Depart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels."  If that does not frighten you, nothing will.  I hope it scares you like it scared me to search and find the truth in this great apostate age we now live in.  The Great Apostasy and the falling away is right inside your own church! 

  Christians say they read the Bible, but they do not learn from it and they do not put into practice what they have learned.  God warned that those who do this will be cut off from Him and will forever seek the truth and  not find it.  That is the pattern in many churches today;  a bunch of lazy do-nothing Christians playing church on Sunday (which is not the Sabbath and never will be) and being mislead by false ministers in sheep clothing.  These are just some of the fruits of the apostate church.

What if 666 means Pastor, Church, Pulpit?

  Did you know that the promises of God as written in the Bible are not for the apostates?  The promises for them do not come true and God fails to answer their prayers.  That is why the promises of God are disregarded by many pastors and churches today - James Russell

What is an Apostate Church?  It is a church that appears Godly, but is not truly of God.  It believes not the true Gospel of the Lord, or it pretends to believe, but will not obey.  It is a church that produces no real good fruit.  It may look good on the outside and sound good on the inside, but its members produce no good fruit on an individual basis.  The members are not taught to proclaim the Gospel and are not trained on how to do it.  It is a fine religion that does little but serve itself.  It is a cult.    This church has a form of Godliness but denies the power of God.  It tickles the ears of its members with good tidings and refrains from inflicting hell-fire sermons for it would offend these sheep.  Repentance, holiness and good works are frowned upon.  And much more!  Just because all the churches are doing the same things does not negate God's Word or His commands.  The apostate churches creating the great falling away will certainly  disobey God's commands and yet appear as angels of light.  And that is why you don't see Christians distributing Gospel tracts or even care to and pastors not preaching sermons on how to reach the lost for Christ.  They don't care!  Action speaks louder than words.

Daniel Webster Comment in the Year 1823

  "If religious literature is not widely circulated among the masses in this country, I do not know what is going to become of us as a nation.  If truth be not diffused, error will be; if God and His Word are not known and received, the devil and his works will gain the ascendancy; if the evangelical volume does not reach every hamlet, the pages of a corrupt and licentious literature will; if the power of the gospel is not felt throughout the length and breath of the land, anarchy and misrule, degradation and misery, corruption and darkness, will reign without mitigation or end."


  My name is Paul M. & reside in Rhode Island for my whole life except for four years in the Air Force.  I am sixty years old and reborn in the Holy Spirit for 34 years. My Mother prayed for 7 years for my conversion and I would swear at her nasty words the more she was nice to me. It was a revelation & God's mercy that touched my soul one night.  Anyway- I came to Jesus, in time, and served Him faithfully for the last 34 years. He did appear to me for about 7 minutes one day and He instructed me to touch His people - who are believers in Him. Since that day-- I have witnessed many  MIRACLES from Cancers to transplants healed instantly. Hundreds of people healed as in the Bible. When I read your article- you are positively right- the churches have watered down the Words of Christ and the Power they have. The reason is that in the future, I wish to find some Indians to minister to for their salvation and healing. I do not do it for money and I refuse all monies offered to me, as Jesus said in the scriptures, it is freely given to you - therefore freely give back. If you hear of anyone needing help - please- e-mail me here God Bless you and I loved the site. It shows the promises of God/Jesus are true. Thanking you for reading my comments. -  Sincerely, Paul M.


Mind Control is Used?  Apostate churches do use powerful forms of suggestion hypnosis to corral the person into its trap.  People on the  whole are ensnared into religions worldwide and the Lord Jesus knew about this and proclaimed you can be enslaved and controlled by religion.  He told his Disciples to not listen to the Pharisees and to beware of the leaven (teachings) of the Pharisees. That is one reason why Jesus said the truth will set you free, because if you do not follow Jesus' truth you are indeed enslaved to religion, one way or another.  Jesus strongly commanded his Apostles to leave the Jewish religion to follow Him and not to do what the Pharisees do.  The Apostles were set free from slavery and became free from religion.  They kept preaching Jesus' Gospel despite the Pharisees commands to cease.   They became outcasts for Jesus set free from religion.  Today you can see how the pastor "controls" the congregation with commands; "sit, rise, kneel, pray, bow your head."  These are the basic elements that begin hypnotic mind control, the giving of suggestions as commands.  Once it begins it escalates to the point of idolizing and worshipping the pastor (or priest) as "somebody special."  This kind of control would have been easily discovered if people met in their homes on a small scale.  Today, churches are so huge and absolutely conducted in a highly controlled environment by the pastor.  Again, the building of physical churches is a sandy and false foundation where corruption is allowed to fester.  The Bible never intended the flock to become subjected to a pastor and to be led to believe the pastor's personal financial investment is the house of God.  Wake up, if you can.  Mind control is how cults recruit, retain and control members.  It is a hard thing to come to the truth, but it is very liberating.  Jesus wants you free so you can work directly for Him.          

The Church to exist must be Biblical?  The church system you see today is not Biblical.  It is a system built by men to serve themselves.  The Bible never instructed the Apostles to build a church of any sort or of any size.  They met in homes and they never took a monetary collection to "build a church."  The concept of building a central physical church is not Biblical at all.  And to put a pastor in charge and to own and possess that church and its wealth is not Biblical. Read your Bible and see if you can find these instructions.  Also, Jesus demonstrated clearly that God will not live in a church building when He had the Temple of Jerusalem torn down.  Even God's Word explains that He will not be contained within walls of buildings. So beware when pastors proclaim "their" church is the "House  of God" for it is not God's house, it is the pastor's house and his estate.  Too much emphasis is placed on the "physical church" but Jesus' church is of individuals that do the will of His Father.  Church as we see it today is commonplace and is a wide road to destruction and is a breeding ground of cults and false religions.  Jesus warned that many would come in His name, and they sure have come into every neighborhood as you can see.

Then every pastor in a physical church is a false teacher?  If the foundation is corrupt the building falls to ruin.  If the pastor is operating an apostate church then he is a false teacher.  Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice and they follow me." - John 10:27. Today, the Christian people listen, obey and follow the pastor more than Jesus.  The pastor  "interprets" what Jesus meant, instead of declaring what Jesus said.  The entire system is corrupted because God never authorized the building of physical churches.  It is not authorized in His Word the Bible and it was never demonstrated by any Apostle.  Even Paul never bought a church or built a church or sold a church or used a church to make a living (he taught the Gospel and mended tents to make a living).  The only time a collection of money was taken by Christians was to help each other and to send forth someone to proclaim the Gospel. Today pastors take the money (tithes) and use for themselves to make a living and then produce little to no fruit.  Today, it is much like it was in the Pharisee system where they convert their followers to defy God's word and His commands.  If you read the New Testament Bible you will discover that the same system, but worse, exists that Jesus had to face with the Jewish people.  He would have to do the same scolding, too!  It is getting more and more difficult to find a true church.  The condition is not improving.  Jesus warned that there would be a "great falling away" just prior to His coming.  Churches are filled with false converts, repentance and hell is not preached in the pulpits, obedience to the Lord's commands are dismissed, the Sabbath is routinely defiled, God's tithe money is stolen and is not predominately used for His work to proclaim the Gospel, The Gospel is confiscated and hidden from the public view.  The lost are not being saved and much, much more.  Every church I have seen in America is doing these things.

Then who should be our teacher?  The very Bible is clear on who should be your teacher and it is not to be your pastor or deacon or bishop or any other man; but God who abides in you.  Read it for yourself and believe. "But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches  you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him."   If you want to abide in Christ you need to stop listening to others and start listening to the Holy Ghost or you will fall for lies and deceptions.  Churchgoers are starving for knowledge and they will purchase every teaching product pastors can produce and they go astray being led by a substitute.  The Holy One who lives within is shoved aside and the pastor's voice is placed on a pedestal in the mind and worshipped as the word of God because he appears as a holy man of God saying wonderful things.  Also, beware of those Sunday school teachers.  Many of them are not born-again and a good number of them have been caught in criminal activity.  You can read about that in the news.  The point is we are being taught by men and not God.  That is  what the apostate system is all about.  It substitutes itself for God in  many ways.  To the apostate church member it would be unthinkable to skip church worship services to go proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  It is more important to them to attend church service and ignore the proclaiming of the Gospel. That is what is going on.  The devil is delighted when Christians do not mess with his territory and he applauds Sunday worship attendance.  Where in the Bible does it say that attending church services takes priority over obeying God's Word?  If the Bible is true, then how come you are not obeying it?  How many souls have you reached for Christ last week? The answer is likely zero.  You are just going to church each week thinking you are doing God's will and you are actually scattering  by not gathering souls for Christ.  What you do is more important than what you think.  You think you are a good Christian, but you are actually the enemy of God if you do not do His will.

God's will has always been a mystery.  It certainly is a mystery to those who keep listening to their pastor's teachings.  You will never learn the truth from your pastor, not today in the apostate system that is firmly entrenched in the church.  God does not care about your employment when you seek His will for you.  He wants you to share your light with others in this dark world, that is His will.  Your employment is your own career choice and you will not find advice in the Bible to help you get a job.  Many are misguided in searching for God's will for their lives because their pastors have blinded them from the truth.  God's will is easy to find, just read the Bible and you will see what God wants you to do.  Feed the hungry, cloth the naked, share the Gospel, save the lost, care for widows and orphans, bear much good fruit, obey His commands, be merciful, etc.  It is so simple to find God's will.  The moment you begin to do what God wants you to do for Him, then He will direct your paths and give you good success in whatsoever you do.  It is as plain as the nose on your face.   The church has become a church of beggars.  Each begging God for  deliverance of some ailment or situation.  But these hypocrites God has closed His eyes on their requests.  They want deliverance but they also want enslavement for the lost souls. God wants you to be healed, but He also wants you to share you healing with others.  To share the Gospel so others can be h healed.  If you have a disease, then go tell others that  God can heal them and you will get your healing.  Go ahead and do it.  Leave healing-related Gospel tracts in hospitals, doctor offices, waiting rooms, phone booths, etc.  Now you are doing God's will and sharing His mercy to others.  Now you are bearing much good fruit and that is God's will for you.  If you don't want to do that, then suffer with your disease and affliction because God will not hear the prayers of the unmercifulJesus promised that those who are merciful shall receive mercy.  Today, being a good churchgoer is to not share the Gospel and to be unmerciful.  It is no wonder there is so much sickness and demonic attacks upon these people.

The church has evicted Christ?  This is true.  They preach another Gospel and another Jesus Christ.  The churches have become filled with ravenous wolf pastors who appear as servants of God, but are as roaring lions devouring the flock.  This means those that are devoured are not going to heaven otherwise they would be untouchable and not devoured at all.  Jesus  warned not to be devoured.  He warned not to be deceived by false teachers.  The big denominations do not agree with each other.  Do you know why?  It is because they have evicted the truth from their doctrine.  They evict Jesus Christ of Nazareth and created another Jesus who says things that the real Jesus never said or condoned.  They have a counterfeit system that clashes with each other.  God is not the author of confusion.  These denominations are too busy studying and deciphering and interpreting the Bible to suit their own belief systems then they fall upon a formula and claim it is the Gospel.  It is only their own gospel.  As a rule, you will notice the churchgoers in these denomination just go with the flow.  They attend church worship services each week and do nothing more.  You will not even find a gospel tract in their pocket ready to be handed out to some lost person or left somewhere where it could be found.  The real Jesus is not inside that church because where the real Jesus is there will be power and there will be witnessing.  There will be  zeal in the heart to share the Gospel with others who are lost.  There will be a desire to see others saved.  There will even be a desire to obtain a mansion in heaven by storing up good works where thieves and rust can not destroy.  The zeal is to do what Jesus said to do.  Period.  Learn and do just like James said to do. When another false Christ arrives you will see death and destruction.

Churches in America preach death and destruction?  Yes, they do.  It is so subtle you would not recognize it easily.  The average church pastor preaches the nice things of God.  They always preach the nice things to uplift your spirit (but it does not last, you must come back for another dose next week).  But what they are doing is preaching death and destruction by not preaching the entire Word of God.  If I can make you believe you are saved and you are not born-again then I am a good devil indeed.  I have just said nice things to make you feel saved, but I have sent you to hell's fire for all eternity. Why?  I never told you to repent from your sins and to go bear much good fruit to save others from hell.  See how easy that was?  You can have the most talented pastor who preaches with a soothing voice of an angel or with the shouting authority of God himself (so it may seem) but he can take you to hell with such foolishness.  Most church members do not even know that the pastor legally owns the church building that they paid to build so they can't even decipher the theatrics being used against them behind church walls.  These pastors will not preach about obedience to God's commands and desires and they certainly will not dare proclaim hell's fire sermons that just may make you fear the Lord.  You see, if you fear the Lord you will really be fearful of His power and His anger.  Jesus used angry words too in His lifetime and he used unpleasant parables to describe the horrors of God's judgment upon His servants.  The apostate church does well to teach that its church members are exempt from such things and so they send their own church members to hell.  Terrible and shocking but it is true.  Death and destruction will come upon all who do not fear the Lord and God promises it no matter how cleverly your pastor has devised doctrines to say otherwise. Churches today are jam-pack-full of non-born-again believers and none of these church members are getting into heaven.  Jesus is not a liar, but your pastor is a pathological liar if he says otherwise and many pastors do say otherwise to deceive the flock.  The apostate church system is Satan's church and those who serve it are serving Satan, not God.  The church may sound religious and it may feel good and right and may even say wonderful prayers, but if true born-again believers are not being created and are not bearing much good fruit then it is a false church.

All pastors that preach hell fire sermons are true pastors?  No, they are not true pastors.  That is not the only sign.  There are apostate pastors that do preach and warn of hell fire, but they only put on a loud theatrical show when doing so.  They do this to incite the crowd into believing it is a prophet of God speaking to them.  They are actually witnessing the Holy Ghost speaking through that pastor, when it is not the Holy Ghost speaking.  That is the effect it has.  A pastor can preach hell-fire sermons and still lead the flock to hell quite easily.  All he has to do is preach it, but never enforce it.  What this means is the pastor will let the flock go on sinning.  He will never evict anybody from his church, no matter how heinous the offence may be.  Everybody is welcome to stay, forever.  As long as you give money to his church you can bet you will stay, one way or another.  He will not expose the sin of another and evict him from his church.  A man may be known to womanize other church members wives, but the nice pastor turns a blind eye.  Prostitutes may be invading the church preying on wrecking homes, but the good pastor believes church is a place for sinners - and that makes him a no-good pastor.  The early church had evictions, but how come your church has no evictions?  Is your pastor better than the Apostles?  He's so good that nobody in the church sins unrepentantly?  Don't kid yourself.  The hireling is dangerous and if your  pastor is a hireling then Jesus already warned you that he cares not for the flock.  Jesus said it and I believe what He said regardless if it is not politically correct to say.  Hireling are dangerous wolves in sheep clothing and they will kill, steal and destroy the sheep.  That is what they do and they do it well.                                

Do you mean to say Satan approves of Sunday worship?  Absolutely, yes.  He loves it.  It is a perfect insult to God.  Get Christians to worship God on another day to dishonor, make unholy and violate the real Sabbath day (Saturday) is one insult.  Another is to then to have everyone sing wonderful songs that they love and obey the Lord while disobeying God's 4th Commandment making the real Sabbath day unholy, contrary to what God Commands.  This is just the foundation of the apostate church system.  The end result that makes the devils shout with glee is seeing all the Christians lying to God.  Inside the church they say and promise so many wonderful things to God and then when they leave church they do not do them.  If you read the lyrics to Christian songs they are often full of promises to God of which none of them are kept.  Read the words of the prayers they pray and many are promises to God they do not keep.  These Christians have become faithful liars mimicking the father of lies, Satan.  Jesus scolded the Pharisees - who were very religious men - and called them the sons of Satan who listen to Satan as their father and do his works.  That is what is going on inside the churches today.  Christians do not bear fruit to do the work God wants them to do. They do not go into the public places and witness.  They do not share the Gospel to the lost.  While crime ravages a city, the churchgoers are too busy worshipping God and making promises to God they have no intention of keeping.  The pastor does not care to change anything because the congregation turned him into a hireling (Jesus warned you a hireling will absolutely lead you astray).  As long as the people keep coming back and deposit money to the pastor he is fat, happy and content and so are the devils in hell seeing that Christians are not fighting back their evil in the world.  It will be no wonder these Christians will be shocked to discover on judgment day Christ will say He does not know them and will send them to hell.  Jesus warned, "You must be born again."  Your fruit is the sign that you are.

Christians are saved and will not go to hell.  Only born-again Christians are saved, not churchgoers and pew warmers or religious pagans who think they are born-again and are not.  If you are not proclaiming the Gospel to the lost every day then you had better sit down  because you are not born-again.  You are not doing what God wants you to do.  You have no deep and true desire to please God.  The Bible is very clear about this that God wants the lost to be saved and you must share you faith with others to save them from hell's fire.  If you are not sharing your faith, then you don't have holy faith to share.  You have a counterfeit faith, not a Godly faith.  The apostate church promotes a false conversion that makes you believe you are born-again when you are not.  If you stay in this mode you will eventually die and discover too late you can not enter heaven because you were not born-again.  You may blame the church, but it is your fault because you let the church deceive you.  You never searched for the truth in God's Word.  You never doubted the church teaching, but you distrusted God's Word and chose not to follow God's Word.  You trusted your pastor too much and he led you astray.  The blind leading the blind into the pit of hell.  There is no "once saved always saved" guarantee in the Bible for those who are not born-again.  True born-again servants of God are very busy serving God and the one sign that you will see is their daily personal zeal in proclaiming the Gospel to the lost.  Today, it is rare to even see one such person in the entire church assembly.  Nobody is bragging about how many people they have led to Christ last week.  Saving the lost is the farthest thing from their mind. That fruit is missing in the church.

But many churches do have outreach ministries.  Most all are ineffective and are for show and others are for recruiting efforts only to increase the church membership.  True born-again conversions are missing.  And the big mistake is that Christians are being led to believe they do not have to personally share the Gospel because they give money to their church and the church does the sharing.  They think they can walk away from their responsibility and shift it to someone else.  Jesus said you must bear fruit and that you must not hide your light and if you do not gather then you scatter.  He did not say this to a church.  He said it for you to obey.  See how the apostate church operates?  It is a system of substitution.  It substitutes itself in place of your personal responsibilities.  It has switched places and is now robbing you of obeying God and bearing much good fruit.  The apostate church system is evil beyond your imagination.  It is worse then you ever thought it could be.  It is taking millions of Christians to hell with its false teachings and substitutions.  That is why there are so many denominations and false religions because Satan knows they work for him.  Religion is very good in Satan's eyes so he creates new churches with aggressive zeal.  So what good is having outreach ministries operated by apostate churches?  If each member is not proclaiming the Gospel on a personal basis then they are bearing spoiled-rotten fruit, self-replicating itself on a larger scale.  To send a person to hell by tricking  him into believing he is saved is a rotten business and the churches are doing just this.  Some churches have overseas ministries and they should be right here at home cleaning up their own act saving the  lost in our inner cities, but that would be messing with Satan's territory.  As long as each church member is not out saving the lost then that church is not obeying Christ's command and is not obeying God's agenda to save the lost.  Anyone who dares to read the Bible and hear what Jesus says to them will have their ears opened.  If you love Jesus you will obey Him and do what He said for you to do.  Jesus said that.  Didn't you know?  If so, then why do you disobey Him?  Jesus gave you an outreach ministry so how come you are not doing it?

Not everyone can be in the ministry.  Oh  yes they can.  Jesus told everyone that will follow him they should bear much good fruit and they should go forth and proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  The moment you accept Christ as Lord and Savior you are automatically ordained by Jesus to go and that is the highest ordination  you can ever receive.  You get the Master's degree right from the Master.  Notice how new believers get on fire for the Lord and want to tell everyone, then soon their fire is  quenched by their association with the dead inside the church system.  There is no reason to let the fire within be burned out.  You just keep on proclaiming God's Word everywhere you go.  Don't get involved with recruiting members into a church as it may be an apostate system (even if you think it is not, it very well may be apostate).  I know from experience.  I have gone forth proclaiming the Gospel every day for years and have not lost my fire.  Why?  Because I do not work for a church or a pastor.  I work for Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  My job is to put out the Word of God one way or another to the lost.  If they accept, fine.  If not, that is their right.  Jesus said to just put out the Gospel.  He did not say to coral new converts into a church building or even to build a physical church building.  In any case, Jesus said if you love Him you will obey Him.  It is better to disobey your pastor than to disobey God.  It is better to walk away from your church than to turn you eyes away from God's commands and desires.  It is high time more Christians disobey the church system and begin to obey God's Word.  I have no fear of the church, but I have a  great fear upon Him who has the power to destroy the body and soul in hell.  Him I fear.  You get into the ministry the moment you hear Jesus tell you to go share your faith with others.  You start your personal ministry the minute you read in the Bible that God wants the lost to be saved.  If you do not obey these small commands, then God will certainly leave you behind to rot inside your church and he will close the door to heaven in your face.  Just as you have closed the door to Salvation and grace and mercy to others who desired it, but you never shared it with them.  God will not be mocked.  You can not lie to God and get away with it.  You are either in the ministry or you are out of it.  Luke warm Christians will be vomited out of his mouth.  Jesus really did say that! That does not sound like an invitation to heaven.  Do not be fooled by your church teachings.  Learn from the Master.  Listen to what Jesus is saying in the Bible to you.  He wants you to minister to others and that means everyone, including  the lost..                             

We built our church to serve God.  That is nearly impossible as a bank will not just give loans to a congregation to build a church.  Pastors are building physical churches with the congregation money that the pastor owns as personal assets.  This process of taking money from the flock to enrich the pastor, or even to earn a living from the flock, is not Biblical at all.  It is a man-made process to become wealthy at the congregation's expense.  Jesus warned us that many would come in His name to deceive and many there are doing just that!  Of course, this would not apply to your church, just the other guy's church.  It is high time people open their eyes while they still can.   You can become blinded if you refuse to see or are unable to see because of sin in your life.  Jesus has given this statement of fact to those in His day  "If you had known... in this your day, the things that make for your peace!  But now they are hidden from your eyes." Luke  19:42.  Your pastor or your denomination owns the deed to your church, not the congregation.  The money is being spent on things that do not share the Gospel to others, only a tiny bit to make it look legitimate, but most of the money is being saved and invested and stockpiled to make persons rich inside the denomination with huge  salaries and exorbitant benefits.  The individual in the congregation pays for this.  On judgment day you will be held accountable for being a good  or bad steward.  Giving your money (tithes) to these false churches gains you zero credit with God.  Many pastors have personal church assets of over 25 million dollars.  Some over 55 million and a few in the hundreds  of millions.  There are personal and private ministries with over 200  million dollars in savings and assets.  All of this is 100% unbiblical, but people keep giving these false teachers more of their tithe monies.  Many churches do not absolutely serve God or anyone else except for the needs and desires of church members.  The lost are usually not contacted.

There are thousands of churches everywhere.  Just because you see thousands of physical churches everywhere in your travels does not make one right in God's eye.  All can be false churches led by false pastors that bear no good fruit.  If the lost is not being saved, be careful of that church.  They do not share the same agenda the God shares.  All of the congregation must be active in saving the lost.  If you don't see this happening, be aware that it is an Apostate church, even if it is your church.  Do not be fooled by churches and church members who are not bearing good fruit for the Lord.  Beware of those who are not proclaiming the Gospel to others, as they are false followers.  They may be sincere,  but they are sincerely wrong and these blind men and women can lead  you into the pit.     

The Holy Ghost resides inside the church.  That is another lie pastors tell the flock to keep people coming back to their church.  The Bible is  clear on where the Holy Ghost resides and it is not inside a church building.  God's Spirit resides within the born-again believer.  Read John 14.  The church building the pastor owns and operates is no more holy than a bar room.  It is brick and mortar, wood and paint.  The pastor makes it look holy, but that building is not holy at all and there is no New Testament Biblical proof that "all pastors" have holy churches.  The flock has been greatly deceived for many years by this apostate church system.  It has infected every church and every denomination. None are spared.  Jesus warned of this that even the very elect would be deceived if it were possible.  Today, attending church is more important than performing the works of God.  It is better to obey God and do what He tells you to do than to keep on blindly obeying your pastor.  You are being taught things that are not Biblical and the end result is you will be serving the pastor's  church and not God.  The Pharisees did the same thing.  Nothing has changed.

So, we do not need the church?  You don't want to be a member of a cult or false religion do you?  You certainly do not need that.  If the modern church has fallen away from the truth and is now teaching lies, deception, false witness and abandoned God's will you need to get out of that church system or you will perish with it.  When you get filled with the Holy Ghost and are born again you will discover you don't need to be taught by apostate pastors as the Spirit will do the teaching and enlightening.  When you see a wolf you need to run as fast as you can away from it.  A wolf can run faster than a sheep, so get out quickly  before it devours you completely.  Pastors are very smart people and that makes them dangerous to the congregation.  They can easily mislead.  They are good at it, most people who attend their church can't see the deception.  God has given them up to believe the fables these pastors preach.  God said He would do this and He has.  What you need more than church is to get born-again and follow Jesus.  Jesus said, "Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men."  Today people follow the pastor and end up not fishing for anything.  Read this article; Fishing. All you need is the  Lord in these last days.  The churches have become apostate.  You have been warned to come out from them.  Serve the Lord or serve your Pastor. Make your choice because you can't serve two masters.           

What more proof can you give that today's churches have gone astray?  It is easy to give proof.  The Ten Commandments were never destroyed by Jesus.  We are still commanded to keep them, all ten of them!  The Roman Catholic church decided it wanted to change the Sabbath from Friday evening to Saturday evening (the true Sabbath of the Old Testament) and they changed it to Sunday.  This is a direct violation  of the fourth Commandment to keep the Sabbath holy.  Now all the Christian churches routinely violate God's law and hold church services on Sunday.  In God's eyes this is nothing but an insult of false loyalty and disobedience.  Man does not have the rightful authority to change the Ten Commandments.  Jesus never gave that command and He himself (including Mary and the Apostles) always kept the true Sabbath holy and it was not Sunday!  So, here we have a Christian system build upon sand, violating God's commandment.  The average Christian is now working and playing on the true Sabbath violating God's word and command, then  goes to church on Sunday thinking it is the Sabbath.  Everything has been turned up-side-down.  It is not Biblical to keep the Sabbath on Sunday. Find it in your Bible where we are to violate God's fourth commandment.  I am not a Seventh Day Adventist, but you can learn a lot about this from the Seventh Day Adventist who are absolutely right on this Sabbath subject.  When you do learn the truth, it will "awaken" you to how corruption has sneaked into the churches.

Why do we have all these churches?  People inside these Apostate churches suddenly get "called" to be a pastor thinking it is a call from God.  It reality it is a call for a new career.  They go to Bible College to get a divinity degree, graduate and go build a new church somewhere.  Yet none to few are truly called of God.  God never used multitudes to do his special work.  He used prophets and a few apostles out of millions of people.  Today we have millions of pastors and millions of churches and still the millions of members are just playing church and not obeying the Lord's commands.  They are all being mislead by blind men.  There are pastors making huge fortunes of money operating their churches, tens of millions of dollars a year adding into their own personal estate (the church is their estate).  There are tiny churches not doing so well, but when you look at the congregation of both churches the result is the same; the members are do-nothing Christians.  Most have never even witnessed to a stranger; the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Most have not even done so last week.  They are being taught not to witness by the pastor by not teaching them to witness.  This is a different system and different outcome that Jesus desires. 

Sunday Worship. The Bible is so clear on this issue and yet a great majority of Christian churches are attending church on the wrong day!  Sunday is not the Sabbath, never was and never will be.  Jesus never attended a Sunday service and He never authorized anyone to change the Ten Commandments because God commands us to keep the Sabbath day holy.  The Sabbath is Friday evening to Saturday evening.  The Jews still honor this day, but Roman Catholics changed this day to Sunday (Sunday is still named after Sun Worshippers).  The Apostles never told us to attend Sunday services.  Sunday worship services are a new tradition of men and is not ordained of God.  Some pastors like to say, "We are Christians, we honor the Lord on Sunday" but the Bible is clear that Saturday is the day to honor.  Who is right?  God is right and it is high time we obey God's commandments and not the traditions of men.  The Seventh Day Adventist denomination are right on the money when it comes to keeping the Sabbath on Saturday (this is not to say this denomination is the one or only true church).  You can learn a lot from them about Sunday worship and how it falls away from the Bible and God's commandments.  I am not a Seventh Day Adventist, but I have learned much from them about this truth.  They have magazines and booklets you can read to set you straight on this issue.  Do not be led astray.  We are still to obey the Ten Commandments.  You can't kill, you can't lie, you can't steal, and you can't worship God on Sunday without violating that command.  Before Jesus arose to heaven he told his Disciples to... " teach them to obey all that I have commanded."  Many are being mislead today by pastors that disobey the Lord's commands.  Read the Bible and you will find no authorization to worship God on Sunday or to keep Sunday holy.  The truth can be painful, but it will set you free if you seek the truth.  Are we now desecrating the Sabbath?

Salvation Without Works. Today the call is out to all the lost to come to the Lord as is, without repentance and once a church member they do not need to work to proclaim the Gospel.  No good fruit is required!  What we then end up with is good-for-nothing Christians that are unrepentant and continue in their sinful lifestyles and desires.  Being born again, which produces a visible change in the person and ignites a fire to proclaim the Gospel is no longer required.  Just keep coming back to church each Sunday (or Saturday) and you will be saved.  The Bible refutes this apostasy and Jesus proclaimed in parables of the worthless servant's reward and it is hell fire.  Jesus also warned, "If you do not gather, you scatter..." so, do-nothing Christians are not going to enter into heaven.  Yes, a person can be saved, but they can also slowly backslide away and become a stumbling block to the Lord.  You will know them from their fruit.  Exactly what fruit are you bearing for the Lord?  Remember, the Lord wants action and results, not lips that worship with no works.   Apostle James speaks much about faith being dead without works.  Works do not save, but once saved and born again you will produce good fruit to save the lost.  There is no such thing of a Christian who does not produce good fruit for the Lord.   Remember, the Pharisees were very religious, but Jesus told them their father was not God, but the devil because they do the devil's work.  Are you gathering souls for the Lord?  This evangelistic work is a requirement the Lord demands of you directly and personally.  You can't donate your money for others to do the work you are supposed to do, but most churches do not dare teach the truth.  Many pastors do not want you to start your own personal ministry because it may reduce funding for that church as you invest in "good soil" instead of a church  that bears little to no good fruit.  

Feel Good Sermons  You are not going to hear sermons about hell fire and taking personal responsibility to the Lord in the apostate church.  You will get sermons that uplift and make you feel just perfectly wonderful.  Many sermons Jesus gave are "deleted" and not discussed in the sermon.  Sermons that can convict a person to get to work for the Lord to save the lost do not exist.  Some pastors will preach it to appear righteous, but they will not enforce it as a rule to remain a member of the church.  All bark, no bite.  It boils down to leading the congregation to disregard God's commands and requirements and tickle the ears of all who will listen to  the wonderful Gospel of prosperity and blissful happiness.  This is part of the Gospel, yes, but it is not all of the Gospel.  The apostate church loudly and confidently proclaims the good uplifting sermons, but ignores God's "requirements" to obtain those blessings.  Most of the blessing in God's word is "conditional" upon obedience to God's Word. John the Baptist and Jesus first words when beginning their ministry cried out "Repent!  Repent!"  The apostate church will not press upon the congregation deep sadness sermons to create repentance.  They only believe in the "feel-good" Gospel and it becomes a false Gospel when the "entire truth" is not told.  Beware of these false ministers who boldly defy the Lord's commands. 

Miracles  Do not be mislead by false pastors that sound great and appear to be holy servants of the Lord because they are not anointed of God.  How can you tell?  Not just by the fruit, because the fruit looks so Biblically correct.  Healings of disease, miracles and wonderful things happen "behind closed doors."  Hypnotism, works on the power of suggestion and it too will produce temporary healings and miracles.  Jesus and the Apostles performed miracles in public, in plain view of many outdoors, not in "controlled environments."  They did not use music and worship  services as theatrical stage play production status to "work-up" the people to believe that a certain pastor has healing power.  Of course, it could be true the person is anointed of God, but this true anointing will not be used behind closed doors in auditoriums or in churches.  It will be used in public.  You will also see a collection of funding for this ministry to enrich this person.  There is a minister alive today working wonderful miracles behind closed doors and has an eight million dollar mansion.  Imagine that, $8,000,000.00 home.  Now that money you gave to this minister built that lavish home, but the minister lied to you with a holy-like smile when you were told your donation was for God's ministry!  There are now Christian Television producers getting fabulously rich with some owning over 29 homes, numerous expensive vehicles and aircraft and multiple mega-mansions!  They conduct telephone sales pitches, to get people to give money to proclaim the Gospel worldwide, but your money is also going to support a super lavish lifestyle beyond the reach of even movie star salaries!   This happens because people are relinquishing their own personal ministries and sending money to other ministries that appear to be doing good works.  The lost do not enter churches.  The lost do not attend healing ministry auditoriums.  The lost do not watch Christian television.  They are in the world, in the bar rooms, dance halls, concerts, casinos, etc.  It’s the Christians who are going to church, watching Christian TV for entertainment and attending healing ministries and the lost are not being reached.  Our cities are crumbling at its knees from the lost and the Christian is too busy not to reach out to them, personally.  Something is wrong with this picture and spells a-p-o-s-t-a-t-e.        

Selling Sermons. Ministers are going hog-wild producing and selling the Word of God.  Yet Jesus said, freely you have received, freely give.  It has become big business and some church pastors have amassed personal fortunes of over 50 million dollars!  Of course, these sermons will always be the feel-good type and some pastor's will even mix in some insults to give the sermons an air of legitimacy, but the end result is big profits to sell the Word of God to Christians.  Of course Bibles do cost money to produce and a book publisher will need to recover these costs and make a profit, but that is not church, it is a business.  A church is not a business!  Read the Bible and it will tell you what a church is, but it is not intended to be a device to enrich the personal fortunes of pastors!  Today pastors are taking money from the congregation to produce sermons for sale then  they sell the sermons and the pastor gets rich.  Yes, the pastor get personally rich.  He owns the church and all the assets.  That too is not Biblical.  Jesus and the Apostles never instructed anyone to sell the Gospel to get rich, but pastors are doing it and convincing the sheep all is well.  Pastors are prostituting the Gospel by selling it.  They don't give these video sermons away for free to the lost.  Think about that!  The collection should be taken from the congregation to produce the sermon and give  the sermons away for free to the lost in the community.  That is now reaching out to the lost to fulfill the Great Commission.  Selling the sermons is not Biblical.  Are you being scammed?  Think about what fruit is being born and who is getting the fruit of these sermon sales.  Note:  it is not wrongful to write a book and sell it, but it is wrongful to take money from people to finance that project and enrich yourself and give nothing to those who invested in the project.  The pastor, in this case, keeps all the profits for himself and then gives none of these sermons to reach to lost.  He is only interested in making a sale (usually to Christians).  You will also notice that most all of the congregation has no desire to personally get involved to save the lost.  Few if any will even reliably distribute Gospel tracts.  The fruit here is profits for the church and no works from the congregation.  Wake up, there is apostasy in the church today!   

Convincing Ministers  How false ministers deceive is to appear as a righteous man of God.  He will proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and he will quote the Bible with great wisdom and authority.  He will be the perfect pastor for the church, so it seems.  But underneath is a ravaging mean wolf taking the money from the flock so the flock can't  bear good fruit for the Lord.  Keep in mind that God's agenda is to save the lost, not build more churches and schools or sell more sermons, publish magazines and product catalogs, etc.  God want the lost to be saved.  The false minister take some money and gives to the poor, but it  is really only a very tiny amount compared to the gross take from the congregation.  The false minister will preach that his ministry is "good soil" so you should give your money (tithes and offerings) to him or the denomination.  God will call you to account on judgment day and your church and pastor will not be present, except to accuse you as witnesses of neglecting to proclaiming the Gospel.  You must produce the fruit.  You can't just delegate this responsibility away to your pastor or denomination.  You have been fairly warned by Jesus by His parables.  The false Christ is a minister that preaches a Gospel to make money.  Jesus never instructed anyone to create a church to make money.  The Apostles never instructed anyone to collect money to build a church or a school.  These things "appear" to be good, but they do not reach the lost for Christ and that is the bottom line.  God wants the lost to be saved.  The false minister or denomination will build churches and other buildings to self-serve its members, but the lost will not be effectively reached.  The false minister will implore you to proclaim the Gospel, to get you to recruit  more church members.  But don't you dare start your own ministry to reach the lost, or else!  There is only one true ministry and that is the one you are now attending (is what you will be convinced to believe).  The pastor will be so good at deceiving you that you will not believe he could ever do such a thing. Lesson to be learned?  Stop listening to your pastor and listen to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Read the Bible!  Jesus said many would be deceived and will perish in hell.  Jesus said it very clearly, that His sheep will hear His voice and will not respond to another.  Think about who you are listening to?  Who are you obeying?  You can't serve two masters, so make your choice right now whom you will serve.  Many are serving their pastor and their denominations and are not obeying Jesus' commands. 

Our Pastor Teaches God's Word.  Your pastor may be teaching you to learn the Word of God, but also teaching you to not obey it.  He may not be enforcing any requirements upon you to obey the Lord's commands.  It is likely that your pastor has never taught you how to proclaim the Gospel and assist you in going forth into the inner city (where al the crime, drugs, prostitution and sin resides) to reach out to the lost.  Have you and do you take time to specifically proclaim the Gospel to people you do not know?  Perfect strangers?  Bad people steeped in sin?  How many people have  you shared the Gospel with last week?  Last month? Last year?  Of course I can hear you say, "Well, my church helps the local Gospel mission and we support or send missionaries to other countries..."  But the original question remains.  If you are in an apostate church it will not produce upon its members a desire and willingness to save the lost.  To go save the worst of the worst sinners!  If anything, your pastor will teach you all is well with you and God and you will go to heaven (despite your not saving the lost and working to gather souls for God).  You scatter if you do not gather.  Notice Jesus said "you" not your church or denomination.   He is speaking to you!  If you are not reaching out to the lost your preacher is not teaching you the full-Gospel, only bits of the Word that will make you feel good.  Remember, if you allow yourself to be deceived by a false pastor you will be sent to hell.  You will not be able to claim, "But, Lord, I was lied to."  You have a responsibility to read the Bible and obey Jesus commands.  Remember, all the Apostles had to leave their religion to follow Jesus.  They could not remain Jews any longer to become Christian.  Leave the apostate church if you must to follow Jesus and follow Him alone.  Church has become a crutch for many.  It is better to go forth and proclaim the Gospel as a voice in the wilderness than join a dead church and remain in it.  Jesus said, "Let the dead bury the dead."  If you are not bearing fruit, get out of that church now before it is too late to escape. It may already be too late, as many can't leave their church to follow the Lord... they have become apostate, like the church they belong.  It is better to belong to Jesus than a dead church.  Yes, dead churches sing songs and praise God just like the Pharisees have done and Jesus told them off with strong truthful insults and they worship God in vain.  Are  you sure your church is living up to God's standards?  You got to be right 100% or face hell fire.  This should make you doubt so you will begin your search for the truth!  Seek and you shall find.  Read the Bible. 

Our Church Reaches Out To The Public.  How?  By using television, radio, newspaper advertising and flyers claiming, "Come worship with us  at ...... street Church."  You can see the apostasy here can't you?  First, Jesus never said to build a physical church then invite multitudes of "unrepentant" sinners to come worship God that can attract thieves, liars, criminals and sex crime molesters into the flock.  Second, this church is taking the position of "you come to us, we don't go to the lost" approach.  Jesus never said to build a church so the lost will come, but He clearly told us as individuals to go forth and proclaim the Gospel, to take no money and to not go door-to-door.  The apostate church disobeys the Lord's commands and instructions and teaches its members to follow the church rules and to ignore God's commands.   Many churches will use its members to distribute Gospel tracts, but is only a recruitment advertising ploy to entice people to come join their church, as if, joining a church will result in salvation (it does not).  Many church members are not saved and are not even born-again or filled with God's Holy Spirit.  They are filled with another spirit that is not of God, but of the devil, just as the Pharisees were in Jesus' time serving themselves and their father the devil.  They do not reach out to the lost, but let the church do the job (whom does it wrong) and they believe they are truly working for God and bearing good fruit.  The Bible does not authorize such thinking or this conduct.  Many churches do not even require members to operate an outreach ministry to save the lost, but Jesus did command it that we go out to proclaim the Gospel.  Lukewarm church members are headed for disaster when they listen to their church and ignore Jesus' commands.  After all, Jesus has the keys to heaven and hell, not the pastor!

Isn't God Love and He Loves All?  He loves His own, those who fear Him.  He does not love "everyone unconditionally."  God declares in the Bible He has enemies and those who do not believe in Jesus are under the wrath of God.  Jesus also gave clear warnings of severe eternal punishment for those who do not know or obey God.  It's all in the Bible!  People will be tossed into hell, even those who were servants of God on this earth that did not prove faithful or fruitful.  The branch is cut down and tossed into the fire.  God loves, but He is a just God and a hard taskmaster, just as Jesus said He was in His parables.  What is the point?  The point here is that people are being misled by pastors that God is pure love and always forgiving and there is no longer any reason to fear God!  With the fear of God removed the flock have no fear of obeying the Lord's commands.  No fear of punishment for disobeying the Lord.  The apostate church operates on a pure love factor and teaches the flock they too will enter heaven as good servants, even though the do not obey the Lord's commands.  However, they must obey the pastor's teachings and the rules of the denomination.  The poor church members are mislead to believe in their church doctrines and traditions and are intentionally lied to create a false sense of security.  On the day of judgment Jesus warned that many who call Him Lord are going to hell, not heaven.  These unfaithful servants did not work for the Lord and were not reliable or merciful to the lost.  The fruit they bear is religious piety and God wants no part of them in heaven.  Read those parables again because they pertain to you, not somebody else... you.  When I read them I tremble with fear.  Do you?  Have you  lost your fear of the Lord?  Remember, it was the God of Love who spoke those parables.  To whom will you serve today, your church or the Lord God?  Choose wisely.

I Have a Large Collection of Love Gifts.  Is This Okay?  Toss them all into a dumpster.  These love gifts ministers give you for making donations to their ministry are idols.  Behind each idol is a demon, so you have brought demons into your home to influence you.  These ministers are begging for money and God did not say for anyone to beg for money to proclaim the Gospel.  God never told evangelist or pastors to sell idols... he condemns us to have any idols in the Ten Commandments.  See how easily you have been manipulated by these lying ministers?  They are very good liars indeed and extremely convincing in their one-sided arguments as to why you need to support their ministry with financial donations.  When the foundation is sand, let it crumble.  These ministers are false Christ's proclaiming that they are anointed to proclaim the Gospel (so are you, but they won't tell you this truth) and you must support them to reach the lost.  To entice you to send money, they send you a love gift in return.  They are making merchandise of the Lord's business, taking your money and giving you a damaging idol.  Leave these ministers not a dime of your money.  Get out from them and stop supporting them.  Instead, take your tithe money and invest it yourself into your own ministry to reach the lost.  Now you are certain to obtain the reward Jesus promised when you are a "good steward" of what God has given you.  Invest your money in God's work, but do the work yourself.  The churches can no longer be trusted as most all have fallen away, just as the Lord told us it would in the last days.  Do not give those idols away to curse somebody else, break them and toss them into a trash dumpster.  Get rid of every idol you have in your home... all of them!  You can see the trouble this has caused simply because a minister has chosen to disobey the Lord to beg for money.  You fell for it by being deceived, but you should have read your Bible.  You are lucky, because many people will get the same reward as the false Christ, a long stay in hell for being deceived.  Jesus said the deceived are just as guilty and will not enter heaven. Amazing, but true.  Jesus strongly warned us not to be deceived by false Christ's and false religion.  Read the Bible again.  Better to fear the Lord now while you still can!  

No Discipline is Needed In Our Church.  The churches today do not require purity of heart and honesty, they require church members to keep coming to church services and donate money to the church.  There is no discipline upon those who do wrongful things.  There are methods outlined in the Bible on how to correct troublemaking members of a church, but today you will never see these "commands" obeyed.  The troublemakers are allowed to remain in the church to corrupt and divide it even more.  Some churches even retain known mobsters, murderers, child molesters and have actively "protected" these criminals using church funds and influence.  This is not what Jesus had in mind when He said He would build His church.  It was not a physical church to build.  In fact, it was a spiritual church, a collection of people, not a church building.  Jesus even foretold that the great Temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed and that is the day the physical church died.  If the foundation is wrong, then all sorts of corruption and falseness arises.  The moment a physical church is built the corruption begins.  Already it needs funds for mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc., and this is money that is taken from the flock to enrich the pastor or a denomination's coffers.  Then the church is raised up in the people's eye as being the "savior" when the church does not save anyone.  In any case, once you join an apostate church you will notice nobody is ever "kicked out" of the church.  No discipline is warranted, but Jesus and the Apostles said otherwise. 

How Is An Apostate Church Recognized?  The apostate church has one bad habit, it will always disobey the Lord's commands.  You won't recognize it though if you do not read your Bible, alone, without being influenced by others.  Read the Bible alone!  Ask the Lord to open your eyes to the truth, no matter how much it may hurt.  When you read the Bible again, looking for apostasy, you will begin to see it and it will frighten you as to how huge it really has become.  Apostate churches will always appear as angels of light, but they do not do the job the Lord commanded.  They may do some things right, but the bottom line is they will disobey the Lord's commands to the point that the church and it's members really do not bear "good fruit" where they are planted.  Some may support overseas missionaries, which looks good, but the crime-ridden neighborhoods in their own neck of the woods is not reached.  The lost will not be saved in an apostate church.  And some churches are so good at being apostate, they can save the lost and get them to join their church to recruit others and it is a big money scam by a slick pastor to enrich his lifestyle.  The apostate church will beg for money!  This should be your biggest tip-off.  The moment money is asked for to build something be forewarned that the Gospels do not demand that buildings be built.  Even if it is a hospital, a school, a church building, or whatever.  The apostate church members will not be on fire for God to proclaim the Gospel to the lost. They will sit back and donate money, but they themselves will not reach the lost on a "daily" basis.  Some may even volunteer to work for the church somehow, but to save the lost is not their cup of tea.  What they believe in, they do not do.  They bear no good fruit.  They will be loyal to their church and they will not leave their church to follow the Lord.  They will only leave a church to attend another church.  But to be churchless is something the can't bear... they must be a member of a church.  It is better to be like the Apostles and to follow Jesus than follow a church that can not save you.

Our Church is Biblical.  Jesus warned that the gate to heaven was narrow and the road to destruction was wide.  Look in your telephone Yellow Page directory and see all the churches.  There are dozens upon dozens.  This is the wide road, it certainly is not a narrow one.  Then go downtown and  look around and see if you can find any gospel tracts reaching out the lost for the Lord.  You will not find one, or maybe one.  But there are 80,000 Christian members in these churches, in this one city, and all you can find is one Gospel tract?  If you had an apple tree that produced on one apple you would likely cut that tree down.  Jesus said He would "cut off" those who do not bear fruit, and He has.  Church members have been cut off from the vine and are led to believe a lie, to believe in their church.  They have become "blinded" to the truth.  God's Word is truth and when God says, "you scatter if you do not gather" then it is high time to start gathering or face His wrath.  A church that is Biblical will  obey and perform the Word of God and will keep God's commands.  In fact, they will "teach them to obey all that I have commanded" as Jesus' final orders before he left earth to heaven.  The apostate church teaches some, but not all.  They have become the dead burying the dead. God's Word is life, yet they do not heed God's commands, so they reap death.  Jesus does not care about your church, He cares about your soul.  He cares about what you are doing with the Gospel.  Are you truly sharing  and reaching out to the lost?  Do not deceive yourself.  Gather or you are scattering. Try to reason your way out of that one, you can't.

Our Church Could Never Be A False Church.  There are many false churches and all the members of these congregations truly believe they are not in a false religion.  Why?  Because they are told a lie and they believe it without question.  If you tell a lie long enough it eventually appears as truth, yet it is still a lie.  God's Word is Truth.  Jesus Christ is truth.  So, if this is true then you need to read and adhere to God's Word and the commands and teachings of Jesus.  If you allow yourself to come into conflict with God's word and chose to disregard God's Word to obey a church teaching, then you are in deep trouble.  Why?  Because on judgment day Jesus said you will be judged by His (God's) Word.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense to not be blind to God's direct commands.  It is very, very, very difficult to find a "true church" that is obeying the commands of the Lord and teaching the members to fully  obey Jesus' commands.  I will give you one tip.  If you enter a church and see everyone has Gospel tracts in their pockets, and when you speak to them they are excited to tell you how many lost people they have reached, you have found a church truly on fire for God.  Proclaiming the Gospel is God's agenda and a good church will bear good fruit in evangelism when the church members align themselves with God's unchanging purpose... to save the lost!  Chances are good that you are not being taught how to reach the lost and you are not being held responsible to bear good fruit.  Most false churches do everything they can to "play church" but to save the lost is the farthest from their mind.  How many people did you reach last week for the Lord?  One?  None?  Never?  Remember, Jesus said to honor the Father is to bear "much" fruit, not just a little bit of fruit here and there.  How many Gospel tracts have you distributed last month?  None?  Why, because it is not your calling?  It is God's will for you to reach the lost, that is His will, yet you are not doing it faithfully on a daily basis.  Can you see now how your life is not in align with God's will for you?  As a Christian, a true Christian will go to work for the Lord each day, some way, some how.  A member in a false church will become a lazy and disobedient servant.  Your pastor is supposed to be teaching you these things.

Hirelings In The Church.  Jesus warned that hirelings will not care for the flock.  It means that a pastor that is paid to perform is a hireling and will be more concerned with pleasing his employer pay-master than to teach the whole truth to the flock, or he/she may get fired or transferred elsewhere.  The system of pastors being paid to perform is not Biblical.  The perfect demonstration is Paul.  He was a powerful servant of the Lord who wrote a huge portion of the New Testament and he was a tent maker.  He mended tents to earn a living.  He did not beg or require Christians to send him money on a routine basis to support him.  There is no record in the Bible that Peter, John, or any other Apostle became hirelings to the Christian converts.  It is not commanded in the Bible to support a pastor with funds from tithe moneys.   God never told Christians to give money to churches to build more physical church buildings, schools, hospitals, etc.  The tithe money again is being robbed from God's work to save the lost.  Churches today are taking God's tithe money funneling all the money for themselves.  They even have the gall to claim their church is God's House!  It is not God's House.  God does not live inside buildings, he is within you…  Can you at least begin to see the process of how dishonest pastors have instituted traditions that are contrary to God's Word and the Bible's perfect examples.  Christians met  in their homes, not in a purchased building paid for by tithe money or contributions from the flock.  The moment a church building is built it will now require perpetual funding and the Gospel will not be effectively proclaimed to the lost.  Hirelings in the church was Jesus' warning to us and now they are so commonplace, it seems Biblical, but it is really a direct violation of Jesus advice to not employ hirelings and certainly do not trust them.  It is Jesus himself that gave this warning about hirelings.  The big question is... who are you listening to?  Jesus or the hireling?  

Apostasy Creates Darkness  Where the apostate church dwells it will thrive and grow in the city despite violent crime and death right in their own communities. The church people will attend services and look their best to give praise to God, but on the way to church they did not leave a Gospel tract anywhere.  On the way from church they did not drop any Gospel tracts where the lost could find them.  Of the tens of thousands of church members in that city you will be lucky to see one gospel tract anywhere 24/7.  Christians are not "motivated" to save the lost.  They trust their pastor and church to make financial donations to the local homeless mission (maybe, if they are lucky) but they themselves have no desire to proclaim the Gospel.  There is no such thing as a real Christian that is silent, hiding their light under a basket so nobody can see.  The church member thinks he is saved, but will be surprised with awful shock to discover that Jesus will close the door and will not let him in to  heaven.  Why?  Because he never desired and never performed the direct commands of the Lord.  In fact he is a criminal in God's eyes violating the commandments of God.  Workers of iniquity need not do violent crimes, but only disobey God's commands and will.  The Lord also said to obey Caesar's law, yet these church going Christians have no qualms of habitually breaking the speed limits when driving to and from church.  Oh, everyone is going faster than the speed limit, but that does not make it right.  The law say's 55 miles per hour and to do 65 or 70 is violation.  If you can't obey the laws of man, you will not obey God's laws and commands.  He will not have workers of iniquity with Him in heaven.  Stop violating the law of man and the laws of God or you will perish.  This is only an example, but it is true that God will still not have habitual and unrepentant law violators with Him in heaven.  The point is that if you are speeding in your vehicle and disobeying the rules of the road, then you  are disobeying other things too and it will be found that you are also disregarding the laws and commands of God.  Speeding is only one outward sign that you have become lawless.  Read Jesus' warnings about those who violate laws.  God's laws still exist and are to be obeyed, along with the laws of the authorities of men.  Why is it your pastor is not teaching you these truths?

Compassion and Mercy Fails In The Apostate Church.  Members of the apostate church have not and will not visit the stranger in a hospital, jail or prison.  They send others to do the job for them, but the members themselves will not go.  They delegate their personal responsibility to the pastor to go make hospital or prison visits, yet this is not the pastor's job.  His job is it teach, but he's not even doing that job properly because he is supposed to teach you to go bear fruit for the Lord.  The lost are going to hell for all eternity.  Do not think God a fool to ignore this fact that you think you are going to heaven and that you do not need to be merciful to reach the lost and warn them of their fate.  The lazy unprofitable servant is going to be cast into hell with those he did not warn.  Read what Jesus said about these "servants" of His.  A servant is an employee of the Master or King of the Kingdom.  The servant belongs to Him.  So, Jesus is not talking about the servant being an unbeliever, but a believer.  So there goes one more false theory of "once-saved-always-saved" squashed.  It is being merciful to proclaim the Word of God to the lost.  The lost are going to suffer supreme misery and you being silent to not tell them the Gospel is a perfect example of you not gathering, but scattering.  The lost are everywhere.  The greatest missionary field is right inside our apostate churches today!  We need to wake up the dry bones and get them to  share the Gospel to the lost.  Be compassionate.  The next person you see, just imagine seeing them screaming in hell and knowing that because you chose to remain silent, hiding your light, he is burning in hell.  What is worse?  Imagine Jesus saying to depart from Him and He send you to hell for not following His orders.  If you do not believe this can happen, then you have lost your fear of God because Jesus warned that many cold and dead so-called believers will be sent to hell.  The religious will not get in, but those who do the will of the Father will reside with Him in heaven. God's will is for you to be merciful and to reach out to the lost. Get your pockets full of Gospel tracts and start leaving them everywhere you can think of. 

The Apostate Church Member Will Not Work.  The apostate church member is very comfortable with his religion and is taught to do nothing for God.  You will not see an apostate church member quietly leaving Gospel tracts or other promises of God's deliverance to people in courtrooms.  Here the lost, deep in trouble, have no one to call upon for help.  They do not know that God can and will deliver them from a life of crime.  The community courtroom is full of people facing the judge, each taking turns.  Yet, you will not see one Gospel tract in the courtroom seats, in the waiting or rest room.  Not one can be found! There may even be 100,000 Christians in this city and still not one Gospel tract to be found in the courthouse.  Apostate Pastors are remaining silent and they don't even care for the lost themselves.  The Pastor is to teach all the commands of Jesus to the congregation.  That is his job, but woe to these apostate Pastors who cause others to fall and endorse Christians to produce no good fruit.  The lost are being lost by the millions in the USA all because the apostate church has now bloomed to its fullness, to produce a fruit that is a stench to the nostrils of God.  Face the truth now or face it on the day of judgment.  Apostate Christians will not even write letters to television and radio stations to protest the filth being broadcast into our homes.  Have you visited the local courthouse?  Go take a look and see what is going on and leave some Gospel tracts while you are there.  Have you written television stations and complain of offensive advertising?  How about x-rated material in the supermarket or bookstore?  Can't you see that you can not do nothing and expect to gather. Jesus said it, you must gather or you scatter.  Are you working for God to reach the lost?  Read this spine-tingling article God Hates You   

Apostate Church Despises God's Commands.  Your church likely is despising God's commands to your great surprise.  How is this done?  Easy, just stop preaching the entire truth of the Gospels.  Just pick and choose which nice uplifting subjects to give sermons on.  Don't proclaim the warnings Jesus spoke of.  Or, make the congregation believe that Jesus warnings do not apply to them.  Sounds very devilish, huh?  If the devil had a plan this could be it to drag millions of Christians into hell (my people perish for lack of knowledge).  Jesus not only gave warnings He also gave us specific commands.  Jesus is not talking to pastors, He is talking to you!  Are you truly listening and obeying what Jesus told you to do?  Read the Gospels again and discover His will for you.  He wants you to reach the lost for Him.  If you do not get to work for God and take His commands seriously you will face a terrible judgment.  Apostate pastors will not teach you how to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  They will not demand that you produce much good fruit on a daily basis.  He will  instruct the retired people who have tons of time on their hand to get out and leave Gospel tracts everywhere to reach the lost for Christ.  Why?  Because he does not want you to have your own ministry and wants you  to believe saving the lost is not your job.  This is how they despise God's commands, by not teaching them!  They do not require an accounting.  They foster and coddle laziness and unproductive servants.  Then what happens is Jesus cuts this church and the members off the vine to shrivel up to produce no good fruit that matters to God.  Read Jesus' warnings about how those who are cut off will be led to believe a lie (the apostate church's truths are lies in disguise).  Be forewarned that you may already be believing the lies and you may be too deep to escape.  You will know them (meaning you) by their fruit.  Write down the fruit you are producing for God and find the Gospel verse where you are obeying Jesus' specific commands.  You may discover you have no fruit at all.  Better to discover it now and come back to God than to follow the blind apostate church leaders into the pit.   

Apostasy Is A False Witness.  Apostate pastors want you to believe that you do not need to bear fruit directly for God, but rather you can bear good fruit by donating all your tithe and offering money into his church.  You will never be told or taught to begin your own ministry to reach the lost.  Satan loves churches that stop and obstruct the Word of God being proclaimed into the community.  Satan wants religious people to attend church and even give praise to honor God, but ultimately insults God by getting everyone to disobey God's commands and keeps those going to hell (the lost) in his demonic clutches.  And, then the ultimate trick is to take the professing Christians to hell.  The moment you begin to believe in your church you are in great danger.  Jesus said not to follow a church.  He said to follow Him.  He also said that His sheep hear His voice and will not hear another shepherd.  Today, everybody is listening to their pastor's voice and obey it.  They think by obeying the church they are doing God's will.  Jesus never commanded anyone to attend a church that does not teach His commands.  The false witness is the church that does not make disciples of its church members.  Disciples obey the Word of God and live it.  They don't just attend church, they are busy proclaiming the Gospel to the lost because that is God's will for Christians.  Churchgoing is not an absolute commandment that guarantees salvation.  In fact, God would rather you not attend an apostate church at all, but instead attend to His teachings and commands.  If you are not actively saving the lost you are in an apostate church and listening to an apostate minister.  You can't be lukewarm or Jesus will spit you out of His mouth... that's what He said and that is what He will do!  The Lord will not be mocked.  You will reap what you sow.  If you do not gather, you scatter.  Exactly what are you gathering?  When will you go to work for Jesus?  When?  If not today, never?  If you do not go to work for Him right now you will not do so tomorrow or next month or next year.  You will bear no good fruit and  reap the reward of being cut off.  Is it already too late for you?  For many Christians, it is too late.   

Where Do Apostate Pastors Come From?  They come from apostate churches.  Pastors were once church members who feel they are "called" to be a pastor and then go to a "college" to learn how to be a pastor and to learn "how to run" a church (which teachings are unbiblical).  The Bible does not authorize or suggest that a Christian attend a seminary college to learn how to be a pastor.  Imagine that! These colleges do not even care who attends their school.  They have no rules, so they let in people who are not born again.  They admit and graduate those who are not spirit-filled. They graduate thousands of apostate pastors each year who are not called by God, but are called by their own personal career choice to become a pastor.  Again, the Bible does not authorize pastors to "make a living" off the backs of Christians and the Bible does not authorize pastors to take a bank loan to build a church and use God's tithe money to support and enrich himself and his family.  The entire foundation here is not Biblical and is in defiance of God's commands.  Just because everyone is doing it does not make it right.  For this is why there are so many  apostate churches.  There is a deep underlying greed factor running these churches.  They live and thrive on God's tithe money and they fear to teach God's commands because people will withdraw some or all of their tithe money to directly proclaim the Gospel with their own mini-ministry.  This would put the pastor out of business and he will have to go get a job, like everybody else... like Paul did in the New Testament.  So, apostate ministers come from apostate churches, they are trained by apostate seminary colleges and they build an apostate church and then advertise in newspapers and run the church just like a secular business that it is. Then they build an apostate school and the cycle repeats itself.  In the mean time, the lost at large are not being saved despite the millions of dollars these churches rake in each week.  It is a rare occurrence to come across a Gospel tract today.  With millions of Christians in some cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas and New York, etc., you can walk the streets and not find one Gospel tract.  The lost is not being reached by these apostate churches and the apostate Christian.  You have now seen the wide gate Jesus warned of.   Today pastors could have answered and ad like this; "Get your divinity degree at the school of prostitution."  Most all Bible colleges have prostituted the Word of God.  Strong words but that is the terminology God uses in the Bible.

Apostate Church Members Are Bold For God.  When you attend an apostate church you will see some very fabulous and bold speakers.  They are on fire for the Lord, so it seems.  They get all worked up and are  brave on stage.  Even the pastors are pillars of power and authority.  It all seems so good.  But now, after church, you go into town to a fair or motorcycle rally or whatever.  You see these bold and brazen on-fire church members at the event and they have "blended-in" with the crowd.  They are not proclaiming the Gospel to the lost (and the lost is every where around them, too).  The pastor is seen and he is too busy having fun to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  Even the pastor is not leaving a Gospel tract here or there.  He has no interest or motivation to save the lost.  In fact, you see thousands of church people doing the same thing; doing nothing to save the lost.  The apostate church teaches (by failing to teach) Jesus' commands to save the lost.  Apostate church members have no desire to save the lost.  Jesus and the Apostles actively attended  events in their day and did save the lost at the events they attended.   That was the example for us to follow, but it is not taught by pastors today.  Why  should it be taught when the pastor himself does not adhere to God's commands?  Pastors and their congregations attend expensive retreats, seminars, conferences and cruises on luxury ocean liners and not one Gospel tract is left behind to reach the lost. The apostate church and its members do not proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  They could care less and that is the truth.  I see these apostate church members in expensive motor homes traveling the nation and when I speak to them I discover they do not even leave Gospel tracts in their journeys.  Not one tract is left behind by them.  They do not redeem the time.  I leave thousands of tracts and Gospel Coins behind in each city I visit, each month.  There is no excuse for retired churchgoing RV owners traveling nationwide living it up and not leave a Gospel tract for some other unfortunate soul to discover God's wonderful promises. This is not being merciful, it is being cruel and cold and uncaring, selfish and lovers of self, just like the Bible said it would be in the last days.  The apostate church is here and you can see the rotten fruit it bears.  If you do not gather, you scatter.  Pastors should be an example.  When was the last time you saw these "on-fire" pastors downtown on the street and in courthouses trying to reach the lost for Christ?  You won't see it. It is beneath their dignity and it is not "their calling" to save the lost.  Jesus said we are all to evangelize.  Pastors are not exempt and you are not excused.  Get to work for the Lord before it is too late.  Apostasy will reap a reward in hell's eternal fire.  Jesus warned us about this.  If you do not take heed and escape from the apostasy way of life you shall perish.  Faith without works is dead.  It means if you are not working for God to save the lost you have a dead faith and you worship God in vain.  God will reject you.  That is what the Gospel of Jesus warns, over and over again.  You will have no excuse if you find yourself in hell.  Why?  Because you did not obey the commands of Jesus Christ. You believe and practiced what the apostate pastor taught you and not God.  Who are you really listening to?                                 

Should I Leave the Apostate Church?  Get out now, quickly.  Do not even think about staying.  Light and darkness have no part to each other.  You must put Jesus first above everything else.  If you can't do that, then you are not worthy of Him.  You can't put your hand to the plow and then look back.  You can't put family, friends and peer pressure above the Lord.  Come out of her is what the Lord says in Revelation, so come out the apostate church.  Don't join another church right away.  If you are truly following the Lord's commands He will protect you from falling away.  Ministers love the scare tactic that if you do not go to church you will back-slide.  This is only true to those who are "pew-warmers."  A true servant  of the Lord is not going to backslide.  In fact, a true servant of the Lord does not need a church to motivate him to obey the Lord or to work for  the Lord.  He is already motivated to please the Lord, not the pastor.  You should hear God's voice, not your pastor.  You may only be hearing your pastor's voice a bit too much and have substituted your pastor's voice for the Lord's voice to the point you no longer truly hear the Lord's commands.  The apostate church is evil beyond description and is cunning and will use every psychological tactic and demonic trick to keep you in that church.  If you can't leave a church, you are already in bondage to it and have lost your freedom.  Leave the church and follow the Lord.  Go to work for the Lord directly and leave the apostate church behind.  Gather your treasure in heaven or the apostate church will certainly steal it from you.  Make a deal with the Lord to serve Him, and Him alone, then get to work to reach out to the lost with your own ministry.  Now you will bear fruit for the Lord, guaranteed.

I Tried To Leave My Church But I Could Not Leave.  Your pastor (or priest) will sweet talk you to remain inside their church and will even proclaim you are in danger of hell for not attending church.  The Bible never said you are endangered to hell if you do not attend church. You are being told a lie.  It is also a boldface lie to tell people they will backslide into hell if they do not attend church.  The Bible does not say that either.  In fact, the Bible never makes any reference of attending any church  saves a lost sinner.  What pastors are teaching and proclaiming is most always lies built upon more lies and deep falsehoods.  All of these sweet-talking lies contradict the Bible which is God's Word and the absolute authority.  You could not leave your apostate church because you choose to believe your pastor over the Word of God.  If you do not know the truth in the Bible, blame your pastor!  It is his job to teach you all the commands of Jesus.  He is not doing so and is deceiving you.  The Bible instructs you to flee from those who teach not the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sure, your pastor says nice things about Jesus and may even call Him God and makes wonderful prayers and sermons, but you are being deceived if the pastor does not teach you Jesus commands.  He will not teach you Jesus commands because you will "wise up" and "get free" and leave his church to follow the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.     

Luring You In.  The apostate church will not do what Jesus did to begin its ministry, it will place newspaper, radio and television advertisements to draw other Christians from other churches.  It wants to steal church members to its church.  They will even conduct direct mail campaigns, but you will not see them do what Jesus did.  Jesus did not place advertisements to begin His ministry; He went directly to the lost.  He did not recruit church members.  That should open your eyes as to what the Lord thinks about the average churchgoer.  He chose lost persons busy at work in the secular world to be His Apostles.  Imagine that!  Even the Apostles did not begin new churches (churches without physical church buildings, but people meeting in homes being the church) using established religious persons of great faith.  They preached to ordinary  lost people.  The apostate pastor is not going to waste his time to do likewise.  He does not care about the lost, he only wants to build up "his" church and he will steal, cheat and lie to get the job done.  Playing church is his game, not saving the lost.  Apostate pastors do not follow Jesus or Biblical ways of doing things.  They do it their way.  Other churches may lure the lost into the church but are dealt a deadly blow by not getting them truly born-again, so the church fills with false converts to pollute the church and all they want to do is attend church services.  Come out of these apostate churches.  Light and darkness have nothing in common.

Church Membership.  Jesus did not say you had to attend a church to  be saved, but pastors and priests ram it down peoples throats with great fear that if you do not attend church services and obey the pastor you will go to hell; that the devil will see you all alone and devour you.  A born-again Christian is never alone as God lives within him and they walk together.  Pastors must convince all the congregation to become subject  to the pastor or God will become angry with them and not protect them anymore.  Church membership has become awful, as awful as it was when the Pharisees ruled.  Jesus is the good shepherd, not your pastor or your priest.  Who are you obeying?  Most Christians obey the pastor and the church and disobey Jesus' commands.  Most Christians just attend church and do nothing much else all week long to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  They are brainwashed to believe that they are serving God by going to church.  This is not a true Biblical teaching at all.  There are many Christians serving church and have never served God.  Do not be misled by pastors and priests who want to keep you enslaved to the church.  It's the devil's old trick.  Jesus said He came to set the captives free, lost sinners and that means enslaved church members too. 

Becoming Worshipers.  The church today revolves around the focus of worship.  As if you can't worship God alone on a daily basis.  You can.  Yet churches demand that worship be performed in their church to be true worship, otherwise any worship you do on your own does not really count.  So, what we have in the church today is a bunch of do-nothing-for-God worshippers.  They sing and pray, serving God with their lips but their heart is not near God.  They do not really love Jesus because Jesus said that if they loved Him they would obey His commands.  They would do the works of the Father.  Attending worship service is not doing the work of God when disobedience reigns supreme.  Go forth and proclaim the Gospel to the Lord and then you will have earned a reason to praise God for counting you worthy to do His work.  That is what the Apostles and the early church did.  They did not just become church members attending church worship services.  If they did what the churches do today, the Gospel would never had reached anyone.  Everybody is too busy playing church to take time to reach the lost. Today churches grow not by saving the lost, but by recruiting members from other churches and from member's getting married and having children (internal generational growth).  Jesus said He would make fishers of men, not take fish from one pond and put it into another pond.  He meant to catch wild fish.  He did not say, "I choose you to become special worshipers, follow me and I will show you how to worship God."  Today, that is what the apostate churches do.  Everything focuses on the worship service.  The devil is not offended by people worshiping God.  He gets awfully upset if you tangle with his lost souls to save them.  The apostate church is really the devil's good friend if he can get you to worship God and disobey God's commands.    

Sleeping Watchman.  Apostate pastors will not sound the alarm to the flock when danger arrives.  They keep the apostate church system hidden from the eyes of their congregations, as if it does not exist.  They also keep the sheep blinded to the many cults and false religions abounding in their city.  Silence is golden and it is bliss.  The false shepherd does not care for the tens of thousands to millions of other deceived people in their city all going to hell. This shepherd will not lead the flock and show them how to proclaim the Gospel to those who are in dire need of it.  They have to step inside of his church or no deal.  The lost must come to him.  This behavior is contrary to the Bible's examples of proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This pastor, like the others in town, are all sleeping while the devil busily goes about his work damning the souls of men.  Pastors like this are doing the work of the devil by doing nothing to stem the rising tide.  There are too many highly skilled, but unqualified pastors running churches.  They are useless to God when they ignore the lost and by doing nothing to warn and reach the lost with the Gospel they demonstrate that it is okay to let the unbelievers die in their sins.  This is why you don't see pastors and their congregations busy working to save the lost.  They are all too busy worshipping  than to be bothered saving the lost.  Not once did Jesus say to anyone, "I can not meet your need right now because I am busy worshipping, come back another time."  That is what these apostate pastors are doing.  They ignore the real troubles in the city letting lives become ruined while they play church.  The fruit is  you don't see members of their congregation actively proclaiming the  Word of God to the lost.  It just does not happen.  You don't even hear them speaking of such things among each other.  Witnessing is the farthest thing from their minds.  It is the pastor this flock follows and the pastor is not leading the way, he is sleeping.

Church Membership.  That is the goal of apostate pastors is to create new church members.  Attract the public to attend a church service and even design a service special for "new visitors" that will find the church a nice place to be comfortable in.  Of course, violating God's law, the horror of sin and the sinner repenting is not even addressed.  This pastor is creating a monstrous congregation of false converts by getting signed commitments to Christ, but none are truly born-again or saved!  Just getting people to join the church is the real goal.  Pastors do not care for the lost, they just care about growing their own church membership.   Once they get the new visitor interested they begin working on luring the visitor to return again, and again, then begin to work on him to "commit" to increasing commitments to financially support the church, participate in church programs, etc.  In reality, it is like a "private club" where you have to pay to be a member of the church.  God's tithe money is demanded to be used for more church services and programs including mortgage payments, utility bills, advertising expenses, etc.  This church takes in the money and hardly none of it is used to put food (souls) on God's table (reaching the lost for Christ) it is used for the pastor's purposes, not God's purposes.  In the end a very big apostate church exists and the pastor is fat and happy and you still will not see him personally working to save the lost.  He is only interested in "recruiting" new church members.  When this pastor retires, often in luxurious wealth, he still can't be seen witnessing in public.  Why should he?  He never was interested in proclaiming the Gospel to the lost.  His job, in his mind, is to proclaim the Gospel to the churched and that is his apostasy revealed.  Jesus never said to build a church building or for a pastor to create a church like we have today.  Jesus said that He would build His church (Matthew 16:18), but now we have pastors thinking they can do better.  Church attendance saves nobody.  Not one person shall be saved for attending church worship services.  The Pharisees worshipped God and they all went to hell.  God wants the lost to be saved.  He does not want more worshippers doing nothing to save the lost.  The way to hell is paved with good intentions  and these apostate churches are the high-speed expressway.

The Dead Church.  There can be a lot of singing and happy sounds inside of a spiritually dead church.  Of course, pastors know that if you can get the music right the people will sing and rejoice and God will be happy.  Many of these joyous churches have already long ago been clipped off the vine.  They have separated themselves from Jesus Christ and His mission and goals.  This church will bear the fruit of nothing.  It appears as a  lovely flower in bloom, but it is the flower sitting upon the graves of the damned souls of men.  The dead church does not seek the lost, it just seeks happy church services.  While death and misery strikes the city and the neighborhood from the sinful actions of those bound in sin, these churchgoers are singing praises to God for being saved.  They do not gather, they scatter.  The fruit God desires is for them to go forth and reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  But they are too busy playing church than to get to work for the Lord.  They will not work and they will not bear much good fruit, so God cut them off the vine just as He said He would and will put a curse on those who refuse to bear fruit, like He did to the fig tree, "Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever."  Jesus demonstrated His revulsion of non-bearing fruit.  Christians were warned they would be cut off and not bear fruit.  It is happening!  They  are still singing praises and doing nothing for God to save the lost.  So, God gives them up to a spirit of believing fables. They love to listen to the false pastor give wonderful uplifting sermons that will not offend the ears of the congregation.  These false pastors will not tell them to go save the lost, to get involved or to get to work for God each day.  The flock  believes the Bible, but do not do what it tells them to do.  The church is singing over it's own grave.

Church is Not the Way.  Apostate church pastors will brainwash the  flock into believing that church membership is the way to glorify God and the louder you sing you bring more glory to God.  Pastors want you to believe that God is pleased with church members who worship Him.  But the Bible says being fruitful is the way we glorify God.  "Herein is my Father glorified that ye bear much fruit, so shall ye be my disciples."  Pastors do not teach or even practice this themselves.  Fruit in Jesus' eyes is not worshipping God with song and dance.  He could have had the Pharisees church do that anytime.  He wants souls saved, that is the fruit He wants.  Pastors are too busy conducting worship services and pampering the needs and desires of the flock than to lead them, as he should be leading them, to bear fruit.  The Bible says we are called by Christ to bear fruit. "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit..."  Christians are too busy being led by apostate pastors and priests to attend church as the "prime goal" to serve God.  It is clearly in defiance of the Bible.  The Bible they so reverence, but do not obey.  Church is not the way, Jesus is the way and to be a disciple (anyone who follows Jesus is a disciple) you need to bear much good fruit or you dishonor God by producing no fruit.  The apostate pastor does not believe Jesus on this issue nor will he instruct the flock to obey.  Church is the way, follow it to your doom or follow Jesus' teachings and commands and be saved.  Those who violate Jesus' commands may still feel saved and the pastor will tell them so, but Jesus warned about being mislead by false shepherds and that hell is the reward to the fearful, unprofitable, unmerciful and lazy servant of the King.  How come your pastor is not teaching you these things?  He avoids these parables like a plague because it will expose him as a false shepherd.  You have been warned not to follow or support these apostate pastors and priests.    

Filth in the Church.  Apostate pastors, priests and denominations reek with filth within the walls of their churches and in the lives of the church members.  Even its leaders are corrupt to the core.  In the newspapers you read of homosexuals being ordained as ministers of the Episcopalian church.  The news proclaims that Roman Catholics have raped children inside the rectories and churches by homosexual and child-molesting priests for dozens of years and church authorities protected these child-molesting priests from discipline and prosecution.  Now millions of dollars of "God's money" is being wasted to pay off the victims of these horrific crimes.  This sort of corruption is deeply embedded and is not just a fluke.  They are also poor stewards of God's money, like most all churches today.  The apostate church is here!  Amazingly, many so-called Christians who belong to corrupted churches will not obey the Lord when He says to leave the church; to come out of her.  There are many protestant churches run by greedy pastors who are thieving money from God's people to support their ministries.  There are evangelists begging for money so they can build a brand new church building or to buy a new jet aircraft.  It never ends.  But woe to those who call evil good and good evil and cast their vote to stay within corrupt churches.  By staying you support the evil system and the Lord will blind you so you can no longer learn the truth.  The time to exit these apostate churches is right now, today.  The Lord said He will bring a plaque upon these false churches and those who remain with them will be devoured.  Jesus said to come out of them.  Who are you loyal to; your church or Jesus whom you claim to follow?  Action is required.

Compromising Pastors.  Pastors today are terrified to preach the entire Gospel.  Jesus preached about hell-fire warnings, but you will never hear  a pastor preach of hell anymore.  Why?  The congregation will become upset and will threaten to leave his church.  Imagine that!  Instead of preaching the Word, vast numbers of pastors look over their shoulder to see which way the wind is blowing, examining what other pastor's are doing, then preach on what is considered politically correct, not what is Biblically correct.  So many pastors are doing it, it is very likely your own pastor is doing the same thing.  Jesus preached the warnings of hell to the lost as a reminder of God's wrath upon the sinner.  Pastors bypass hell-fire preaching as being unnecessary because everyone in his church is saved.  Jesus never taught that all of His servants were guaranteed heaven and His parables prove that the once-saved-always-saved doctrine is false because many of His lazy, fearful, unfaithful servants were thrown into hell.  So, the pastor's church  is filled with lukewarm members bearing no fruit because they no longer fear God.  A false shepherd will not enter the Kingdom of God.  He will end up with his congregation in the pit of hell. Then he will preach the truth about hell-fire with great apologies and mournful regret to all.

Advertising.  Pastors sit back and do nothing to save the lost.  They rely on running newspaper and yellow page advertisements, but this is not to save the lost, but to "steal" members from other churches.  Go ahead, read these ads.  You will find in the ad classes for Bible study and Worship Services.  The lost does not care to attend these things because they can't relate to them.  Not one will mention the fact that if you are not saved  you will go to hell or that God's wrath is upon you.  There is no message for the lost in these or any other advertisements pastor's place with the media.  Their ads are designed only for other churchgoers who may be unhappy with their church and are "looking" to try another church.  If the pastors really wanted to save the lost with advertising, you would see ads targeted for the lost to read.  Pastor's have no interest in saving the lost, despite what they may tell you otherwise.  When was the last time you seen your pastor run ads to reach the lost?  When was the last time you heard him preach a hell-fire sermon like Jesus did?  When was the last time you seen him downtown preaching, witnessing, passing out Gospel tracts to the lost?  You won't see him doing it because he could care less about the lost.  Jesus said He came to seek and to save those who were lost.  Your pastor is not at all being like Jesus when he is too busy with other things to do than to save the lost.  He won't even advertise to the lost, only to the saved will he spend his dime. He only wants more church members that are already saved.

Promotions.  Church members today can get a promotion for not saving the lost.  They get honored with glory by being promoted to church positions of higher authority.  You could start as an usher and the become a deacon and then a minister, a pastor, an elder, administrator or whatever, but you may have never saved a lost person in your life and have never even tried or care to.  What a fine example to follow.  Enough said. 

Meet Jesus Here.  Some churches may reach out to the community to contact the lost, but what are they really doing?  They are reaching out to the lost for them to not meet Jesus, but to meet their church!  They assume that by getting the lost to attend their church they will become saved.  This is not what Jesus practiced or preached.  Jesus and the Disciples went about preaching the Gospel to the lost and when they were saved, then they were invited to fellowship with themselves.  Pastors have twisted everything around to get people to "come to my church" instead of what Jesus did and said for us to do, "Go into the world..."  If Jesus can't be found outside of the church building, He will not be found inside a pastor's or a priest's church.  You will certainly find religion and the teachings of another Jesus in these churches, but you won't find the real Jesus of Nazareth.  Jesus and His Holy Spirit are still out their in the fields, valleys, cities and towns willing, able and ready to save the lost. They are not under the direct control of a pastor or priest and they do not reside inside their church.  The Bible says it is not so, don't believe these apostate pastors and priests.

Backsliding.  For the true modern-day Disciples of Jesus Christ of Nazareth who are very busy saving the lost and performing other good works to Glorify the Father, they would consider to join an apostate  church to be backsliding.  They would lose their fear of God and lose their calling to witness and end up like the congregation, just playing church one day a week and do nothing for God all week long.  You won't hear pastors preach about that subject because they want to keep the flock subjected to themselves, not to the Lord.  The church system today if very evil.  It proclaims in sermons and songs their love for God, but they despise His every command and will not obey Him.  It is a Pharisee church system today run by corrupt priests and pastors.  This church will take its members straight to hell, just as Jesus warned in the Bible.  The church is full of able-bodied backsliders and there is only one way out.  Jesus said to come out from among them.  Who will you obey?    

The Lord's Day.  You hear apostate pastors and priests speak of the Lord's day and to keep it holy and that you need to come to church to worship God on "The Lord's Day."  The truth is, these apostate shepherds have stolen The Lord's Sabbath and now call it "The Lord's Day." And not just that, they have changed the days and times of God's Word by presenting the Lord's Day is a day that honors the ancient Egyptian sun god, Osiris whose day of worship is "Sunday (The Sabbath of the Bible is Friday evening to Saturday evening, not Sunday).  To make matters worse pastors teach these false teachings.  You will not find any instruction whatsoever to worship the Lord on Sunday.  This is a man-made fabrication to get you to disobey the Lord's 4th Commandment; "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy."  That day is is Friday evening to Saturday evening.  The Apostles did not instruct the flock to change this day.  But do you really know what the Lord's Day is?  It is the Day of the Lord, the great day of God's wrath poured out upon all who have perverted the Gospel and is the day of destruction of those who hate Him in word and in deed, and much more.  It is an awful day of judgment.  It is not Sunday Worship Service or is it Sunday itself.  How dare these pastors and priests steal the Lord's Day from Him?  There is no Biblical authority for them to do this, no matter how many churches are doing it, it is wrong and it is a slap in the face of our Lord.  Who will you believe, The Lord, or your pastor?  Who will you follow?           

My Wonderful Church.  Any church that is not obeying the Great Commission is failing God's will no matter what else it is doing.  The church can be beautiful inside and the membership huge in attendance  and loud with praise and worship.  The sermons can be fabulous and all is well, so it seems.  But if the members of that church are not out reaching the lost for Christ, it has failed God and God will reject that church and its members.  Many apostate churches have already been cut off the vine  and are withering away into worldliness and false religions. Apostate pastors will teach the flock how to witness to "bring the lost to church" but bringing people to a pastor's physical church to become a tithes-dues-paying member is not what Jesus had in mind when He gave the Great Commission.  Jesus did not say, "Go, proclaim the Good News of the Gospel and get everyone to attend church services so they can worship God."  But that is precisely what these wonderful churches do that are run by apostate pastors.  They twist the meaning of Jesus' words and parables to suit their own agendas.  A true church will be filled with born-again on fire witnesses who are excited and ready to go forth to proclaim the  Gospel to the lost.  You don't see this in apostate churches.  That wonderful church is the whitewashed tomb, beautiful on the outside and dead on the inside and presided over by an apostate pastor preaching the Good News of the Gospel to the churched, but not to the lost.  Pastors will not preach to the lost on city streets because they do not see a "reward" for themselves.  They want a financial reward and that comes through church membership, not lost people coming to Christ for salvation who may not attend the pastor's church.  That is his real motive; get people to become members of his church so they can pay his salary.  This church is not so wonderful after all.  It is filled with wicked and lazy servants that produce no fruit for God.  If the pastor is apostate, there will be no rescue to the lost.  Crime will continue to escalate in its own neighborhood, its own city because it does nothing to save the lost.  The Great Commission is despised by the pastor and his pew-warming members.  They refuse to obey Jesus' commands.  Do not believe a word these apostate church members say.  Let's see their fruit of winning the lost to Christ resulting in real "born-again" believers, not just lazy churchgoers attending church services. Action speaks louder than words.  Is your church a wonderful church?  Or is it a fruit-bearing church saving lost souls from hell?                                         

How Can I Expose My Apostate Church?  Tell others about how the church is disobeying the Bible and God's commands.  Distribute Gospel tracts that expose false teachings.  This could be your new ministry to expose these false religions and apostate Christian churches and false Christ ministers.  This brings a new meaning to saving the lost.  We now have to save the saved, because they are now the lost.  Think about that.  They are being deceived and will inherit the fires of hell.  Why?  Because they do not truly read their Bible.  They read it, but they do not use the Bible to discover the truth.  They skip over the important warnings believing these warning do not apply to them.  They think it applies to somebody else, but all along the Lord is warning them.  It is time to become vocal and expose the false church taking the brethren to hell in a hand basket woven by corrupt and lying ministers, pastors, evangelists and denominations.  Everybody has gotten in on the act and it is almost impossible to find a "true church" today.  There has been a great falling away and it is Apostasy Now! You can also do a Website search for "Ministry Watch" or "Apostate Church" "False Gospel" or "Christian Cults" or visit our Christian Links Page to discover sites of interest.  Ministry Watch will expose those corrupted money-grabbing wolves in sheep clothing living in opulence while begging you with lovely sweet-talk pleas to send them money to proclaim the Gospel.  Remember, Jesus never told us to beg others for money or to go door to door; not even to proclaim His Gospel. He said don't do it!  You can see these television ministers disobeying God and you can see church pastors begging for money or selling products inside their churches.  If Jesus had a whip in his hand today these pastors would be lashed for merchandising a house of prayer and driven away. 

How Bad is the Apostate Church?  It is the most evil, lying, deceptive system on earth.  Satan is a clever liar from the Garden of Eden and today he is still lying to God's people.  He has so many ministers posing as loyal servants of Christ it will make your head swim.  Hardly a church is spared it is that bad!  Before Jesus came the Jewish religion became grossly apostate.  Satan has his ways of infiltrating and taking things over.  Today, he has taken over the churches one by one over hundreds of years.  The church today has no true resemblance of the early New Testament church.  The church member today has a "false conversion" and is not truly born again and has no desire to proclaim the Gospel, unlike the early church members.  What we have is the religious apostate system the Bible warned us about in the last days... it is here in full bloom!  It likely could not get worse than it is right now.  Thousands of apostate ministers are graduated from seminary colleges worldwide and are building new churches every day.  Look around and you will see new churches. We  don't need more new churches, we need more born again workers for Christ.  More disciples and less churchgoers.  God does not need more religious pew warmers disobeying God's commands.  You need to come out of the apostate church.  In 2 Timothy 2:22 he says that he fellowships with all who call upon the Lord out of a pure heart. - 2 Timothy 2:22.  We have many calling upon the Lord, but they do not have a pure heart to serve the Lord in truth.  They are serving their church and their pastor and disregard the commands of the Lord like a bad habit.  We now have the church of liars and hypocrites who vigorously defend their church and religious views over the commands of the Lord.  It can't get worse than this.  God does not want worship at the expense of obedience.  Today,  God only gets  worship and obedience is forsaken.  Woe to the pastors  who foster this apostasy upon the flock.  A millstone is reserved for them! If you can't fellowship with the faithful, then don't fellowship with apostate church people.  Build your personal relationship with Christ and Him alone and walk alone if need be until you do find a true church group that adheres to the Bible as truth. 

Part Time Christians.  The church today produces part-time Christians who do not work for the Lord to proclaim the Gospel, except when convenient to themselves when they are out socializing or playing golf  with a friend.  They proclaim the Gospel to other churchgoing Christians, but never to the wicked unchurched lost.  Fun, adventure and thrills are the only things on these Christians minds.  That is what they thrive for.  You don't see churchgoing Christians on fire to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  It is the very last thing they want to do.  Personal happiness and bliss is what they seek for themselves and the lost can very well just go to hell.  This is what the apostate church produces; a fake Christian with a false conversion that will serve mother church, but not Father God.  Oh, they say they do serve God, but their works prove they have deceived themselves.  Just ask them, "How many lost people have you personally reached last week?  Last month?  Last year?"  The answer is the proof in the pudding.  Most will be shamefully silent, but they still will not repent and get to work full-time for the Lord to save the lost.  Some will say it is none of your business because they are hiding and have been caught not witnessing as they know they should be doing.  They put away this sin of disobedience hoping God will not see it, but He does see this sin and it will not be forgiven because the sin is gross and intentional and has not been repented of.  God says in the Bible He will hold the blood of the lost upon his servant who does not warn the lost person of his pending destruction.  God does not lie and He will keep His promise.  This is the great sin of the Apostate church system that is deceiving many.  It is the flourishing of the cults in full bloom, a beautiful garden of disobedient children of God.

Criminals in the Church.  Pastors have opened wide the church doors to dedicated unrepentant sons of hell.  Those devils who worship Satan may become church members.  False converts are encouraged to mingle with the faithful.  Murderers, rapists, thieves, con-artist, may arrive at any time and sit right next to you.  They may even scope you out and follow you home and later you become their victim.  Pastors have distorted the example given by the New Testament church.  They New Testament church never allowed unrepentant, non-baptized and non-born-again persons into their home-fellowship meetings (church service). If they did they would be have been turned in and killed by authorities persecuting them.  Pastors do not do what Jesus and the Apostles did; they went into the fields and cities and towns  and preached the Gospel to the lost.   Those who believed and were baptized were accepted into church fellowship.  They did not permit hardened criminals to yoke with them.  Now you can see your pastor advertising in newspapers, radio, television, the yellow pages of the phone book inviting everybody no matter what state of mind or how deep into sin to come into his church.  He is only interested in membership growth, at all costs. It is no secret criminals exist in the church, even mafia-like gangsters dressed in their Sunday best worship God in church. It is not surprising then to see child molesters in the pews beside thieves, drug dealers, womanizers and home-wrecking prostitutes.  Church is not for sinners, it is a gathering of born-again Christians.  However, the physical church building steals the Christian's true identity and purpose, robbing us of our personal fellowshipping with other born-again Christians.  Now you know why there is crime and scandal inside churches; pastors let the devil's servants in and they do not dare remove them from the assembly.  This is the pastor you trust to protect your soul?  This false shepherd not only remains silent instead of sounding the alarm when the wolf and lion appear, he actually opens the gate to let them in to steal the sheep away!  Jesus said for you to beware of false prophets and teachers.  You should fear these false prophets.  They are very good at deceiving people.  What to do?  Get out of the dangerous apostate church system.  Assemble yourselves with born-again Christians only in your own homes just like the New Testament church did.  Can you see the corruption that begins once a physical church is built?  It is the very foundation of the evil apostate system and from this foundation it thrives and waxes worse by the day.                    

Why Use Gospel Tracts?  Because it is a good place to begin.  It  requires no skill or talent to remove a piece of paper from your shirt pocket and slip it between a can of beans at the supermarket, or leave on a newspaper stand or phone booth.  If you can't even do this easy task to proclaim the Gospel to the lost you are in serious trouble with God.  You can't remain silent as a Christian and expect God to honor you and give you eternal life.  Faith without works (works to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost) is dead.  God will not let the dead into heaven.  He is saying, let the dead bury the dead and you come follow me to proclaim  the Gospel. Read Jesus' Gospels and you will see His commands apply to you.  Do not be mislead that you are saved or born again or filled with the Holy Spirit if there is no change in you.  All who are born again will have a strong zeal to save the lost, just like the Apostles and the Disciples has had.  Once you are saved God will preserve you, but there are way too many church members who are not born again and think they are.  The apostate church has done a great job of deceiving people.  Just start with Gospel tracts.  Leave them everywhere you go.  You will then be working for God directly.  Do not stamp your church name on the tracts.   The Lord's arm is not so short that He can direct a saved person to the church He wants them to attend.  Do not get involved with recruiting new church members.  Just put out the Word of God and let God be God.  Click here for free Gospel tract samples.  Click here for a free Gospel Coin.

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers, and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables." 2 Timothy 4:3-4.

  Jesus said the truth will set you free.  He wants to set you free from  false religion and the apostate church.  Set free for what purpose?  So you can work for Him and not work for the apostate church, or worse bear no good fruit.  You can store up treasure in heaven by performing acts of mercy and to share the Gospel with the lost who need God's miracles and love, to deliver them from Satan's grip.  To be set free to do good works, to bear much good fruit.  The choice is yours.  To whom will you serve?  You can not serve two masters.  The gate to heaven is a narrow gate - James Russell    Here are a short listing of additional resources for you. 

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