This article should make you "think" about how you are being treated by your pastor (denomination or priest) and how far they are going against Biblical Truth or how closely they adhere to Biblical Truth.  There are very few true churches left in this world.  Most all have been taken over by a clever apostate church system.  

  This means there is room for a "new church" to create that will absolutely adhere to Biblical truth and will not operate from a traditional physical church building, but within the hearts of true believers, in small groups, meeting in homes and outdoor places with a pastor who does not legally own the church or demand tithes be paid to him.  This church will be owned, operated and controlled by the Word of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  Tithes will be used to help each other and for each member to proclaim the Gospel to the lost, heal the sick, etc., to put food (souls) on the Lord's table as requested by Malachi 3:10.  Not to enrich pastors and denominational coffers as is being done today.  

  About the apostate church, Jesus said to come out from her so you will not receive of her plagues.  With terrorism on the rise and God's judgment at hand, those plagues are at the door.

  What you will read may be hard, but Jesus preached hard things.  He did not preach lies or give wonderful sermons to entice people to follow Him.  If you read His parables they are outright frightening and full of warnings of eternal hell fire, punishment and wrath!  Read the Bible for yourself and you will see the truth to set you free.

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers, and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables." 2 Timothy 4:3-4.


  1. Easter Sunday - Of course you have heard the debates over how Easter is a pagan holiday to honor the Sun God and should not be celebrated by Christians.  Here's a powerful reason why you should not.  Believe it or not, the Bible does not give any inkling of any advice or instruction to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.  Imagine that.  If you read the Bible even the early saints never gave any instruction to celebrate.  Now, if the Bible does not tell us, then why are the Christians doing it?  Tradition.  It sounds good and so why not do it?  Don't do it because it is a Satanic holiday.  You will be instructed to face the east to watch the rising sun.  In the Old Testament God forbade this practice of facing the sun to watch it rise to honor the sun.  So Christians are again being taught by apostate pastors to adopt ancient pagan holidays called Easter (which always falls on Sunday).  The Apostles were eye-witnesses of the resurrection and there is no command by them or by Paul to observe or celebrate the day of Jesus resurrection.  It was not important to them to make a special day of it.  Can you believe it?

  2. Building Churches - The Bible never gives Christians instructions to build a physical church.  The Bible never instructs Christians to hire or employ a pastor to take tithe money from God to build a personal fortune to increase the assets of the pastor's estate, who legally owns the church, land, buildings and ministry.  Paul was a tentmaker and he never begged others to pay his bills to support him or family members and yet he performed a great evangelism for the Lord.  The Apostles never gave instructions to enrich themselves by taking money from God's people via collections.  Any collection was used for the good of all, not just the pastor and the pastor's family.  Today, the churches are run contrary to the Bible's examples.  They make their own rules and twist things around to violate the essence of the Bible.  The fact a physical church is built, it is built on sand not rock and those who build it and support it will discover all too late that God never intended His people to be funneling money into church buildings and properties or investments to make money.  The early church met in homes, not in controlled environments owned and operated by pastors or denominations.  Can you believe it? 

  3. Voting - Jesus never taught or suggested that Christians get involved in politics.  The Romans were cruel and tough rulers and yet still Jesus never taught that petitions, demonstrations and other political action be taken to reform Rome or request better treatment.  Jesus went beyond these worldly things knowing that laws do not change, but to change the human heart will produce true change.  When Jesus said to render to Caesar what is to Caesar He was speaking of paying taxes.  He did not say to get involved with politics or the state of world affairs.  He went forth and proclaimed the Gospel of truth to all.  Jesus said His Father wishes that none be lost.  That is the job of the Christian to save the lost.  It is the will of God.  It may be well-meaning to vote and sign petitions and endorse new laws, but the real job is to proclaim the Gospel.  This is not taught in churches today.  Christians are urged to vote for specific politicians and promote laws more than they are urged to proclaim the Gospel.  If you ask a church member how many lost souls he reached out for Jesus last week he will look at you with a blank stare or say, "That's a personal question between me and God" or some other lame justification.  There are no secrets in evangelism.  Pastors even boldly proclaim you are not doing your Christian duty to God if you do not vote.  This is another lie and is not Biblical whatsoever.  Church members are not motivated to save the lost and are not doing so.  They openly defy and disobey the Lord's commands.   Can you believe it? 

  4. Compromising Votes - Voting is a good thing and patriotic to country and even thought the Bible does not tell you to vote you still can not compromise your vote.  Jesus sees the heart way down deep, so you can't fool Him one bit.  If you vote for people who endorse what offends God you will cast a vote for God to send you to hell.  As a Christian you can't compromise and vote for abortion rights to murder children or preserve the rights and proliferation of homosexual activities.  God calls murder and homosexuals and abomination and sin.  Better not double-cross and betray the Lord.  The Lord knows the heart, so be careful what and whom you are supporting or you may not escape God's wrath.  Do not become God's enemy by promoting sinful things.  Many christians are actually voting for unrepentant and sinful politicians who support evil.  Can you believe it?    

  5. Hirelings - Jesus warned us that one day you will see teachers (pastors) who are paid to be teachers (pastors) and that they will not care for you.  In fact, they will appear as sheep, but will be wolves to devour you.  Your pastor (or priest) is a hireling?  Who is paying their bills?  You?  Jesus warned you not to support these hirelings as they will deceive you.  

  6. Jesus Is Love - God is love, but He is also a just God.  Pastors teach that God is so lovely and sweet that sins are simply forgiven to all and salvation is given to all without having to obey God's commands.  This apostate teaching has become so prolific you can be a member of the church and still not have repented of sin.  You can disobey God's commands and still be saved.  However, God does not change.  If you read the Bible you will see God has great mercy upon those who call upon Him, but he has an awful wrath upon those who will not obey Him.  Jesus did not teach love at all times and at all costs.  He was very specific of the punishment that would be given to those who disobey God.  Jesus also said that God is a hard taskmaster and will toss the unprofitable servant into hell.  That is right.  You can love God and yet still disobey Him and end up in hell.  God requires obedience.  Jesus said if you love Him you will keep His commands.  Jesus does not honor those who serve God with their lips and their heart is far from Him.  Jesus said you should perform good works so your Father is glorified, so therefore good works is good fruit and to save the lost is the fruit Jesus and the Father is really looking for.  This is not instructed by pastors in the church today.  Instead, being a loyal church member is being taught .  Can you believe it?    

  7. Telethon Fundraising - Pastors proclaim with great authority that to bear fruit for God you must donate your money to his church or his dream or his cause.  The Gospel tells us a parable of servants who mismanaged money and invested it wisely and one foolishly.  The foolish one ended up being tossed into hell.  Pastors cry and scream and plead to convince you to send them a check each month to proclaim the Gospel worldwide, or citywide or whatever.  God never told his servants to beg for money, so this tactic is unbiblical and a fraud.  Sowing seed in these ministries to promote a ministry is unbiblical except in the rare case to "send" someone on a specific mission.  But to send money continuously each month, year after year to promote someone else's ministry is unscriptural.  These pastors are slick con-artist wolves out to take your money and make a lavish living on a false prosperity Gospel.  "Give to this ministry and God will give you a 100 times return on your investment."  "This is good soil to sow your seed."  You have heard these lies and likely have believed them (I too was deceived by them).  The Bible says for you to go forth and proclaim the Gospel, not sit back and do nothing or support others that will go bear good fruit for you.  The money you give to these ministries will not give you a plug dime in heaven.  Can you believe it?      

  8. Prostitution - A prostitute sells herself for a service, usually for money.  A pastor that sells the Word of God to make a profit is prostituting the Word of God.  Jesus said freely you have received, freely give.  He never told the Apostles or the Disciples to sell the Word of God.  Today pastors create fabulous books, tapes, TV shows and even movies to make a profit.  They are selling the Word of God.  This apostasy is a slap in the face of God.  Pastors are not to sell the word of God, they are to teach, but not sell.  Paul, Peter, John never sold the Gospel to make for money.  A pastor should never be involved in merchandising the Word, not being in a special position of trust.  Today, pastors are raking in millions of dollars in selling their version of the Gospel and Christians are buying it. This activity is unbiblical and robbery.  Can you believe it?  

  9. Bastards - God has sons and daughters and all others that are not for Him are bastards.  I know this sounds harsh, but it is true and it is God's Word.  It is stated in the Old Testament.  Look it up if you do not believe it.  It boils down to those who do not obey the commands of the Lord are bastards.  Today, the churches are full of bastards disobeying the commands of the Lord and they all believe they are going to heaven.  God says otherwise.  Pastors teach the flock to disobey God's commands by not teaching the commands.  Can you believe it? 

  10. Investments - Pastors today are begging for money from the flock, demanding God's tithe be paid to them.  The  Pastor keeps the money and actually invests the money into stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.  The profits remain with the pastor.  Nobody in the church gets a share of the principle or the profits.  Nobody's bills are paid for by the church investment income.  Not in the apostate church!  Tithe money and profits now legally and lawfully belong to the pastor who owns the properties and investments.  Even worse, pastors now recommend, as investment advisors, how the flock can make huge profits by revealing to them investment opportunities (the pastor gets a commission payment one way or another).  Not once in the Bible is it ever mentioned to invest God's money to make a profit for the pastor.  So, the pastor should be taking care of the things of God, not enriching himself.  The only investment mentioned by Jesus is to put your treasure into heaven where thieves can't get it.  Apostate pastors (and denominations) are thieves stealing God's tithe for themselves.  Can you believe it?    

  11. Born-Again Need Not Apply - There are many pastors and priests who do not want true born-again Christians in their church.  Why?  Because they see with spiritual eyes the hypocritical doings going on inside the church and they expose it.  The priest or pastor created a condemning name for these born-again Christians to ridicule them as  enemies of the church.  They are called "Heresy Seekers" but in reality they are truly called by God to be His "Watchman" warning the flock of danger.   Can you believe it?

  12. Silence is Golden - Pastors today do not urge or demand that the flock take a strong stand against immorality.  They do not instruct the flock to write letters of objection to obscene radio and television broadcasts.  Silence is Golden.  Do not voice a cry for the Lord, just sit back and do nothing and let evil spread onward to its victory.  The Bible proclaims we are to be lights to the world and to not remain silent do-nothing Christians.  Apostate pastors care only about church attendance and the resulting tithe payments and have not concern for saving the lost or speaking out against moral corruption.  The flock is taught to be muzzled and silenced.  Can you believe it? 

  13. Fearful go to Hell - Pastors do not teach the congregation courage to evangelize.  They keep the flock in a constant timid state of fear.  The Bible says the fearful are reserved for hell.  Imagine that.  To be afraid to proclaim the Gospel in God's eyes is betraying Him, hiding your light, not bearing good fruit, scattering, being a lazy, worthless and unfaithful servant and becoming His enemy.  Pastors do not care to teach and give classes on how to evangelize.  They have classes for everything you can imagine, but not one class on how to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  This is Jesus' Great Commission command, yet pastors boldly ignore God's commands.  Churches like this produce death.  Christians are afraid to proclaim the Gospel and they don't want to.  Can you believe it?

  14. Altar Call- You will notice that the altar call pastors use to trap new visitors to become members of his church is to ask anyone if they will accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  This seems good, but there is one huge element missing and that is repentance from sin and salvation from hell's fire is not preached.  What results is a false conversion.  These people may even be taken into another special room to be taught a bit more, even to see if they can get them to speak in tongues, but again deep and true repentance for sin is missing.  Read II Corinthians  7:9.  What happens is the church fills with emotionally converted members who are not spiritually born-again.  They can be religious and desire the things of God, but they are not born-again.  It is a great trick of Satan and a deadly one. Jesus said you must be born again to enter heaven.  Jesus said in His parable of the wedding feast that you must have the proper wedding garment (be born-again) to partake in the wedding feast in heaven or you will be bound hand and foot and cast into hell.  The churches are filled to capacity with those without wedding garments.  But the pastor does not care because he doesn't have one either so this blind man leads a multitude of blinded people into the pit of hell.  Can you believe it?

  15. Serving the Church - Apostate pastors have convinced Christians to believe that serving the church is serving God.  This is not true.  Jesus never said to serve a church, but to serve and obey God and God alone.  These apostate pastors have even the ushers, floor sweepers, cooks and repair persons and other unpaid volunteers believing they are performing blessed works in the Lord's service.  These unpaid workers will eagerly "work" and "donate their time and effort" to serve the needs of the church... perhaps for church worship services or some other special event.  These same unpaid workers will not and have not ever proclaimed the Gospel to a perfect lost stranger.  The Bible warns that the lost is to be saved and this is God's will.  Cleaning, cooking, fixing the church building is not serving God, it is serving the pastor and a group of people, but it is not serving God.  Can you believe it? 

  16. Worshipping God - Jesus severely scolded the Pharisees for their false worship and for teaching others to become sons of hell like themselves.  Jesus went on to further warn that God is not interested in lip-service worship where hearts are far from God (far from God's desires).  He says you worship him in vain if you do worship God without producing good fruit.  Today apostate churches advertise, "Come Worship With Us" but you can worship God in truth without attending these apostate churches.  True worship is obeying the Lord's commands.  God does not care about church attendance.  What He really wants is for you to obey His commands (He said, If you love me you will obey my commands).  The number one command is to go save the lost (the Great Commission).  The number one rule is not love, it is love with action attached to it!  That is why Jesus said you must bear good fruit to glorify the Father.  Bearing no fruit (or the wrong fruit) brings dishonor to the Father.  Read the Gospel of Jesus and discover that God does not want sacrifice or praise.  He want obedience.  Pastors teach how to sing, praise and worship with the lips, but they do not teach true worship that glorifies God.  And that is why congregations of Christians worship God, but will not go out to save the lost.  Can you believe it?  

  17. Jesus is Preached - Just because pastors praise the name of Jesus and proclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior is not to be trusted as a test of true faith and proof that you will be taught the "entire" truth.  Even the false shepherd proclaim and acknowledge Jesus.  Jesus warned that there would be many going to hell that call Him Lord.  That is why Jesus emphasizes to look for good fruit.  Good Gospel preaching is not fruit in itself.  It only tickles the Christian's ears.  Those who are real Christians will hear only the Lord's voice and obey the Lord's commands over and above the pastor's voice and his requirements.  Apostate pastor's words will drip with honey and sound agreeable and pleasing to you.  You will love to hear the pastor's voice and little by little read Jesus Words less and less and soon you will forget about Jesus commands and you will not do them.  Yes, Jesus is preached, but this is not the test.  The test is the fruit and if those who hear the pastor's voice is not being taught God's commands and implored to obey these commands with action, then the bad fruit will be made visible.

  18. Believe the Pastor - You must believe the pastor whatever he preaches to you and you must not doubt him.  You must do what he says for you to do because he is your spiritual father or authority.  You must follow your pastor's lead.  If he says you must give your tithe money to him, then you must do it.  If he asks for more money you must not say no or you will be saying no to God and God's work.  You are to believe with all of your heart, mind and soul the pastor will never lie to you.  You must believe your pastor is called by God and is gifted with special powers to preach wonderful sermons.  You must deny Jesus' parables as being not spoken to you, but to others who are not saved.  You must obey the commands of your pastor and not to obey the commands of Jesus of Nazareth.  You may now relax and know that you are forever saved because you are member of the pastor or priest's church.  You must attend worship services each week or you are in danger of going to hell.  You need a physical church for salvation and you need to obey the denominational orders and commands.  You must conform with all of the church teachings, decrees and doctrines or you will be a heretic and sent to hell.  You may read Jesus words but you are not ordained to obey them.  All of the above sentences are lies, but is taught in churches one way or another that brings about these results.  Can you believe it?   

  19. Sunday Worship - Pastors everywhere in thousands of churches nationwide and worldwide are celebrating the Sabbath on Sunday and they teach all in their church to do the same.  These apostate pastors are deceived and are deceiving others to break God's command to keep the Sabbath holy.  Jesus kept the Sabbath and He kept it on Friday at sundown to Saturday sundown.  He did not tell us to change the Sabbath day to Sunday.  The Catholics changed it, but God's Word and His commandments do not change.  The Apostle Peter never said to worship God on Sunday.  Paul never said to change the Sabbath.  Satan has devised another method to get every Christian to habitually break the Lord's commandment, yet in the same breath praise the Lord.  This is apostate hypocrisy and a slap in the face to God.  Just because most all the pastors and churches violate the Sabbath will never make it right.  Pastors know they are violating this commandment and they know there is no Biblical authority to change the Sabbath, but they do it anyway.  God's commands really do not mean anything to these pastors.  Can you believe it?   

  20. Emotional Tears - Apostate pastors will preach and cry shedding tears and even put on a stage show performance shedding remorse and tears of those who are lost going to hell.  This is often a ploy to make the pastor appear genuine.  The Bible does not give any inkling that the Apostles gave fancy sermons and openly shed tears to demonstrate their worthiness and concern for humanity.  Beware of emotional please and demonstrations from pastors or other invited speakers.  Being born again is an emotional experience as the entire body, mind and soul is changed, but being "worked up" by a stage play performance is not.  These performances take place not in public, but behind the closed door environment inside the church (or a television stage).  You won't see these crying pastors saving the lost on the city streets or in other public places.  That is what Jesus and His Apostles did, go forth in public, but the pastor will not do so.  Can you believe it?

  21. False Conversions - Pastors conduct alter calls to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, then they say a prayer for or with the lost and instantly they are saved.  In reality they are not saved at all, but are now just apostate church members in an apostate church.  There is one crucial element that is missing and it is the person to be saved must be convicted of sin and led toward repentance.  Repentance was the first proclamation made by John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, too!  Pastors simply by-pass repentance and this can only grow a dead church that bears dead branches.  God says He clips the dead branches that bear no good fruit away and are tossed into a furnace.  The entire church could be cut off, yet it still operates as a church saving the lost with alter calls.  False conversions produce lazy and unprofitable servants.  Can you believe it?

  22. Substitution - This is the great trick that sends many to hell.  Pastors (and priests) begin a process of substituting other things that will create salvation.  Only Jesus saves, but in some churches you got a bunch of church doctrines and rules and regulations to adhere to, if you want to be saved.  The Catholics, for example teach you must have sacraments or you will go to hell.  The protestant pastors are teaching that you must attend church regularly or you will go to hell (usually by convincing you that you will backslide the moment you leave church).  Both are wrong.  Salvation is clearly explained in the Bible and it is a free gift, but with conditions attached, mostly obedience to Jesus' commands.  A great trick apostate pastors use is to simply misplace the words in the Bible "I" "He" or "God" and substitute the word "church" in its place.  Build a sermon on this clever deception and it misleads the flock to believe it is the church that is to honored, supported, protected and safeguarded.  However, pastors still will not teach the commands of Jesus at worship services.  Slick pastors have discovered they can substitute prayer and worship in place of obedience to God's Word and they have pulled it off deceiving thousands.  Can you believe it?

  23. No Hell Fire - Apostate churches will not dare preach of hell fire.  The pastor will not properly teach that Jesus warned that many who call Him Lord will be tossed into hell fire.  They will not teach that a "servant" is a Christian who is supposed to be serving the Lord and that Jesus warned that the unprofitable servant will be rejected and send to hell.  Pastors ignore Jesus command to teach all that He has commanded and will now not even warn the flock that they are in grave danger of being cut off the vine for bearing no good fruit.  Many of Jesus' parables are simply ignored and not discussed in sermons.  Why?  It will offend the flock  and they may just get up and leave the church.  Imagine that!  Jesus preached hell-fire sermons in great detail. Money is more important than truth to apostate pastors.  Pastors are fearful to teach the truth and will compromise Jesus commands to preserve their own jobs and livelihood.  Blind pastors leading a blind flock to hell.  Jesus warned of it and it is happening more than you think.  To prove that Christians are indeed God's servants one need only to see what God called Moses; his servant (Read I Kings 8:56). Pastors teach by omission that Jesus' parables using the word servant are unbelievers.  Servants serve the King in Jesus parables.    Can you believe it?

  24. A Perfect Garden - The Bible says Adam and Eve lived in a perfect garden where all their needs were taken care of, but there was one conditions... they had to obey God's command not to eat the fruit of a certain tree.  All the other trees were theirs to eat, except one. It was a simple test of obedience to God.  They chose to disobey and they were cut off and kicked out of God's garden.  Pastors should know better to obey God's commands, but amazingly they don't.  They too are eating the fruit by disobeying Jesus' commands.  Jesus has a warning for these apostate pastors who challenge God's laws,  "Woe to you lawyers!  For you have taken away the key of knowledge.  You did not enter in yourselves, and those who were entering in you hindered."  Yet the dedicated apostate Christian pastor will still not obey.  Can you believe it? 

  25. Loving the Church - Speak to most pastors today and they will tell you they just love the church and are so happy to serve the church.  Jesus had no such feeling for the church of His day.  That Jewish church had become so corrupted and apostate Jesus had to condemn the lawyers, scribes and Pharisees running it, more than just a few times!  The church could not be turned-around, it was was too corrupted.  That is the condition Christian churches are in today.  Jesus warned that at the end time there would be a great falling away.  It is not a falling away of church attendance as many believe, it is a great falling away of believing and obeying God's Word.  So, church membership can actually increase and still fulfill the prophesy of a great falling away.  The problem is the same as the Pharisees, they loved their religion more than God.  Christians love the church more than they love God.  Jesus said if you love Him you will keep His commands.  You won't see church members actively proclaiming the Gospel which is Jesus' primary command.  Can you believe it?

  26. Uncaring Congregations - The protestants believe one-billion Roman Catholics are deceived, but you won't see the average protestant churchgoer doing anything to save these poor Roman Catholics.  The protestants believe millions of Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses are deceived, but again you won't see any urgency by the average protestant churchgoer doing anything to warn these lost souls of hell fire awaiting them.  Why?  They don't care!  Apostate churches are too busy trying to please themselves and trying to get things from God to be bothered with a conviction to save the lost.  It is not their cup of tea.  The early New Testament church had a powerful zeal to proclaim the Gospel to everyone they could reach.  It was the Great Commission then and it is still the Great Commission today.  But you won't see evidence of Christians reaching out to the lost no matter where you go.  Go downtown and look for Christians witnessing.  Do you even see a Gospel tract anywhere?  Not even one tract?  Nobody is working.  Even pastors don't care and they don't work in public and they don't teach how to evangelize.  They are all disobeying Jesus' commands to proclaim the Gospel.  They may support some missionaries with money donations, but the individual churchgoer refuses to get their hands dirty proclaiming the Gospel.  That is why you don't see Christians witnessing in public or seeing any evidence left behind by them.  They think they are going to heaven by being disobedient to God's commands.  They believe Jesus' parables regarding unprofitable servants do not apply to them.  They believe in their church and their pastor more than God's Word.  Can you believe it?

  27. Saving Themselves - If you visit churches nationwide you will see an alarming similarity that they all copy each other of how the church worship service is operated.  Apart from formalities and ritual they all are too busy saving themselves.  Sermons are given to uplift and make everybody feel good.  Sermons on how to get rich, get a new car and even a home with trees you did not plant.  Getting the promises from God without repentance and obedience to God's Word.  Seminars, retreats, conventions and even television ministries are spewing out this same format; how to get from God without obedience.  

  28. Prayer Warriors - Prayer is powerful and is encouraged, but Jesus was speaking to those who were His disciples; those who would be "actively working" for God to proclaim the Gospel.  He was speaking to those who were bearing good fruit and saving the lost.  He was not speaking to churchgoers whom all they want to do is attend church.  Jesus said that prayer would grant needs, but He was speaking to those who were going to be working in God's Kingdom to reach the lost.  Pastors are teaching people that you don't need to obey Jesus' commands, but you can pray to God in Jesus' name and still get things from God without bearing good fruit.  They teach the tree that does not bear fruit God will water.  Jesus said the tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down.  Who are you going to believe, Jesus or your pastor?  Jesus made a barren tree shrivel up and die.  That's how upset He gets when He sees do-nothing, lazy, unprofitable servants.  It is still a visible warning that Jesus is not going to be mocked and if you do not bear much good He will discard you.  He will spew lukewarm Christians out of His mouth.  Jesus promises that.  Can you believe it?

  29. Faith Action - Many Christians simply pray too much and become burned out.  They pray and pray and pray and still do nothing to save the lost.  Jesus did not say to pray for the lost.  He said to go forth and tell the lost the Good News of the Gospel.  Jesus said if you put the Kingdom of God first He will then supply all your needs.  God's Kingdom is not interested in growing church membership or making a bigger church building.  God's Kingdom is 100% interested in saving the lost.  That is God's agenda.  The miracles and answers to your prayers will come when you put God's Kingdom first.  In fact, you will discover you will not need to pray so often anymore as God meets all your needs before you even ask.  As you go forth to do God's will, to proclaim the Gospel to the lost, you will then see miracles and your prayer requests answered.  Now you are applying action with faith along with service to God's purposes.  When you take action to fulfill the Great Commission prayers get answered.  Those who bear no fruit are trees to be chopped down and burned.  Many unprofitable and lazy religious Christians have already been chopped down and awaiting the furnace of fire.  They refuse to obey Jesus' command to save the lost.  Can you believe it? 

  30. Exercising Christians - You can see dozens of elderly Christians roaming about the streets and shopping malls daily.  You see them in casinos, golf resorts, lush hotels, National parks, etc., simply enjoying themselves, caring only for those they know and love.  The doctor tells them to exercise and they obey the doctor with great faith and they exercise by walking.  These are dedicated churchgoers and religious people who live by a strange code.  They call themselves Christians and they believe they are going to heaven.  They were told by God's word to redeem the time to save the lost, but they refuse to obey.  During these daily walks they could be leaving a long trail of Gospel tracts and even become motivated to take longer walks and travel to other towns and cities to distribute God's Word.  They won't do it.  They just walk around aimlessly with no purpose.  Many believe God has abandoned them.  Many are right!  God will never abandon a true Christian who is born again and on fire for God.  But He will discard a tree that does not bear much good fruit.  He will spew out lukewarm believers.  He will punish the lazy unprofitable servant in hell.  These parables were all warnings to Christians.  Apostate pastors teach these warnings to do not apply to Christians.  By disputing Jesus parables they cunningly accuse Jesus of lying.  Can you believe it?  

  31. Obey the Church - Jesus said to obey Him.  Jesus said to obey God.  Jesus said to obey His commands.  Pastors teach to obey the church (many own the church creating a conflict of interest).  Pastors say you don't need to obey God's commands.  They do this by "refusing to teach" the commands so nobody learns them.  False shepherds are abounding everywhere in the physical churches leading millions of people astray.  Other Christians know it and they too choose to remain silent.  They are afraid of the pastors and the church system.  They fear ridicule.  Jesus spoke the truth and did not compromise to appease church rulers.  Pastors are busy delivering slick sermons to ensnare the gullible, inch-by-inch towards hell.  They want church attendance and church growth at any cost.  It is a matter of survival or the pastor will be reassigned (if  he is a hireling) or put out of business and will have to get a day job.  So, you are compelled to attend church services and if you do not arrive you let down the entire flock.  A flock that bears no good fruit is better to leave than to stay and perish with them.  These apostate pastors will hide the hell-fire parables or any parable that reveals punishment.  Read the Gospel for yourself and stop believing your pastor and denominational doctrines.  You can follow the church and go to hell, but those who follow Jesus shall be saved.  Your pastor and your church can not save you. Can you believe it?

  32. Leave the Church - That is what Jesus told the Apostles "Leave them."  Jesus also taught that light and darkness have no place with each other.  Jesus did not say to take court action to reform a church but He did say to leave those who choose not God's ways.  Many Christians will remain is a dead church where God and His agenda has been kicked-out long ago.  They attend the needs of the dead, instead of leaving the dead to bury the dead and follow Jesus.  Pastors teach to follow Jesus you must attend a church.  You must be a member of a church.  In reality, you need to be a member of Jesus' family, a born-again member of His family.  Today, the churches are so apostate a true Christian may find himself with no physical church.  He had to make a decision to follow and obey God's commands rather than follow those who reject and refuse to obey God.  The end times will be tough times for the true Christian and will be persecuted.  The current crop of churchgoers are so hooked on church they will fall into a one-world church system now being organized by the great and powerful denominations.  For many, it is already too late to escape.  Jesus warned this would happen and it is now underway.  People are "addicted" to church and they have no interest in obeying God's commands.  Many know this is true, but they still will not leave their church.  Jesus warned that you can not serve two masters.  They even ignore Jesus warnings.  Can you believe it?   

  33. Bible Study - Here the great apostasy begins in Bible study class.  They study the Bible and study and study and study and never come to the knowledge of truth.  Why?  Because they never "apply" what they learn.  There are old people still studying and yet have never reached out to the lost to save them from damnation.  They are just dedicated and good churchgoers and that's the way they like it.  However, less study and more doing is needed.  Get out of those apostate churches and save the lost!  Proclaim the Gospel.  Jesus never commanded you to perpetually study the Bible, but He did command you to get to work to save the lost.  Bible studies are a waste of time if the knowledge gained is never used.  Bible study is a college where nobody graduates; it just goes on and on and on forever and ever.  You don't see those attending Bible study doing the works of Jesus outside the boundaries of the church walls. Bible study should be for training, but it is only a tool for learning.  Jesus taught his disciples by word and deed.  Today, pastors teach only by word.  Deeds are not required or desired.  In fact, you will not see the Bible study teacher or the pastor reaching out to save the lost downtown.  They are too busy studying the Bible.  Can you believe it?        

  34. Church Growth - Jesus did not care about church growth.  He did not want the Jewish church to prosper and grow to take more people to hell with it and He did not want His own church to grow just for the sake of growth.  Jesus spoke in John 6:66 and a crowd dispersed never to follow Him again.  To pastor's this would be a disaster, "Just look at all the lost souls.  We can't let them just walk away.  The church will suffer."  Jesus had no concern of having unfaithful servants in His house.  Less was more to Him.  Church growth has no bearing on authenticity.  Many mega-churches are apostate to the core and the fruit they produce is death to the lost and ultimately damnation for its own members for disobeying Jesus' commands.  Jesus is looking for real disciples who will honor God and perform with action to proclaim the Gospel to reach the lost.  Jesus came to save the lost and He commanded us to do the same by proclaiming the Gospel.  He did not say to finance ministries to do it for you. He commanded "you" to do it.  Pastors teach that church growth is a holy goal of the Great Commission, but Jesus disputes this by His own action.  God still wants faithful servants that will obey Him.  He wants you.  Can you believe it?  

  35. Not Healing the Sick - There are great denominations who claim they are Christian in all they do, however if you get sick they will not heal you.  They will disobey the Lord's command to lay hands on you for your healing.  Jesus said if a born again Christian lays hands on you, you will be healed.  Pastors and denominations who do not believe in Jesus healing today are the blind leading the blind so both shall fall into the pit.  These false teachers simply are religious, but are not truly born again or have fallen away from the truth.  You will also discover these false pastors also do not believe other things in the Bible and the church they build becomes apostate slavery and a heavy yoke of bondage on the congregation.  Amazingly, these spellbound church members continue to follow these churches instead of following Jesus and His Word.   Can you believe it?

  36. Healing the Sick - Go to many apostate churches and you will see the pastor is the kingpin, the controller, the king of the congregation much like a movie star commands all the attention on the big screen.  You will see the pastor laying hands on people to heal the sick, but the Bible does not say to be healed to ask your pastor to lay his hands on you.  The Bible says for other Christians, meaning you, me, the guy and gal standing next to you shall lay hands on the sick and heal them.  There is also a reference for the person to ask the elders of the church to anoint them with oil for healing.  Today, you have a pastor taking over the task  and these pastors do not teach the church member how to heal the sick, they keep this secret to themselves to maintain their own power base.  The pastor is not necessarily an elder, some are young graduates from seminary school and many others are not even born again.  Look for a true born again Christian and look long and hard because they are truly hard to find even in a so-called born again church.  There are many religious people, but very few born again Christians.  Can you believe it?

  37. Finding a Born Again Christian - Although it is rare to find a true born again disciple of Jesus the Lord does have His workers in the world.  The key is you will find them working for the Lord proclaiming the Gospel to the lost.  All the great prophets, apostles and disciples of Jesus of Nazareth were busy working, bearing much good fruit for the Lord.  Not working for churches and not working to recruit new members into a church "owned" by a pastor, but actually on the streets working to reach the lost.  If a true born again person were to be found in a church the entire congregation would ignore their pastor and flocking to him in droves because he would have the power of God, the Holy Spirit, and he would be "on fire" for God.  This person is not a churchgoer associating and blending in with those who bear no fruit.  He will not be playing church and just going along with the flow of the crowd.  He is too busy out saving the lost with his own personal ministry.  Like John the Baptist, he did not hang out with the Pharisees or other dedicated churchgoers, they had to seek and come after John.  Jesus did the same thing, but He did make "visits" to the Temple area to teach, but he mainly stayed and preached in the outdoors.  Paul did not hang around temples and churches, he was too busy proclaiming the Gospel and starting churches (churches without buildings.  Not traditional church buildings like what we see today).  When you find a true worker (disciple) of the Lord he will be busy at work serving God to bother with apostate churches.  If he lays his hands on you, you will be healed.  Any born again Christian can heal you, but true born again Christians are busy outside the physical church environment doing the real work of the Lord; saving the lost.  Can you believe it?

  38. Visiting the Sick - Jesus said to visit the sick, but today the pastor has taken over that task and it makes the congregation claim, "We visit the sick.  Our pastor is the first one to be at the hospital when any of us get ill."  There is two problems here.  First, Jesus said for you to visit the sick and those in prison, etc.  So how come your pastor does not take you along with him?  To teach you how to visit and lay hands on the sick to heal them.  How come?  The Bible does not say it is the pastor's job to visit the sick, it says it is your job!  Secondly, Christians are not to delegate their personal responsibilities away from the themselves and charge others to do their job for them.  The Bible says this clearly and you will answer as to why you did not visit the sick and those in prison or were merciful to the down and out stranger, etc.  Jesus tossed those unprofitable servants into hell for not doing it.  Today, pastors do not teach, instruct or demand that such good works be performed by each church member.  Can you believe it?

  39. Public Baptism - Jesus was baptized in public in a flowing river.  John the Baptist could have used a temple baptismal but he never did.  Everything was in the open for unbelievers to see.  Nothing was done behind the sealed closed doors of a temple or other church building.  Read the Bible and this pattern repeats itself over and over and over again; they were immediately Baptized on the spot.  Today, you have to join or be ready to join a church, be indoctrinated and even sign an agreement in some cases and make an appointment to be baptized behind the closed doors of the church.  Being in public today means actually means being baptized by a pastor inside his own church at his time, pleasure and convenience and to be performed so no unbelievers can witness the event to keep it secret.  This is entirely unbiblical.  Today, you can't find pastors or other so-called born again Christians preaching the Gospel in public places like the early church did and baptizing new converts on the spot.  Also, John the Baptist baptized thousands long before anyone accepted Christ as Lord and Savior.  So this means it is okay to baptize new converts on the spot, in public  just like John the Baptist did.  It was not illegal and Jesus Himself did not refute it.  In mild weather there should be public preaching and baptisms on the spot in public parks in lakes, streams, rivers, etc.  Not "only" behind closed doors inside church buildings to be hidden from view.  And not "only" for members of the pastor's church.  The unsaved will not come to Christ and be saved "on the spot" if Christians do not take the church out of church.  Pastors still will not do what the early church freely did as a routine.  Can you believe it?

  40. Healing for the Lost You do not have to be first saved and baptized to be healed.  Jesus healed those who were not baptized or saved.  The Apostles did that too.  Just deliver God's Word to the sick and let God do the rest.  But there are many Christians and pastors teaching Christians that Jesus will not heal or perform a miracle for an unbeliever.  This teaching is grossly contrary to the facts outlined in the Bible by actual example.  Just look at all the miracles Jesus performed and not once did Jesus demand that the person to be healed must first be saved or be baptized.  The Bible reveals the truth, if you only read it and stop blindly believing what you are being told inside your church.  Now that you know this, you should at least to begin the process of healing the sick is to buy some Gospel tracts related to healing and give them to the sick.  If they ask you to pray for them, then lay hands on them and they will be healed.  Go to the lost as Jesus said to do.  He came to save the lost.  But will you go?  Most Christians won't.   Can you believe it?  

  41. Where are the Pastors? Pastors should be setting the example and teaching the flock how to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  We don't see pastors passing out Gospel tracts and preaching so boldly to the lost on city streets.  They are bold inside the church behind closed doors, but they hide from the public by not appearing in public to evangelize.  No wonder their church is dead of works, because their faith is dead.  They disobey the Lord's command to save the lost, so they are cut off from the vine.  Pastors should get together and assemble at least once each week somewhere in public and begins preaching, reaching out to the Lord.  Precisely what Jesus did; He went into where the lost sheep could be found.  They did not demonstrate, but they did make their presence known proclaiming the Good News.  The pastors have confiscated the Word of God and do not share it with those who truly need it (the lost).  The Word is preached inside the church where only the churched hear it.  This needs to change, but pastors refuse to do what Jesus did.  If Jesus came today to preach He would be on the sidewalks teaching.  In fact, a public park would be a nice place to conduct a sermon so the lost can hear it.  A good sermon on hell fire and violating the law of God and the punishment to come, just like Jesus did, would create repentance and authentic convictions resulting in true born-again conversions for Christ.  But pastors won't do it and millions of people will go to hell because of their fear and disobedience to save the lost.  Can you believe it?  

  42. Put Food on My Table God wants food on His table.  That is what the tithe is for, to put food on God's table.  When there was a Jewish temple, it was okay to give tithe money to the priests as God commanded. But in the New Testament God the temple was "destroyed."  God does not want you to give tithe money to temples (or any physical church or money-begging ministry).  Pastors are not telling the truth when they claim that their church is God's house.  It is not God's house.  God does not live in a building made by men's hands.  That is what He says in His Word.  God has a new plan, a new covenant and He sent His son Jesus to "save that which is lost."  That is the food God now wants.  He wants the lost to be saved from hell.  He wants souls.  That is the true food God desires.  Do not be fooled by apostate pastors who are taking the tithe money and hardly a dime is spent on saving the lost.  Better to spend the tithe money on your own ministry to save the lost than give your tithe money to a tree that bears no fruit (food) for God.  Christians are being duped and robbed by the apostate system.  By robbing God of the tithe in truth the church now robs you.  God will not be mocked.  Yet, Christians continue to give tithe money to pastors to run a church building while the lost all around that church are not being reached by the pastor or the members of that church.   Can you believe it?

  43. False Shepherds Lie Not once in the Bible is it proclaimed or even hinted at that to attend church services you will be saved or you will become a Christian.  Pastors and priests are teaching that if you attend church you are a Christian.  The Bible does not say or imply that this is true at all. It is a lie.  It has become so bad that churchgoing is the goal.  Even elder church members are led to believe that evangelizing is all about "growing the church membership."  The more church members you can recruit the more God will credit you with treasure in heaven.  This is their great commission; a false commission designed to recruit new church members who will eventually tithe which the church earn the financial commission.  Imagine being told to invite your friends to church so they can be entertained and led to the Lord.  Jesus and the Apostles never used such a tactic.  They made the converts first out in the field and in the city streets and only then did these new converts congregated together.  Today, almost nobody goes out into the street to save the lost.  The lost are "lured" to come to church.  Here the pastor has polished programs and procedures to use peer pressure, undue influence and hypnotic suggestion tactics to create new church members.  All along these new converts see no conviction of sin and no repentance is required of them.  The church is full of do-nothing Christians who could care less for the truly reaching the lost for Christ. They only obey their church plans and instructions, which are not Biblical.  Can you believe it?

  44. Sowing Nothing Jesus said not to be fooled.  What you sow is what you will reap.  I will put this simple and to the point.  If you do not take seriously God's commands and you continue to disobey the Lord's command for "you" to go proclaim the Gospel to the lost, you will sow what you reap.  If you sow death and destruction by doing nothing - you do not gather, you scatter - and souls only you could have reached will die and be destroyed in hell.  Thanks to you!  So, God is just and will give you exactly what you have sowed.  Jesus warned that Christians (servants) can and will be tossed into hell fire.  Read the Bible again and you will see that Jesus is speaking to you.  Continue to obey and believe your pastor over and beyond God's  Word and you will live to regret it; weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Christians do not believe Jesus will throw them into hell, even when Jesus warns that it is His servants that face the whip for being lazy, unprofitable, fearful, do not gather souls and disobey His commands.  Can you believe it? 

  45. Warnings Ignored Pastors are very good at deceiving people because they are trusted and the congregation just could not fathom how a person who knows the Bible and Jesus so well could lie to them.  That is how they get deceived.  The devil's tool is to lie.  He is the father of lies, so Jesus is warning you not to be deceived by false lying shepherds.  There are churches and ministries investigated and found to be apostate and are listed on Websites like; Ministry Watch.  Yet, Christians will be told that their pastor and the ministry is robbing them, is dishonest, has too much money, etc., and they will still faithfully give their tithe money to this pastor's church.  This is proof they are serving their pastor and their church and not God.  God's Word says to come out of false churches, but they stay anyway.  Can you believe it?

  46. Who Will Go? God has always had a hard time finding the faithful.  Many worship Him with their lips, but their hearts are far from Him  It is still a problem for God today.  In the Bible if you read Isaiah it says; I heard the voice of the Lord, saying; "Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?"  Then I said, Here am I!  Send me. That was the Old Testament.  In the New Testament Jesus did not ask, he commands you to go save the lost.  Disobey Him at your own risk. Many Christians are gamblers.  They gamble that God does not mean what He says that those who practice lawlessness breaking His laws and commands will not inherit heaven.  Few Christians save the lost.  Many have never attempted to save anybody in the 50 years they have been attending church.  Can you believe it?

  47. Controlled The early church met in homes; many homes in many countries.  There was no church building and none were built for the Christians to meet in.  Not one tithe collection was made to even build a physical church building.  The church thrived because the church was the people, not a building.  The early Christians could meet, move about and associate with everyone present.  They were on fire for God and the Good News of the Gospel was spread everywhere.  Today the church is so controlled you can't assemble together except to sit down, listen to the pastor give a feel-good sermon, hear the church calendar of events and its financial needs and burdens, put your tithe money in a basket, take communion and be dismissed.  Sure, some churches have a "Christian happy hour" after church services, but most everyone does not attend, only a habitual few.   Everything is so controlled that people are manipulated and they are not on fire for God to do His will to save the lost.  This pattern repeats itself in most all Christian churches today and Christians really don't learn much of anything that can bear much good fruit.  Everything revolves around the needs of the church while the cities rot with the disease of crime and ungodliness.  Christians are so controlled by these churches that the church member can't see the light of the Gospel of Christ to save the lost from eternal destruction.  Can you believe it? 

  48. If I be Lifted Up Jesus said in John 12:32 that if He be lifted up He will draw all people to Himself.  Well, Christians lift of Jesus, but only behind the closed doors of their church.  All peoples can't see Jesus when they do this. The Christians sing songs and pray prayers lifting up Jesus behind closed doors.  This is not what Jesus wanted.  He did not say for Christians to lift Him up inside a church building so nobody can see, He wants "all people" to see Him lifted up on the cross dying for them.  Who is them?  The lost, not only the saved.  Evangelism to reach the lost is shunned by many Christian churches and Jesus is not lifted up in plain view of the public.  This is God's will yet Christians refuse to evangelize.  You can't even see them evangelizing in front of their own church never mind going downtown.  The apostate church is alive and well and as pathetic as ever to ignore and disregard God's will.   Can you believe it? 

  49. Silent Pastors - How many times have you heard the powerful sermon by a pastor in which he is outraged with the injustice of an event that has taken place in our country?  It would seem like God Himself was preparing for judgment day.  The pastor uses so much emotion and raises his voice in holy anger, etc.  But you should remember this is just a stage play.  It is a theatrical performance to dazzle the flock with brilliantly placed words and phrases to tickle the emotions.  All of this puffery show business is going on "behind closed doors."  You will not see the pastor himself proclaim the injustice on the street corner so all can hear.  He will not invest God's tithe money to tell the world in secular televised or newspaper interviews.  Your pastor is hiding behind the closed doors of your church proclaiming opinions the public will never hear.  Think about that.  He is only trying to impress you and it works like a charm.  The lost never get to hear your pastor tell them of the Good News of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  They never hear these fabulous sermons.  Your pastor should be downtown witnessing on street corners with other in the church.  That is what the New Testament church did.  And it is what Jesus did.  But your pastor refuses to follow in The Master's Footsteps!  It is better to shout, scream and preach sermons behind closed doors to a select loyal few.  In the pastor's mind it is best for the lost not to hear the Gospel free of charge.  Can you believe it?   

  50. Use the Sword The message today by pastors to new converts and old is a lovely Gospel full of nice things to hear using wonderfully beautiful sermons.  Jesus did not preach wonderfully beautiful sermons.  He preached hell fire, punishment and repentance.  Many sermons were given of servants being judged unworthy and put into hell.  These hellish sermons are not heard in churches today.  Pastors must appease the Christian audience and dare not upset them or they will leave.  So, a false Gospel is preached by blind hireling leaders and pastors inside the church building.  Jesus said in Matthew 10:34 "I did not come to bring peace but a sword."  A pastor sensitive to God's ways he will be merciless and cut to the bone with the entire Word of God (not just the nice parts).  He will preach of hell fire and warn Christians and unbelievers that God means what He says and He will do what He says He will do.  The good shepherd entrusted to Jesus will preach like Jesus and preach what Jesus preached.  He will not try to appease the congregation so that they won't leave.  Jesus spoke the truth and at times people did leave Him.  Today, pastors will lie by not telling the entire truth to preserve their own job.  Can you believe it?     

  51. Setting You Free Jesus said to the Jews in His day that the truth will set you free and that He is the way, the truth, and the life.  Christians believe this today and rightfully so.  But to the Jew, be set free from what?  Sin?  Yes, but also the apostate religion run by church rulers obeying their father, the devil.  Nothing has changed.  Jesus can set you free from sin and from the apostate church.  Jesus said you must follow Him not your church, not your pastor or your denomination. Jesus' Apostles had to leave their apostate church to follow Jesus.  However, it is considered heresy today if a Christian would to dare leave their apostate church to follow Jesus.  In fact, the apostate church has it designed to make Christians believe they can't be saved if they don't attend or belong as a member of a church.  They claim their church is the  body of Christ.  It is not.  Church building burn and fall down in earthquakes and other causes, but the people are the true temples of Christ, not a building owned by an apostate pastor or denomination.  A Christian without a church could actually become a better servant to the Lord and use his own tithe money to reach the lost for Christ to bear much good fruit.  Yet, Christians believe that church is essential or they will backslide or not go to heaven.  This is not Biblical.  The early Christians did associate with each other, but they did so in homes, not centralized and controlled environment churches.  They did not just listen to wonderful sermons and applaud the pastor's cleverness.  Can you believe it?

  52. Obedience is a Delight Many churchgoers disobey God's will and commands because they think of obedience as a chore or a burden.  After all, the typical church puts enough burdens upon them that they don't want any more!  Jesus said the Pharisees did the same thing putting burdens upon the backs of people and would not lift them to ease the pain.  Churches do the same today.  They make the Christian feel guilty if they miss a church service.  Jesus said you should learn from Him as His yoke is easy... and it is, but you are likely listening to your church and not Jesus.  Once you get free of the bondage of the apostate church you will be so free to now work directly and solely for Jesus.  He will be your best boss you ever had and you will be glad to serve the one who set you free.  You will be on fire for God and the word "... your will be done" takes on a new light that you will go forth and perform the deeds God wills to be performed.   Most Christians prefer bondage to the apostate church and will not let Jesus set them free.  Why?  They do not love Jesus.  Jesus said if you love Him you will obey His commands.  Can you believe it? 

  53. Satan's Church It is not devil worshipping as you would believe to be the real tool of the devil, it is the Christian church that bears foul fruit.  Jesus told us that the devil owns physical churches by the fact He accused the Pharisees of obeying their father, the devil.  Today, Jesus is proclaimed inside churches, but He truly is not welcome in the church.  Jesus' teachings and commands are despised and are not taught by pastors.  Satan's perfect church is one that will have an army of worshippers praising God, yet are insulting God by having these useless churchgoers openly disobey God's commands and desires.  The lost will not be saved by these church members, so it will not harm satan's kingdom, just God's Kingdom is harmed. These unprofitable servants are taught to believe they are saved and are going to heaven.  Can you believe it?     

  54. Who's Church? If you ever get around to reading books authored by pastors on how to build and grow a church you will find every "trick" and "gimmick" designed to deceive or mislead people.  The same tactics direct mail and other forms of advertising use which are all "worldly" techniques.  Even manipulating mind control and hypnosis are used, but of course they don't use those words in the books; they just use the techniques and call them "church programs."  None of these programs could be successful if used in the the open air environment, but in the closed-door environment inside a church they work like a charm.  Even music is used to "soften the mood" of people to be easily influenced.  There are some very deceitful things going on inside churches today which produce a church membership full of false conversions.  The fruit will appears to look good from the inside, but as viewed from the outside it is is rotten; just a church building not reaching the lost in their own community.  Who is doing this to the church?  Pastors.  Many of them legally own the church and have an incentive to build the membership at all costs to support themselves.  They are taught these abominations from other pastors at pastor conferences and in seminary schools.  Tricks, gimmicks, hypnosis, influence, suggestion and even Biblical untruth and lies are used to build and grow a church.  However, Jesus said it clearly that the church is His church and He would build it.  That church did grow and was built if you read the the New Testament about the early church and it spread fruit like wildfire spreading the Gospel to the lost everywhere following Jesus commands.  Not one.  Not one physical church building was built, owned or operated by anyone and all this was performed.  Can you believe it?

  55. Bible is the Example Read the Bible and it will tell you how to run a church successfully.  The New Testament churches were ran perfectly and did the job the Lord commanded of them.  There was no church as we know it today; church buildings advertising worship services.  A modern day church will not put the fire of God inside of you to become a true born again Christian because the moment you do become born-again you will be lit up on fire to proclaim the Gospel to the lost. This is God's will and plan.  Not once.  Not once did God call anyone in the New Testament church to build a new church building.  Not once did God lead a person to feel led to "collect tithe money" to build a new physical church building.  It is no wonder then that false religion cults are so successful as they do build physical churches where they can get people inside closed doors and play church and influence them to believe their doctrines.  The apostate church does the same thing.  The foundation is of brick and mortar, but Jesus said to build on Himself, the Rock.  Jesus does not need a church full of people who disobey His commands, so He will leave them to believe in fables.  That's what He said would happen and it is happening!  Also read II Timothy 4:3.  These apostate churches do not use the Bible's examples.  Pastors don't work at jobs like Paul did (tent maker) and choose to obtain a career of leaching off the Godly tithes of faithful givers in his church.  The apostate church will not adhere to the Gospel or to God's ways, means or agendas.  It does its own thing and that is to defy the Word of God and appear faithful and religious.  Get truly born-again and you will see how these churches are hoodwinking and stealing money from the church members.  If the Bible is no longer used as an example then anything goes; precisely what is taking place today.  Can you believe it?

  56. Costumes Take a good hard look at those pastors who wear impressive religious robes to impress upon the congregation that they are someone "special and worthy" to wear a robe and you can't.  This is an old trick to suggest and impress upon the eye of the beholder a sense of superiority to respect and to not question or doubt them.  You can see this same technique in a factory where the man with the white shirt manages the blue-collar workers.  Respect is instant and obedience is assured.  Pastors and priests wearing these costumes do the same thing to influence Christians.  The New Testament church did not demand that someone be placed in robes and use iron-fisted methods to rule the church congregation.  You will also notice how the costume is handed-down from father to son.  God did not authorize this behavior in the Bible.  Born again Christians were "saints" not "servants" to a pastor or priest.  The Lord Jesus is King and we are to be His servants and hear His voice alone.  Today, Christians have allowed these costume-wearing false shepherds to lead them to withered and dry pasture to slowly starve to death.  The green grass of God's Word has life and is thwarted by those in costume.  The Pharisees wore costumes too.  Not much has changed since then.  Can you believe it?    

  57. Screaming in Church It It is also known that the New Testament church did not authorize pastors to be yelling and raising their voice to the flock to submit authority upon the flock.  Pastors that yell and scream demonstrate their authority.  People believe it when a so-called man-of-God yells, but nowhere is it proclaimed in the Bible to do this to influence Christians.  When daddy yells at the children it creates fear and these pastors are using the suggestion of inducing fear upon the flock, just like when a father yells at his kids... they listen and obey.  Do not be fooled by these arrogant loud-mouth pastors who are bilking you from your hard-earned money, stealing God's tithe to build their fancy church and increasing their wealth and personal estate.  Find out who owns the church and just how much that pastor is being paid and you will see why that pastor is doing a lot of yelling... it is making him rich!  Yet Christians attending these apostate churches will not wise up because they are hypnotically controlled.  These pastors have so much control they can even insult their congregation in sermons and get away with it.  In fact, the insults build credibility as to who in their right mind would dare do this if he did not really care for us?  Can you believe it? Read I Corinthians 2:4.         

  58. Wonderful Sermons There are pastors giving wonderful sermons, but that is all they do; make Christians feel good then come back for another dose next week, same time, same place.  This process repeats itself 52 weeks each year and for about 50 years (when the pastor retires).  These churches are known to be "moneymakers" for pastors.  The huge mega-churches are built upon this "feel-good" preaching premise and it works too.  Each month these churches can bring in millions of dollars as they get church members to commit themselves to give God's tithe money to them.  The cults and other false religions do the same thing.  Huge denominations are in the " feel-good counseling" business.  Christians love it.  Unbelievers love it too and become so-called Christians making a commitment to Jesus Christ, but there is no sense of guilt or repentance in them.  They are not born-again, but the pastor does not care because he only cares about the money being made.  The pastor will never preach of hell fire and how unprofitable and lazy and fearful Christians will be judged and thrown into hell.  He will preach the once-saved, always-saved Gospel and disregard Jesus' many parables disputing this false teaching.  They speak words dripping with honey to deceive.  They are so polished and learned and skillful in delivering their message.  It is all so wonderful, except when the day of God's wrath arrives it will be too late to escape.  Can you believe it? 

  59. Wrath It is a know fact that everyone who does not become born again believing in the sacrifice of Jesus shed blood for the remission of sins will face the wrath of God and be sent to hell.  With this fact in mind, it is still nearly impossible to get the modern day Christian to proclaim the Gospel to those around him that will receive this awful fate.  Hundreds of people pass by this Christian daily and yet he will not even leave one Gospel tract anywhere in hopes that maybe he can reach out to at least one person, each day, to save them from God's anger and wrath.  Christians just don't care about anyone else except for themselves.  In truth, in their heart they are saying, "To hell with everyone else, I'm going to heaven, praise God I am."  Jesus was clear about who was going to heaven and He said those who do the works of His Father will go to heaven.  The Father wants the lost saved as His prime desire.  Christians still don't give a hoot and will not do the works the Father requires.  They refuse to get their own hands dirty working for God themselves.  They will try to hire others to do it for them, but they will lose their reward.  Can you believe it?   

  60. Fear the Lord In Ecclesiastes 12:13 it says, "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter; Fear God, and keep His commandments; for this is the whole duty of man."  Most Christians have totally lost their fear of the Lord and that is what the apostate church desires.  If they can get you to lose your fear of the Lord you will fear them, instead and obey the false rulers in that church.  The pastors and priests cunningly lure the innocent flock to believe them, instead of believing God's Word.  As a result, the flock just goes along for the ride and will not obey the commands of the Lord.   Many will not even read their Bibles to learn the truth so they can escape!  Can you believe it?  

  61. Spiritual Authority Be aware that pastors crave and desire above all else to get the flock to submit to spiritual authority and that just happens to be themselves or those they have appointed within their church.  However, Jesus is a spirit and He is to be the authority Christians should be obeying, not the pastor or priest.  Jesus said that His own sheep hear His voice and will not listen to another.  Today, pastors have created church so everybody can come listen to a smart sermon.  These sermons often deceive the flock with great persuasion mixing in truth with false tradition and myths.  The New Testament church did not have members to lord over the flock, but to teach and guide it.  Even Peter would not permit a man to kneel at his feet and told him to get up.  So, Christians are being duped by apostate pastors making the flock "submissive" to them.  The flock does not worship or kneel to the pastor, but they sure obey everything else his commands... even disobeying Christ's commands to obey the pastor's desires.  Read 1 Timothy 3:1-7; 5:17 as these spiritual elders did not constitute a separate clergy class.  They did not wear any distinctive garb.  Each congregation had a body of elders as overseers, not a monarchical one-man rule. - Acts 20:17; Philippians 1:1.  None exercised superiority over the others. - Galatians 2:9.  Amazingly, Christians still believe that pastors are the spiritual authority and they pay the price for believing this lie.  They choose to ignore that Jesus is the only authority.  Can you believe it?

  62. 12 Blind Men It is a clever trick some pastors use to cover up their absolute command and ownership of their church.  They will even go as far as to hire members of the church to serve as elders in an overseer position to insure the church remains on course.  This looks good, but that pastor owns the church, legally, and he can fire each and anyone he desires off that commission of overseers.  The end result?  The pastor keeps all the assets and the cash in his possession and control at all times; commission or no commission.  Also, these blind men choose to remain blind to keep their job and will go along with just about anything the pastor desires.  It is just another clever trick pastors use to hoodwink their congregations.  They are highly professional con artist that do this.  Christians do not investigate legal documents to discover just who owns the church and who is getting those millions of dollars from tithe donations.  These pastors even know how publish deceptive financial statements.  However, tax returns and property and asset records do reveal their great accumulation of wealth.  The blind leading the blind.  Can you believe it?

  63. Poverty WithinThere are many disabled and elderly living on very limited incomes and many find it hard to even buy enough to eat, but the church pastor never lends them a financial hand.  These poor widows and orphans must still give their tithe money to the rich pastor weekly or monthly.  The New Testament church used funds to help each other and to evangelize, but the apostate church today does not help the congregation, they place a burden upon their necks and take their money for gain. They do this all in the name of the Lord.  Plus, they then entice these poor people to come up with more money to buy the pastor's sermons on audio tapes, books or television videos.  The pastor today is a cruel marketer of goods clothing himself as an angel of light to enrich himself, without shame.  You won't see this pastor preaching on street corners to save the lost.  You won't see him teaching others how to reach the lost by example taking the congregation downtown to witness to the lost.  Everything is fine and dandy behind those closed church doors and there is no need to save the lost in the community when he can get rich mining the tithes from the flock.  Most Christians just can't see through the scam.  Can you believe it?   

  64. Pastor's Ministry Do not be deceived when a pastor tells you that his ministry is "your ministry" because it is not your ministry.  It is his ministry and it always will be his ministry, legally his forever.  You do not own his ministry and you do not make the final decisions where the tithe and donation money is to be spent.  There is only one way you can have your own ministry and that is to step out of your church and independently begin preaching the Gospel to the lost or minister to your own flock.  Pastors use this outright lie to get you to believe them so you will donate money to them.  You will notice that this plea of telling you, "This is your ministry" is associated with begging you to send them a financial donation.  Get the hint?  Most Christians don't get it, they just keep on believing whatever these pastors say.  If it was your ministry where is your cut?  The pastor is certainly getting all of the cut isn't he?  You bet he is!  What do you get from those financial contributions? The pastor says you will get credit for saved souls for Christ.  Jesus said to get treasure in heaven "you" have to do the work yourself.  You can't hire a hireling, but Christians do it anyway.  Can you believe it?     

  65. Impostors People can look and act like a Christian and still not be a real born again Christian.  They can even dress and pray like a Christian and still not be a real Christian.   Our churches our filled with impostors posing as Christians.  Even pastors can be impostors and many are very good impostors at that.  You shall know them by their works?  No, they will seem to do good works, but they will not bear good fruit that can be seen.  The impostor will have one bad habit and that is they will not teach or do all that Jesus has commanded.  They will speak a good sermon and say a nice prayer, but still you will not see them doing what Jesus said to do.  Yet, most churchgoers believe they are not impostors despite the fact that Jesus said that "few" shall find their way to heaven.  There are millions of Christian churchgoers in the USA alone and that does not sound like a few.  Christians tend to think that they know better than Jesus. After all, they don't obey His commands whatsoever.  Only a few they will obey, but most they choose to ignore.  Can you believe it?

  66. Sacrifice is Desired - Churches want you to bear the burden of sacrifice to please the pastor or priest.  They construct dozens of burdens you must bear and you must attend worship services, or else.  However, the Lord promises freedom from these chains of bondage.  "Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice - I Samuel 15:22. Obey the Lord, not your church teachings, commands and expectations.  But the flock are following the apostate church believing in sacrifice and duty to church traditions.  Can you believe it?

  67. Sheep & Shepherd Jesus said He was the good shepherd and He warned us not to follow others. Today, pastors will say, "Sheep without a shepherd get killed."  Why do they say this?  Because they want you to believe this fearful threat so you will come under their authority.  Think of that.  These pastors will even quote Bible passages to get you to submit to them to being your spiritual authority.  If you fall for this you have just rejected Jesus authority and now follow a substitute Christ.  The apostate pastor wants to have complete control over your obedience to him and your tithes and offerings money.  That is what he is really after.  He preaches because it is a job, a well paying job that gets him rich, rich, rich.  Be forewarned that you will find the apostate false Christ inside the Christian church possessing authority in false shepherd positions.  Yes, as pastors.  Jesus told us to watch out for these false shepherds.  He did not say watch out for the guy or gal sitting next to you in church, but to be watchful of the false shepherds, the liars posing as angels of light.  Posturing as friends of God.  Pretending to be servants of the Most High.  Christians just fear to doubt their pastor and will not consider that Jesus is telling the truth in warning them to watch out.  Can you believe it?  

  68. Appeasing Pastors Not only are false pastor teachers making merchandise and selling it to you making merchandise of you in the process (II Peter 2:1-3) but new pastors have been known to go door-to-door to ask people why they don't go to church and what they want to see in a church.  Then they go and create a specific appeasement program church that suits the needs and desires of the people, not of the Lord's needs or desires.  Can you believe it? 

  69. Beware of False Prophets Yes, they are in your church.  They are not in the other guy's church.  Jesus gave us a command to be awake and not to be fooled.  He said, "Beware of False Prophets..." - Mathew 7:15.  It is a clear warning that false teachers will not only come, but they will be within your midst posing as righteous believers, but are evil con artists and they are right there in the pulpit and most church members can't recognize them.  Take 1,000 churches and none of the tens of thousands of church members will admit their pastor is apostate or a false prophet (teacher).  Jesus said you must beware of false prophets.  Are you being aware?  Most Christians are not even looking.  They think Jesus is lying and their pastor and their denomination is the truth.  The Word says to beware of false prophets; that many will come in Jesus name to deceive multitudes.  Most Christians are already trapped in the apostate church and still can't see it for what it is.  They choose to disobey Jesus by not watching out for false and corrupt pastors.  Can you believe it?

  70. Feeding Snakes Jesus called the Pharisees snakes and vipers that will not escape hell.  Today we have a worse apostate church system and Jesus is telling you to come out of this system. II Corinthians 6:14-18 tells Christians to get out of the apostate church.  This is another command of God that is disobeyed by deceived Christians.  They also willingly give their money to feed the snake that bites them.  The Bible says if you associate with darkness you are not part of the light of truth.  If you continue to feed the snakes  you then support the evil apostate system.  That evil counterfeit church system relies on God's tithe money to thrive and it would not exist if Christians were not feeding it money.  You reap what you sow.  Don't get bitten by that snake because its bite can send you straight to hell.  Jesus said the snakes and vipers will go to hell.  Are you supporting the apostate church?  Where is your tithe money going?  Beware of false prophets and teachers is a command from Jesus that Christians simply choose to ignore.  Can you believe it?   

  71. Called to do What? Christians are not called by the Lord to primarily be holy men and women, but to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Christian workers fail because they place their own holiness above their desire to fulfill God's holy desire.  Paul was recklessly abandoned and he surrendered to God's will and purpose - to proclaim the Gospel.  This motivation and desire is not taught in the Christian church today.  They only learn what others have done, like learning a history lesson in school, but pastors do not give instructions to their congregation on how to go forth and proclaim the Gospel.  They don't know how to do so themselves and they don't even care to learn.  As a result, the church becomes filled with useless, lazy self-centered sheep bleating for God to give them gifts.  If God gave them a gift they would not share it with others.  God gave them the Gospel and they don't even share that.  God "called" them to share the Gospel to the lost and they choose to ignore His commands (and warnings of punishment if they do not).  They still will not do it.  And they thought the Israelites in the Exodus desert were crooked-backsliding-unbelievers always disobeying God's commands and warnings.  However, these disobedient Christians are actually worse.  No wonder God's true Holy Spirit has pulled out of these apostate churches.  When the Lord calls, His people listen and obey.  Stiff-necked Christians will not obey.  Can you believe it?

  72. Redeem the Time Jesus taught us to redeem the time to gather souls for salvation as the days are evil and to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send more workers.  Christians will actually say prayers asking the Lord to send more workers and they do this hypocritical prayer inside their church worship service, but they will not go themselves!  They choose to ignore Jesus' commands and tell God, in solemn prayer and in truth this is what God hears, "Dear Jesus our Lord God and Savior, we love and adore you, but find someone else to do it.  We don't want to!"  Courageous hypocrisy occurs when disobedience reigns.  That is why Jesus said if you truly love Him you will obey His commands.  Christians still think they can disobey and still convince Jesus that they love Him.  He will not be fooled.  Can you believe it?

  73. Judged by Who? Jesus said on the day of judgment people will be judged by His Word written in the Bible (KJV Bible is the most accurate translation known).  The apostate pastor (or priest) has got everybody that belongs to his church hoodwinked into believing they are saved.  However, Jesus said only the born-again believer is saved.  So, the apostate pastor convinces his unsaved, non-born-again flock, they will not face God's judgment.  He lies to the flock and then they play church, singing, praying and listening to his wonderful sermons.  This entire church is lost and will face the judge, Jesus Christ.  He will use His Word to condemn the apostate church pastor and its supporting members.  Christians can escape the judge by reading the Bible and become born-again and obey Jesus commands, but they are comfortable hearing the soothing words of the deceptive pastor assuring them that they are all going to heaven.  They like hearing that they do not have to go proclaim the Gospel themselves.  They really like that a lot.  The truth is that Jesus warned otherwise in His Word and in His parables, yet the flock blindly chooses to believe the false shepherd pastor.  Can you believe it? 

  74. Eyes to See. Go to church and open your eyes and ears this time.  Sit back and just listen and watch what is going on.  Do not participate in the singing, just listen and watch the events unfold.  Try to distance yourself so you can see the big picture of how the pastor (or priest) has conducted a format of control and obedience to himself.  When you see all the wonderful things taking place ask yourself if any of these worshippers are truly going to go forth and proclaim the Gospel the moment they leave church?  Did they proclaim the Gospel to others before coming to church?  Did the guy sitting next to you proclaim it to you, to insure that you are born-again teaching true repentance of sin?  Grab your Bible and quickly read Jesus' parables about servants that do not bear much good fruit.  Is the pastor teaching you and the others how to  proclaim the Gospel when you leave the church today?  It is likely not his agenda.  He has other plans separate from God's plans.  Can you see these people worshipping God with their lips, but not obeying Jesus commands to proclaim the Gospel with the lost?  Maybe a handful do, but are you?  How about the person next to you?  And all the others in the pews you can see?  Did anyone get up to speak how wonderful it was to go downtown and share the Gospel to the lost?  Do you see lazy and useless Christians who are not personally sharing the Gospel to the lost?  Have they ever done this?  Apostasy can be seen if you develop the eyes to see and ears to hear.  Is your church apostate?  Read the Bible and find out just who is not obeying Jesus' commands and and who is ignoring His warnings mentioned in His parables.  Will you believe Him or your church?  Most Christians will brush Jesus aside and follow the pastor's church with all their might.  That is the wrong choice.  Can you believe it?  

  75. Bible Study. It is possible to be well versed in the Bible and yet still be unfaithful and unfruitful.  Studying the Bible has become an obsession to many, everyone trying to come to the knowledge of truth but never finding it.  This happens because those who study the Bible - and do not put what they learn into immediate practice - simply lose the blessing the Word brings.  Reading and hearing the Word can create faith, but faith without a step of action cancels the faith you have.  That is why Apostle James kept saying that faith without works is dead.  Pastors do not teach these truths to the flock nor do they train Bible students with effective evangelism classes and take the students into the field to sow a harvest.  Learning by doing does not exist.  Everyone stays inside the classroom.  The church is filled with Bible studies and very few go forward to reach the lost with the knowledge they have learned.  Nobody graduates and the lost remain doomed to hell.  Can you believe it?

  76. Catalogs. It is amazing that many churches publish catalogs of products that they produced with God's tithe money and then sell it to the very same people who gave the tithes, and at exorbitant prices in most cases.  What business has  a church doing such things?  Who gave these pastors authority to do it?  Is it Biblical for a pastor to sell sermons based on the founding Word of God?  I say not.  Jesus physically whipped those in righteous anger who made merchandise of God's Temple which was the house of prayer.  Today, pastors claim their church building is not just a house of prayer, but is actually the House of God and they blatantly sell sermons, books, cassette tapes, movies, even graven images and idols of angels, etc.  A violation of the Commandments of God it is.  Jesus said to His disciples, "Freely you have received, freely give."  He never hinted or authorized anyone within a church assembly to sell the Gospel.  The New Testament church did not sell the Gospel.  Christians have been blind-sided by apostate pastors making millions of dollars from God's very own tithe money and not sharing a dime with the flock.  The New Testament church shared the money to help each other.  Can you believe it?

  77. A False God. Church attendance can be so important to a Christian the church worship service can become an object of idolatry.  How?  If church attendance becomes more important than obeying God's commands, you can be certain God will not be pleased with your choice and actions.  The Jews in the Old Testament attended worship services faithfully and habitually.  What did God do to them when they disobeyed His commands?  He had them bitten with poisonous serpents, swallowed by the earth, carried them off to slavery and even had them killed in war.  The Lord holds back His hand today, but at judgment day He will have His day of wrath upon those who disobey Him.  It is better to obey the Lord than to attend church worship services.  Can you believe it? 

  78. A Tough Taskmaster. Pastors preach the pure love and forgiveness of God to everyone.  But they fail to mention that God the Father and Jesus are dangerous Kings and are not to be betrayed.  Jesus in a parable identified God as being a hard taskmaster.  If you read the Old Testament on how He dealt with the Jews disobedience you will realize God is righteous and He will not take "no" for an answer from a servant.  He gives the orders the servant obeys, or else.  Jesus' parables reveal the tough side of God instructing angels to throw unprofitable servants and the unbelieving into hell fire.  That is not an act of love, it is an act of wrath.  In fact the Bible warns to fear the Lord.  Today the Christian loves the Lord so much he believes God will forgive him for disobeying God, including Jesus' warnings to obey commands. The lawless are those who disobey God's commands and that will bring His wrath.  Christians have lost their fear of the Lord because pastors keep teaching them God loves them, no matter what they do.  The Bible does not teach this one-sided story at all.  Read the Bible and discover the truth.  It will set you free.  Can you believe it?

  79. Invitation to Church. Pastors instruct the flock to invite people they know to visit the church.  This is not evangelism, it is a trick.  The pastor doesn't even preach in the street to reach the lost, so don't be fooled that he cares for the lost, he doesn't.  Jesus never commanded anyone to tell the lost to come visit a church to worship God.  Apostate pastors have twisted the Bible to meet their own needs and desires, to get the lost to come to church is not what Jesus had in mind when He said to "go" proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  He sent His Disciples into the streets to witness in the various towns. There was no church building and Jesus never said to build a physical church building.  The cults operate by getting people to enter their church, behind closed doors, where they can be indoctrinated with false doctrines.  Apostate pastors do the same thing.  Church is not the focal point of the Christian faith, proclaiming the Gospel is.  Inviting the lost to church will only convert them to be churchgoers who will not go forth and proclaim the Gospel.  That is what the majority of churchgoers already do.  The pastor likes it that way as the money is good, but the Lord sees the lost being lost while people are busy attending church and that is not pleasing in His eyes.  Can you believe it?       

  80. The enemy God uses. If you read Deuteronomy 28:47-48 it can stimulate you to think that God can use a church and a pastor to destroy you for not serving the Lord.  Read it closely and it closely resembles the condition of the modern day church and the end result of destruction.  Can you believe it?  

  81. Temple Destroyed. Jesus said the Jewish temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed, utterly, and it did happen in 70 A.D. and the people were destroyed by the sword.  God was through with the physical church system and those who supported it.  Jesus never instructed anyone to build another temple or cathedral or another church, not even a Christian church building of any sort.  The big organized religions did not like this, so they went ahead anyway and built massive churches.  Pastors saw the light and wisdom of man's invention and followed suit building little churches.  Today we have church buildings everywhere and God never called for their existence.  To make matters worse, pastors now invite everyone they can to church to worship God in the church building where God says he will not dwell.  The pastors call it the house of God when it is not God's house.  You can tell a lie so often it eventually will be believed to be true.  This progression of church building has finally ended up with an endless series of disobedient pastors and church members which is now called the apostate church.  The great falling away from God's laws and commands.  Can you believe it? 

  82. Bold Christians In America. Christians today are bold, as bold as the New Testament church, but in a different way.  The modern Christian in America boldly disobeys the Lord, fearing no punishment. Yet these same Christians boldly admit that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.  It is this same Jesus who brought judgment and death upon the Israelites when they disobeyed Him.  Today, the Christian and pastor who leads them fears not the Lord.  There is no fear of ignoring Jesus' commands, no fear at all.  But this Jesus is loving and patient, but His Spirit will not strive forever with these people and severe judgment will come.  The Christian church in America is already cut off from the vine and dried up and it has fallen so low into apostasy it can not be revived unless it repents and produces fruit pleasing to the Lord by obeying His commands to save the lost.  The Bible say's it will remain apostate to the end.  Can you believe it?

  83. Jesus Ministry. He ministered to the crowd and strangers in far away towns.  He gathered a congregation of listeners in the fields and along the beach of the sea.  He instructed and disciplined those who followed Him.  He proclaimed the Good News of the Gospel to the lost.  He taught His Disciples to do the same and sent them off giving instructions not to go door-to-door.  Today, apostate pastors actually teach the flock how not to obey the above.  They do not mimic the ministry of Jesus whatsoever.  Jesus would not be able to recognize the modern day church if He returned today.  It is much different than what He taught.  Where are the disciples?  Why are they not visible in the cities and streets or in the fields or by the sea?  None can be found in the public eye.  All is hidden from view.  Churches have confiscated the Gospel and will not share it with the lost.   A demon's church would do such a thing.  Certainly a church truly controlled by Jesus would not permit the flock to ignore the lost.  Never!  Can you believe it?

  84. A Pagan Nation. Once upon a time America was a Christian nation, but not anymore.  Things have changed.  Christians have decided they will not make themselves visible to the public and they will not witness and proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  Millions of Christians in the USA have never even taken one day in ten-years to witness to the lost.  Not even remove a Gospel tract out of their pocket and place it anywhere the lost could find it.  As a result, Satan has been busy growing the pagan population and cults and silencing the Christian church with apostate pastors and priests.  Now the pagans outnumber the Christians.  The time to strike is now.  Satan now has his pagans pushing homosexual rights, marriage for gays, blocking censorship of pornographic material, removed prayer from schools, remove the Ten Commandments from public view.  Satan is even breaking the backs of churches by ordaining homosexuals and other sinners of the worse kind into high church positions.  The pastors tell Christians to pray for revival, but revival will not come until the  Christians "go forth" and proclaim the Gospel in the streets (Jesus Great Commission is a command, not a suggestion).  But it is already too late for revival.  The apostate church had to come to set up Satan's system that is clearly now on the horizon.  Thank the apostate pastors for disobeying God's commands and for despising Jesus' command to teach the flock all He has commanded.  Now is the time to get out of the apostate church before it sinks into hell taking you with it.  Can you believe it?

  85. A Huge Church. Jesus does not care about a huge church.  Size does not matter to Him.  There is only one thing Jesus looks for when He sees a church; He looks for the fruit it bears.  Jesus said you shall know them by their fruit.  He did not say a larger church or denomination is proof of a spotless bride or that a large size congregation is a sign of the true church.  Today people are mislead into believing if the church is popular and has many members then it must be a true church.  Cults have very big churches.  A small church is also not an indicator of authenticity.  All we have now is the fruit to examine.  If the members of the church are not doing what the disciples did, proclaiming the Gospel to the lost, it is bearing worthless,  rotten fruit.  Most all churches in America are not abiding by Christ's Great Commission to save the lost.  With the millions of Christians in this country there would be more evidence of reaching the lost than what we see today.  It can be very lonely trying to reach the lost with the Gospel downtown and in public parks.  Try it sometime then ask yourself where are all the Christians?  Where are all the bold and brave ones you see inside the church boldly proclaiming the Gospel to the saved behind the pulpit?  Why are they not here in the dark Satan-controlled public parks and street corners trying to reach the lost?  A huge church can produce a colossal harvest of rotten fruit. Can you believe it?     

  86. Planting Seeds. Listen to apostate pastors convince the flock with clever sermons to give tithes to their ministry.  They will lie saying, "This is your ministry" when it legally is not your ministry, it is their ministry.  If you give all of your tithe money to "the pastor's ministry" you will no longer have your ministry that Jesus wants you to have.  You forfeit it along with the rewards you would have received.  The pastor will tell you by giving money to him it is being planted in good soil.  It may appear so, but in God's eyes this pastor could be a false shepherd, a thief and a liar bearing little to nil good fruit.  True tithing must honor God and it must bear visible fruit.  Some pastors are on television begging for money to reach the lost, but in reality they are begging for money and only reaching the Christians.  How?  Because very few of the lost watch Christian television, but the saved do.  He's just out to get your money.  The best way to plant seeds is for you yourself to plant the Word of God by yourself, just as everyone else did in the New Testament church otherwise you may be reaping sour grapes.  Can you believe it?

  87. Serious Business. Most church members don't take heaven, hell and saving the lost serious.  They seem to be too busy worshipping and singing songs and praying in church than to even question if what they are doing and what they believe is "really the truth."  Salvation of your soul is very serious business and when Jesus said "few" will enter heaven, you had better start thinking seriously about what He is saying.  He said many will be deceived by false shepherds.  It should matter to you to discover the truth, by reading the King James Version Bible yourself because what you are taught by your church may not violate God's Word.  Since all will be judged by God's Word you better be following His Word.  There are many false religions, and more than you think there is.  You could be in one and not even know it!  There are a lot of people drowning in the sea and this paragraph is just one lifesaver tossed by one person, to you.  Reach out and grab God's Word and read it.  Your salvation depends on it.  Can you believe it?

  88. I Want to Be More Like Jesus. How many times have you heard that phrase?  How can a person say that and then not even obey what Jesus commanded to do?  Think about this.  These religious individuals want to be more like Jesus, but they will not obey Him.  They despise His commands.  People like this are dreaming lies and living in a fable.  If you want to be more like Jesus then get out of your church and get to work saving the lost and deliver the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to the public.  Get your lazy pastor to join you, too.  Get him out of the "secretive closed-door church environment" and put him in the public places to preach, just like Jesus did.  Now you and your pastor will be more like Jesus.  But, these Christians still will not go share the Gospel to the lost, but they still pray they want to be more like Jesus.  Others say they want to know Jesus better.  They will... once they obey Him.  Can you believe it?

  89. Fables for Believers. "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers, and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables." 2 Timothy 4:3-4.

  90. Spiritual Maturity. There is a big problem in the churches today.  Everyone is seeking and striving and praying and grasping for Spiritual Maturity, but they never arrive.  Why is this?  Because they do not even put the little things they have learned into practice to save the lost.  So, to learn the entire Bible, memorize it and still not obey it is spiritual suicide in God's eyes.  Jesus said they worship Him in vain.  It means all of your church-work and Bible study is null and void.  It counts for nothing.  For many of these spiritually mature Christians will go to their grave in old age and still have not truly saved the lost.  Few, to none, have ever gone downtown to reach the lost even once or twice in their lifetime.  They have never gathered and so they have scattered.  They think supporting the church building and religion will count as credit, but Jesus said "They worship me in vain."  Better to be spiritually poor, save the lost and obey God than to become spiritually mature and spiritually dead.  Better to have the fear of God than the false comfort of religion. Better to gather than to scatter. Look at the fruit in your life to see how mature you are.  It is not wise to become so spiritually and heavenly minded you are no longer any earthly good.  Can you believe it?   

  91. Selfish Christians. You will often hear in America and in the free world countries the cry of Christian believers and pastors for the rapture to come quickly so they can be swept away from death, earth and enter heaven.  They will leave many others behind.  The Old Testament church was under horrible persecution, so they had a reason for wanting to leave. But the American church is living in luxury and they want to leave earth.  But they are truly being selfish and thinking only of themselves.  What about the lost, those left behind?  If the rapture is true and it happens, how many did these Christians save from the tribulation and ultimately hell's fire?  Hardly none.  Why?  Because they had no mercy on the lost to go and warn them of the wrath of God to come upon them.  They only thought of themselves.  They could care less if others go to hell, as long as they go to heaven.  That is their attitude demonstrated by their lack of works to save the lost.   So, many of these so-called believing churchgoers will find themselves left-behind with their false shepherd pastors to face the tribulation and ultimately spend eternity in hell.  They can blame themselves for disregarding Jesus' commands and instead choosing to believe their false shepherd.  Can you believe it?  

  92. Pray for our Ministry. You hear this plea from many ministers and those who support them, but you will most all of the time notice there is also a plea for you to donate money to them so they can continue the ministry to reach more souls.  The ministry does not really want your prayers, they are praying that you will feel led to open your wallet!  The Lord said He would supply all the needs if you (the ministry included) put the Kingdom of God first.  He never said to beg for money.  He never said to cry to other Christians to give financial gifts or conduct fund-raising activities.  If the ministry is not supported by the Lord, in His way, then the ministry is a false ministry; regardless of the good intentions and fine works that ministry may inspire to do.  The Lord does not need His servants to go about begging for food, money and other donations to promote His Gospel.  Jesus said to beware of false prophets and teachers. He commanded us to be on guard and that there would be many of them, not a few, many.  The Lord wants you to begin your own ministry, not join some organized purpose run by some false church system.  And by the way, the Lord will pay the bills.  Don't you go around embarrassing the Lord by begging others for money.  God pays the bills.  He is not sending out His servants to do a job and then withholds wages.  Why, even you would not do such a terrible thing!  Our Father is much more honest than many ministries believe otherwise.  If a ministry asks you for money to reach the lost, then turn your face to the Lord and tell Him, "Lord, I will go and I will not beg others to pay your bills."  The apostate system has become to rely on the evil and disobedient system of begging for money and stealing God's tithes.  Can you believe it?

  93. Who's Watching Out For You? Go ahead and read Ezekiel 33:1-7 and ask yourself how come your pastor or priest is no teaching you to become a watchman to warn others of God's wrath to come?  That those who do not know Christ will be thrown into hell.  In this Bible verse there is a warning to those who refuse to warn others of destruction and it will be hell for them too.  A Christian's job is to warn people of hell's fire and to come to Jesus Christ by faith for forgiveness so they can be "saved from hell" so they can enter heaven.  So, if you are not watching out for the lost, then God is telling you that nobody is watching out for you.  That means your pastor is not teaching you what you should know and you are not reading God's Word, the Bible, to learn of these things.  God does not lie.  Jesus also warned of His servants that are unmerciful and produce no fruit and they were also sent to hell.  God will not be mocked.  You can't go around believing your are saved and yet not save anyone else and think you are going to heaven.  Jesus never taught such things.  If you were truly born-again, you would be out trying to save the lost.  That is what Jesus did and that is what He wants all His servants to do.  Isn't it time you begin to watch out for your own soul and stop relying on false and misleading teachers? Most Christians are being duped and they no longer can hear the Lord's commands and desires.  Can you believe it?      

  94. Armed Guards - Many pastors secretly pack a loaded pistol under their jacket while other pastors hire armed security guards to actually perform intimidating visible patrols during the church worship service!  Jesus never said for any of us to carry weapons for self-defense purposes.  He said, "I am sending  you out like sheep among wolves.  Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. - Matthew 10-16"  He did not say to take up swords, knives, slings, spears or any other weapon.  The Holy Spirit will guide.  Early church Christians never fought the authorities in battles to save their lives from persecution and their lives were threatened each day of the year.  A pastor today becomes a celebrity and it is his own fault if he is a victim of some irate citizen or churchgoer's anger.  It is often an act of revenge because the pastor has performed some evil sin of adultery, breaking up a marriage or some secret financial dealings gone sour.  The apostate pastor will arm himself to the teeth using God's tithe money, yet disobey the Lord in so many ways it will make your head spin.  Get rid of the armed guards and follow the Lord's commands and the Apostles and the early church saints' example not to be armed with weapons.  The pastor who arms himself and surrounds himself with a deadly threat of force is apostate.  What business does loaded guns have inside what the pastor calls God's house? He is a lying coward and a false shepherd!  This pastor will never be seen in public places proclaiming the Gospel free of charge.  He only proclaims a Gospel inside his church and only in the products he sells.  It is also a false Gospel he preaches.  Early Christians were whipped, beaten, threatened and killed and they never carried weapons.  Can you believe it?

  95. The New Church - The new pastor is taught by seminary and by other pastors how to attract people to come to church.  They will send a postal letter or e-mail to the community saying they are not like other churches and that if you come you will discover sermons that will give you practical messages to encourage you each week.  You will even meet new friends and enjoy upbeat contemporary music.  They will say that other churches sermons are boring and will not help you in your daily living.  They may even proclaim that they are not interested in what is in your wallet (a bold-face lie) and that attending church should be fun and enjoyable.  And don't worry about the kids, we will baby-sit them for you.  So, what you get is every bored unrepentant sinner who wants to have a good time come to this new apostate church.  They never become born-again, but they all believe they are going to heaven.  There is no real change in their life.  They don't go out to save the lost or obey the commands of Jesus on a daily basis.  They love to play church and have fun doing so.  It is a huge party.  A different Gospel is preached.  A different Jesus is honored.  This activity is considered success and the old pastors have joined in and become apostate too. They read the books from these apostate pastors and now apply those awful techniques that bring sinners inside the church where they can thrive and multiply.  This is the new church system being used to snare the lost and the saved alike into the pit of hell.  Can you believe it? 

  96. Go into Debt - The pastor has no Biblical right to put the church fellowship into financial debt to pay for a church building or school or whatever that he personally owns.  But that is what the apostate pastor will do. They take out huge loans to build or expand building projects that cost millions of dollars.  Then they place the burden of paying for the principal and interest upon the necks of the flock to pay it off.  Who profits?  The pastor profits, he owns these buildings free and clear.  You bet his retirement years will be lavish.  In fact, these pastors live high on the hog and their personal investments hidden from your eyes would astound you.  You would fall on the floor if you knew how many millions of dollars is stashed away and invested by these pastors.  They have huge portfolios of stocks, bonds, real estate and other investments.  While the average church member is working for wages with no guarantee of a safe retirement, the pastor has no fear.  He is already rich and much richer than you want to believe.  He has become rich because he steals God's tithe money for himself and will use it for the luxury he desires.  If you are paying for a church building then wake up.  Find out who really owns that building.  If the pastor owns it, then get out of that church.  You will never find in the legal contract that your pastor must "share the money" with the flock when he eventually sells the church buildings.   And he will sell it one day, just you wait and see.  He will sell it to another pastor and you will get nothing, not a penny for your faithfulness.  The pastor takes every last dime for himself, and he does it all in the name of Jesus.   That should wake you up!  Can you believe it?

  97. Denominational Debt - The small church pastor forcefully pushes his flock into assuming his debts to pay for his church buildings.  You don't have a choice.  When you give him money he takes it and will use it as he pleases.  There is no true open accounting taking place.  The large denominations do the same.  They steal God's tithe money to build more church buildings and their real estate holding become worth billions of dollars. Yet not a penny of this money is ever given back to the flock.  Hurting sheep who can't pay their bills are evicted from their homes.  Heat is shut off in the middle of winter.  Bankruptcy is declared because they can't work to pay their bills due to medical bills.  These huge denominational churches will see you destroyed and they will not lend a helping hand.  They will only offer you spiritual advice for the physical money you have given them.  You will not be helped financially by this church system.  Yet this dragon still demands their tithe dollars to be given to them!  If not?  You disobey God and will be sent to hell for it, so they say.  The Early Church gave money to each other to help each other.  To share each other's burdens.  The big denominations are nothing but modern day Pharisaical systems as in Jesus day where they place burdens on the people and lift not a finger to remove them.  Say good bye to each dollar you give to this church system.  You would have been way better off investing the money in God's work to save the lost; at least the Lord would have given you a reward.  The apostate church gives you nothing to help you in return for your loyalty to it.  It is far better to be loyal to Jesus than to a cold-hearted denomination.  Can you believe it?  

  98. Bring the Crowd - Jesus went out into the countryside and then a crowd gathered.  He went into sinner's homes.  He even was called a friend of sinners (Luke 7:34)  He went to find the lost sheep!  The Apostles did the same thing.  But the apostate church does not go out into the community to preach the Good News of the Gospel.  It say's, "If you want the Gospel, you come to us."  And they advertise in the newspapers, phone directories and on television to come worship or fellowship with them.  But you will not see these churches do what Jesus or the Apostles did to save the lost.  Jesus commanded them to go, but they will not go.  Can you believe it?

  99. Sunday Tradition - Sunday worship services is not Biblical and is a man-made "tradition."  All the churches are doing it.  Jesus warned of obeying tradition over the commands of God in Matthew 15-2, but worshippers keep on disobeying God, violate the Sabbath day and think they are doing God's will.   And it's the pastors who are orchestrating all of this.  Can you believe it?    

  100. Holidays not of God - The modern day church celebrates Christmas and Easter, yet there is no record in the Bible where it is commanded to celebrate Jesus birthday or his resurrection day.  These are man-made holy days that are not holy according to the Bible.  It was the Roman Catholic church that invented these holy days and now everyone is observing them.  Sunday is not the Sabbath and it too is observed by a decree from the Roman Catholic church.  It is not popular to believe in the Bible and observe God's written holy days.  It is more fun and more religious to adhere to man's traditions even if such traditions are pagan in origin.  Can you believe it?

  101. Millions Do Nothing - There will be millions of people attending church worship services this week.  But how many of these millions will leave just one Gospel tract today?  Do the math.  If they truly were disciples of Christ they would be leaving Gospel tract everywhere to reach the lost.  We would see evidence.  They would go forth and witness to the lost one way or another, but we should still see tens of thousands of tracts, but we don't.  We are lucky to find even one.  This is the fruit of the apostate church.  Can you believe it? 

  102. Shut the Doors - The church is closed today, tomorrow, the next day, the next day, the next day.  It may only be open for business two days a week but only a few hours each of those days.  Other than that the church is closed every day and every night.  The bars and strip clubs are open, but the lost have no place of refuge when the church doors are sealed shut with nobody home to answer the door.  You won't find church members actively reaching out to the lost, so the lost just stay lost.  These big expensive churches are only open for business when a flock is to arrive to donate money to it.  That happens to be a Saturday or a Sunday.  Once the money is collected the doors are again sealed shut-tight, locked and nobody reached out to save the lost today, like every other day.  Nothing has changed.  Nobody cares.  Can you believe it?

  103. Don't Pray to Jesus - What if the Jesus you are praying to is not the Jesus of the Bible?  Impossible you say?  It is common knowledge apostate churches do preach a different Jesus; a Jesus that does not frown on sin, disregards personal repentance and will always make you feel good, etc.  This counterfeit Jesus will bless unrepentant dedicated sinners, so the pastor says and is therefore believed by the flock.  But Jesus of Nazareth is the real Son of God who says things much different that what your pastor or priest is teaching you.  All you need to do is read what Jesus of Nazareth says in the Bible and He will expose the false Jesus for you.  That is if you dare to do so.  The apostate church has created a new and different Jesus and mixes this false Jesus with Biblical half-truth sermons.  But the real Jesus of Nazareth is not preached, so if you do pray, make sure you say so in Jesus name?  No, say in Jesus of Nazareth's name and you will be praying to the  true Jesus who can be trusted.  Can you believe it?                   

  104. Where are the Miracles? Churchgoers have the same disease rates as unbelievers.  That is what studies have shown.  The same divorce rates too.  So, these churchgoing Christians attend church services and pray for healing, etc.  They don't get what they want. Why?  Because they violate God's conditions.  There are many conditions in the Bible, but here are just two we will use as an example.  If you want your miracle from Jesus, then read and obey this;  "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; a good understanding have all those who do His commandments" - Psalm 111:10.  Are you doing what Jesus said for you to do in His parables and elsewhere?  Did He command you to go to church on Sunday?  Did He command you to worship Him on Sunday?  Or was is Friday and Saturday?  Did He tell you to worship Him inside a church building?  Get the idea?  Jesus will not tolerate disobedience and falseness.  He will not heal those who choose to disobey Him.  Jesus said for you to go proclaim the Gospel.  He said for "you" to do it, not somebody else.  Are you doing it? Are you willing?  Are you trying? Are you at least leaving Gospel tracts where the lost can find them?  If you are not being merciful to those who will certainly perish in hell, then God is not going to be merciful to you, no matter what your pastor or priest tells you otherwise.  God's word is not lies, it is the awesome truth.  Here's another verse, "And whatever we ask we receive from Him, because we keep His commandments and do the things that are pleasing in His sight" - I John 3:22.  Are doing the things that are pleasing to your pastor, priest and church?  Likely so, but God does not care about that.  He only cares about what is pleasing to Him!   When you wake up and forsake the apostate church system and all of its attractive lures and deceptions and walk away from it so you can serve the Lord alone to reach those who are lost then you will be set free and given whatsoever you ask.  Can you believe it?  

  105. The Pastor's Vision - Know this that pastors understand psychology extremely well and they know what motivates people to give them money. Rule #1 is to get the flock to "see his vision" for his church (of course he tells you is your church).  He knows you will not give money if there is a need for money, but if he can get you to believe in a dream you will open your wallet.  If you listen to the pastor's pleas for money you will now be able to recognize the fact he is actually selling you his vision and his dream that will be now be your vision and your dream.  Be careful of these apostate pastors begging for money.  Can you believe it?        

  106. Who is Responsible?.  For the apostate church to exist it must have the endorsement of a pastor or a priest who is a false shepherd.  For a false religion to prosper it must have the guidance of a devout pastor.   For a false shepherd to deceive the flock it must be performed by a very religious pastor.  If you are a church member and you somehow end up in hell, it will be so because a pastor lied to you.  Better for you to read the Gospel parables again, one more time, and make absolutely sure that in these parables, Jesus is speaking about you.  When you learn this truth and take heed of Jesus' warning and commands, you will be set free from the false shepherd that deceived you.  Jesus said many will go to hell, so that means there will be many pastors leading them to the pit of hell by false teachings.  Your pastor could be a false shepherd.  Can you believe it?

  107. Who Said That? Who said it was permissible for a pastor to lawfully build and own a church building? Who said a pastor is exempt from proclaiming the Gospel in public places?  Who said a New Testament era pastor can take God's tithe money to earn a living from it?  Who said a pastor can keep all the tithe money and not share it with the flock to care for the member's financial needs?  Who said the New Testament era pastor or priest's church building is the House of God?  Who said a pastor is to replace Jesus Christ as a Spiritual Authority?  Who said a Christian need not obey Jesus' commands?  Who said believers need not fear the Lord?   Who said the flock need not believe Jesus parables and warnings?  Who said to listen to the pastor or priest and believe in what they say and do what they tell you to do?  Who said Jesus will not throw unfaithful believers (servants) into hell?  Who said backsliding is caused by not attending church worship services?  Who said the pastor can preach only parts of the Gospel that sound nice, but not preach hell-fire warnings like Jesus did?  Who said to give money to pastors?  Who said for pastors to sell the Gospel?  Who said Christians do not have to go out each day and proclaim the Gospel?  Who said Bible study is to  take the place of witnessing to the lost?  Who said the elders of the church no longer must proclaim the Gospel in public places to reach the lost?  Who said for pastors to sell the choir's songs?  Who said pastors can merchandise and sell their sermons for a price?  Read the Bible, because God never told pastors to do any of these things.  They are man-made contraptions designed to deceive you into taking your money and to make you believe you are doing God's work.  Can you believe it?   



If you would like to learn how you can work for God directly by starting your own outreach ministry you should read this book "Walking With The Lord."  It will teach you how to reach the lost in ways you never dreamed possible.  It is so easy to do for all ages and it is a commandment of God to bear good fruit.  Give yourself a chance to turn your life around and begin to bear good fruit to honor God.  Do not wait to be the branch that God will cut off.  It will be too late then!  You may be in an apostate church and not know it or you may refuse to believe it.  But if you go to work for God now and obey His commands God will save you from disaster.  How? Because it is Jesus fertilizing the tree (in His parable) as a last resort before God chops down the worthless tree to be thrown into the fire.  


This could be your last chance.  Please, get on fire to save the lost (become born again) and obey God's commands to proclaim the Gospel to the lost before it is too late.  Going to church is not what God wants.  He wants mercy, good fruit, good works, and obedience to His Word and He desires that the lost be saved.  Get on board with God's agenda.  Listen to the Lord's voice and simply obey Him.  Then you will be a good and faithful servant - James Russell Publishing.  

       End of Article