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Baking Goods, Condiments, Sauces, Seasonings and Sweeteners



Cakes, Cookies, and Crackers

Candy, Chewing Gum, and Chips


Dairy Products

Meats, and Frozen Entrees

Pasta, Rice, Sauces and Soups

Other Products

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Aldi Food Aunt Maples 2% Maple Syrup Non-Animal Clean

Alberto-Culver Molly McButter Natural Butter Non-Pork Clean

Molly McButter Lite Sodium Butter Non-Pork Clean

Chef Pierre 10” Unbaked Pie Shells with vegetable shortening Vegetable Clean

Country Home Bakers 10" Unbaked Pie Shells Shortening/Vegetable Clean

Dominick's Frozen Pie Shells (Reg. & Deep Dish) Non-Pork Clean

Refrigerated Pie Shells Lard Unclean

Emes Kosher Jel Discontinued N/A

Fleming Companies Best Yet Gelatin Pork Unclean

Heinz All products having a circle “U” or “K”.          Clean

Note: The above Kosher symbols approved by the IOG for Heinz products only.

College Inn Chicken Broth Non-Pork          Clean

Hershey Foods Corp. Chocolate Syrup Non-Animal Clean

HP Health Care DiabetiSweet Non-Pork Clean

Jel-Sert Davis Baking Powder Non-Pork Clean

My-T-Fine Puddings Non-Pork Clean

Royal Gelatins Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Royal Puddings Non-Pork Clean

Royal Flan Non-Pork Clean

JM Sucker Co. Crisco (All Varieties) Non-Pork Clean

K.C. Masterpiece Barbecue Sauces Non-Pork Clean

Honey Teriyaki Marinade Non-Pork Clean

Garlic & Herb Marinade Non-Pork Clean

BBQ Marinade Non-Pork Clean

Kraft Foods JELLO Pork Unclean

Kroger Instant Pudding Mixes: Banana Cream, Tapioca & Pistachio Clean

Note: All Kroger products containing gelatin (source is pork) Unclean

Lawry’s Marinades Non-Animal Clean

Season Salt Non-Animal Clean

Taco Seasonings Non-Animal Clean

Lea & Perrins Worestershire Sauce Non-pork Clean

Little Crow Foods Bakin' Miracle Non-Pork Clean

Fryin' Magic Vegetable, Syn. Clean

Marshmallows Most Brands--(Solid) Gelatin, Pork Unclean
Elyon Miniature Marshmallows Gelatin, Kosher Fish Clean
Paskesz Mini Marshmallows Gelain, Kosher Fish Clean
Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Crème Non-Animal Clean
Solo Foods Baker's Corner Marshmallow Crème Non-Animal Clean

McCormick Bag Gravy Pork/Processing Unclean

Chili Sauces Pork/Processing Unclean

Bag Seasoning Mixes Pork/Processing Unclean

Individual Seasonings bearing a cRc Kosher Symbol Clean

Mrs. Smith Bakeries All Products with a circled "U" w/o L-Cysteine Non-Pork Clean

Nabisco A-1 Steak Sauce Non-Animal Clean

Knox Gelatin Pork Unclean

Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce Non-Animal Clean

(Gelatin Fruit Pectin)

Pappy’s Foods, Inc. Jewel Seasoning Salt Non-Animal Clean

Pinnacle Foods Vlassic Peppers, Pickles & Relishes Non-Pork Clean

Safeway Select Frozen Pie Shells (Reg. & Deep Dish) Non-Pork Clean

Refrigerated Pie Shells Pork Unclean

Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart BakeShop Products (Per their representative, they can not guarantee that LARD is never used in their products. They stated to look for animal free products to be safe.

Sara Lee Beuler's Pie Crust (Aldi's) Pork Unclean

Sweet ‘N Low Sugar In The Raw

United Sugars Corp. Crystal Sugar


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Campbell Tomato Juice Non-Animal Clean

V8 Vegetable Juice Non-Animal Clean

Coca-Cola All products

Dr Pepper/ Seven Up, Inc. Dr Pepper

Seven Up

Horizon Organic Juices (All Varieties) Non-Animal Clean

Jel-Sert Fla-Vor-Ice Non-Pork Clean

Flavor Aid Non-Pork Clean

Mondo Drinks Non-Pork Clean

Otter-Pops Non-Pork Clean

Pop-Ice Non-Pork Clean

Wyler's Non-Pork Clean

Magnolia Spice Teas All Varieties Non-Animal Clean

Minute Maid Minute Maid Fruit Drink Non-Animal Clean

Minute Maid – 100% Pink Grapefruit Juice Cochineal Unclean

Hi-C Fruit Drink Non-Animal Clean

Five Alive Juice Non-Animal Clean

Mistic Brands, Inc. All Drinks Non-Animal Clean

Whipple Smoothies Milk Clean

Ruby Red Drink Vegetable Color Clean

Ocean Spray Juice Ruby Red (All Varieties) Vegetable Color/Red #40 Clean

White Cranberry Peach Canthaxanthin Unclean

All Other Drinks Non-Animal Clean

Old Orchard Products with Carmine/Cochineal Insect Unclean

Products without Carmine/Cochineal

Pespi Cola All Drinks Non-Animal Clean

Snapple All Drinks Non-Pork Clean

Ruby Red Drink Vegetable Color Clean

Welch's All 100% Juices & Drinks Non-Animal Clean


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Al Khyam Bakery Pita Bread Non-Animal Clean

Best Food Baking, Co. Brownberry Bread Vegetable Clean

Boboli Bread Vegetable Clean

Beuler's (Aldi Foods) Crescent Rolls Non-Pork Clean

Buttermilk Biscuits Non-Pork Clean

Jumbo Buttermilk Biscuits Non-Pork Clean

Texas Art Butter Flavor Biscuits Non-Pork Clean

Certified Groceries Country Delight Bread Vegetable Clean
    (Baker Divison)

Chicago Baking Company Butternut Vegetable Clean

Sunbeam Vegetable Clean

Roman Meal Vegetable Clean

Cloverhill Bakery All Baked Goods Vegetable Clean
       (Aldi Brand)

Cole Bread Frozen bread loaves (All Varieties) Enzymes, pork Unclean

Dominick’s Fresh Bake Shop Products Beef/Pork Unclean

French Bread L-Cysteine/Life-Forms Unclean

Dominicks/Safeway Pre-Packaged Breads, Bagels, Muffins, Hotdog & Hamburger Buns Are Designated CLEAN unless they contain L-Cysteine, Mono-Digly./Enzy, Veg/Beef.

Earthgrains Jewel Crescent Rolls Mono-digly.Beef/Pork. Unclean

Jewel Jumbo Biscuits Mono-digly, Beef/Pork Unclean

Jewel 10ct. Buttermilk Biscuits Tallow, Beef/Pork Unclean

Jewel Homestye Biscuits Tallow, Beef/Pork Unclean

George Weston Bakeries Thomas' Sahara Pita Breads Non-Pork Clean

Interstate Brands Co. Wonder Bread Vegetable Clean

Beef Steak Bread Vegetable Clean

Bread Dujour Vegetable Clean

Jewel/Osco Fresh Bake Shop Products Beef/Pork/Veg. Unclean

Jewel Louisiana Crunch Cake Non-pork Clean

Jiffy Mix Corn Bread mix Lard, Pork Unclean

King’s Hawaiian King’s Hawaiian Bread & Rolls L-Cysteine Unclean

Little Crow Foods Miracle Maize - Country Style Vegetable Clean

Miracle Maize - Sweet Vegetable Clean

McDonald's Sesame Seed Buns Enzy/Mono-dygl. Unclean

Metz Baking Co./Sara Lee Betterway Bread Mono-dyg.,Beef/Pork Unclean

Holsum Bread Mono-dyg.,Beef/Pork Unclean

Pillsbury Breads Mono-dyg.,Beef/Porke Unclean

Mother’s Bread Mono-dyg.,Beef/Pork Unclean

Mississippi Bakery L’Oven Fresh Breads Vegetable Clean
      (Aldi Brand) L’Oven Fresh Hamburger buns Vegetable Clean

L’Oven Fresh Hot Dog buns Vegetable Clean

Nature's Own 100% Wheat Bread Non-Pork Clean

North Baking Company Jewel Breads Vegetable Clean
      (Jewel Brand) Jewel Rolls Vegetable Clean

Jewel Hotdog Buns Vegetable Clean

Jewel Hamburger Buns Vegetable Clean

Pepperidge Farm Breads Non-Animal Clean

Cookies Non-Animal Clean

Pepperidge Farm Garlic Bread w/ Cheese Beef / Pork Unclean

Pillsbury All can refrigerated biscuits Beef / Pork Unclean

Quaker Oats Company Aunt Jemima Pancake & Waffle Mix Non-Animal Clean

Safeway Select 5 Cheese Garlic Toast L-Cysteine Unclean

Garlic Cheese Bread L-Cysteine Unclean

Sara Lee Breads Pork Unclean

Bimbo Breads Pork Unclean

Croissants Non-Pork Clean

Iron Kids Bread Pork Unclean

White Castle "BUNS" L-Cysteine Unclean


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ADM Milling Co. Aldi Brand: Non-Animal Clean

Morning Gold Buttermilk Complete Pancake Mix

Archway Cookies All products having a "K" in a triangle are Pork Free. Non-Pork Clean

Bake-Line Products, Inc Aldi Stores:

Cookie Shoppe Striped Shortbread Non-Animal Clean

Cookie Shoppe Fudge Covered Grahams Non-Animal Clean

Cookie Shoppe Premium Chocolate Chip Non-Animal Clean

Cookie Shoppe Pecan Shortbread Non-Animal Clean

Bake-Line Products, Inc. Jewel Stores:

Sandwich Crème Cookies (all varieties) Non-Animal Clean

B.C. Bundt Co. Banana Nut, Lemon, & Vanilla Cakes, Non-Pork Clean

Pineapple Orange, & Strawberry Cakes, Non-Pork Clean

Louisiana Crunch, & Sock-it-to-Me Cakes Non-Pork Clean

Best Foods All Entenmann’s Products w/o L-Cysteine

Products containing L-cysteine

Beuler's (Aldi's) Cinnamon Roll with white icing Non-Pork Clean

Chocolate Chip Cookies Non-Pork Clean

Tree Shaped Cookies Non-Pork Clean

Bishops (Aldi Stores) Bakers Treat Peanut Butter Waffers Vegetable Clean

Bud’s Best Cookies All varieties Non-Pork Clean

Cloverhill Bakery (Aldi Brand) Donuts Vegetable Clean

Daddy Ray’s (Aldi Brand) Cookie Shoppe Fig Bars Non-Animal Clean

Delicious Brands Salerno Butter Cookies Vegetable Clean

Mama’s Sandwich Cookies Vegetable Clean

Dominick’s Dominick’s Snack Crackers w/o bacon Vegetable Clean

 (All varieties with bacon) Pork Unclean

Duncan Hines Brownie Mixes Non-Animal Clean

Cake Mixes Non-Animal Clean

Cookie Mixes Non-Animal Clean

Frostings Non-Animal Clean

Flowers Bakeries Products with an circled U or Triangle K and no L-Cysteine Clean

Mrs. Freshley’s Products Non-Pork Clean

Walmart Sub & Kaiser Rolls Non-Pork Clean

Interstate Brands Co. Dolly Madison Cupcakes Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Hostess Cupcakes Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Hostess SnoBalls Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Banana Dreams & Banana Flips Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Only non-gelatin pastry products

Jel-Sert No Bake Cheesecake Non-pork Clean

Jewel Food Store Snack Crackers Non-pork Clean

Kashi Products TLC Crackers Enzy., Plant/Microbial Clean

Keebler Cheez-It Crackers Enzy.-Plant/Microbial Clean

Kellogg Company Low Fat Granola Bars Non-Pork Clean

Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars Non-Pork Clean

Pop-Tarts (frosted) Gelatin, Beef Clean

Pop-Tarts (un-frosted) Non-Gelatin Clean

Pop-Tarts Pastry Swirls Gelatin, Beef Clean

Rice Krispies Treats Squares Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Special K Protein Snack Bars Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Krispie Kreme Doughnuts, Pastries & Fruit Pies Vegetable Clean

Lofthouse Cookies Co Most Cookies Non-Pork Clean

Pink Sugar Cookies Pork Unclean

McKee Foods Corp. Little Debbie Snack Cakes Vegetable Clean

Sunbelt Snacks Vegetable Clean

Mississippi Bakery L’Oven Fresh Cinnamon rolls Vegetable Clean
      (Aldi Foods) L’Oven Fresh Powdered donuts Vegetable Clean

L’Oven Fresh Variety Pack Cake donuts Vegetable Clean

M&M / Mars Kudos (whole grain snacks) Vegetable Clean

Mrs. Smith Bakeries Baker's Treat Pecan Sweet Rolls Non-Animal Clean

Nabisco Food Group All non-gelatin products Non-Pork Clean

Any product containing gelatin or L-Cysteine Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Ritz Crackers Non-Pork Clean

Otis Spunkmeyer Co Bagels (All Varieties) Non-Pork Clean

Bear Claws Pork Unclean

Cinnamon Rolls Pork Unclean

Cookies (All Varieties) Non-Pork Clean

Danish (All Varieties) Pork Unclean

Muffins (All Varieties) Non-Pork Clean

Pepperidge Farm Cookies Non-Animal Clean

Gold Fish Crackers (All Varietes) Enzy., Beef/Microbial Clean

Pepperidge Farm Cakes (All Varieties) Gelatin,Beef/Pork Unclean

Sara Lee Classic French Cheesecake Gelatin, Beef/Pork Unclean

Strawberry French Cheesecake Gelatin, Beef/Pork Unclean

French Silk Pies Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Tropical Coconut Cream Pies Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Tangy Lemon Meringue Pies Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Banana Cake Pork Unclean

Carrot Cake Pork Unclean

Fruit Pies Vegetable Clean

Pound Cake Non-Animal Clean

Coffee Cake Non-Animal Clean

Layer Cake Non-Animal Clean

Original Cheesecake Non-Animal Clean

Cheesecake Bites Non-Animal Clean

Cheesecake Slices Non-Animal Clean

New York Style Cheesecake Non-Animal Clean

Bagels Non-Animal Clean

Muffins Non-Animal Clean

Schulze & Burch Biscuit Co. Aldi’s Baker’s Treat toaster pastries Beef, Pork, or Soy Unclean

Snack Rite (Aldi's) Snack, Gourmet, Wheat, & Cheese Crackers Enzymes, Bacterial Clean

Fit & Active Thin Wheat Crackers Enzymes, Bacterial Clean

Tasty Baking Co. All Products without L-Cysteine

Products with L-Cysteine

Vista Bakery, Inc. 
(Lance Co.)
Mercer Products (Aldi's)

Chocolate Chip Cookies Non-Animal Clean

Chocolate Sandwich Creams Non-Animal Clean

Fudge Cremes Non-Animal Clean

Mixed Sugar Wafers Non-Animal Clean

Oatmeal and Iced Oatmeal Gelatin, Perch Fish Clean

Peanut Butter Dreams Non-Animal Clean

Vanilla Sandwich Creams Non-Animal Clean

Cambridge Products (Aldi's)

Saltines Non-Animal Clean

Oyster Crackers Non-Animal Clean

Voortman Cookies All Varieties Non-Animal Clean


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                  CANDY, CHEWING GUM AND CHIPS


Affy Tapple All Products Non-Pork Clean

Amurol Confectionery Co. Everest Gum Glycerin,Synthetic Clean

Bubble Tape Gum Glycerin,Synthetic Clean

Atkinson's Candy Co Assorted Sours (Hard Candy) Non-Pork Clean

Chick-O-Sticks, Coconut Long Boys Non-Pork Clean

Mint Twists, Peanut Butter Bars Non-Pork Clean

Rainbow Coconut Bars Non-Pork Clean

Rainbow Twists & Peco Brittle Non-Pork Clean

Cadbury-Adams Bubbaloo Bubble Gum Non-Pork Clean

Brach's Candy All Products Containing Gelatin Pork Unclean

Callard&Bowser-Suchard, Inc.(Wrigley) Altoid Mints/Gum Pork Unclean

Farley's & Sather's Amazin' Fruit Gummi Bears Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Heide Gummi Bears Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Products without Gelatin & Carmine

Ferrara Pan All Gummy Candies Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Red Hots, Jawbusters, Lemonheads Non-gelatin Clean

Atomic Fireballs, Boston Bake Beans Non-gelatin Clean

Ferrero Tic Tacs Mints

Fit & Active (Aldi's) Nacho Tortilla Chips & Blue Chips Non-Pork Clean

Frito Lay Baked Lay’s Chicken Clean

Cheetos Rennet/Calf Clean

Cheetos Flamin Hots Enzy., Pork Unclean

Doritos Nacho Cheese Enzy., Pork Unclean

Doritos Salsa Verde tortilla chips Chicken Clean

Doritos Smokey /Red BBQ tortilla chips Beef Clean

Fritos Chili brand chips Beef Clean

Grandma’s (Homestyle Molasses Big Cookie) Gelatin, Pork Unclean

KC Masterpiece BBQ chips Chicken Clean

Lay’s Flavor Rush (Cheddar BBQ Blast chips) Beef Clean

Ruffles Brand DIPS (all varieties) Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Ruffles Buffalo Style chips Chicken Clean

Ruffles Flavor Rush: BBQ-Cheddar Chips Beef Clean

Ruffles The Works chips Bacon fat Unclean

SunChips French Onion Multigrain Snacks Non-Pork Clean

Garrett’s Popcorn Cheese popcorn Enzy.,Vegetable Clean

Geotze's All Products Non-Pork Clean

Hershey's All Candies with Gelatin Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Amazin' Fruit (All Varieties) Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Good N' Fruity & Good N' Plenty Gelatin, Pork Unclean

ALL Bubble Yum Bubble Gum Equip.,Pork Unclean

Jolly Rancher Gummis Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Jolly Rancher Hard Candies Proprietary Unclean

Jay's Oke-Doke Cheese Popcorn Enzyme,Pork Unclean

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Coating,beeswax Clean

Judson-Atkinson Candies Assorted Sour Balls Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Just Born Peeps Marshmallow Candy Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Mike&Ike, Hot Tamalas, Zours, Teanie Beanie Jelly Beans and Peeps Jelly Beans Non-Gelatin Clean

Kellogg Fruit Snacks Gelatin, Beef/Pork Unclean

Kraft Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts Gelatin,Pork Unclean

Lincoln Snack Co. Fiddle Faddle (all varieties) Non-Pork Clean

M&M/ Mars (Wrigley) M&M candies Whey, Non-pork Clean

Snickers Bar Whey, Non-pork Clean

3 Musketeer Bar Whey, Non-pork Clean

Milky Way Bar Whey, Non-pork Clean

Twix Bar Whey, Non-pork Clean

Skittles Crazy Cores Gelatin,Pork Unclean

Starburst Fruit Chews Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Starburst Gummibursts Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Nabisco Planters Cheese Balls Gelatin, Pork/Beef Unclean

Planters Cheese Curls Gelatin,Pork/Beef Unclean

Natonal Candy Dubble Bubble Gum Pops

Nestle Most Candies Gelatin, Beef Clean

Pixy Stix Carmine Unclean

Gummy Sweetarts Gelatin, Pork/Beef Unclean

Proctor & Gamble Pringles (All Varieties) Non-Pork Clean

Richardson Starlights, Jumbo Candy Balls, Tiger Pops Non-Pork Clean

Mint Ball Pops, Rainbow Mix, Non-Pork Clean

Filled Tutti-Frutti & Strawberry Non-Pork Clean

Lemmon Buttons Non-Pork Clean

Sour Balls Non-Pork Clean

Spangler Candy Astro Pops, Candy Canes

Dum Dum Pops, Saf-T-Pops

Suck An Eggs

Marshmallow Peanuts Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Sargento MooTown Snacks Cheeze & Sticks Rennet, Beef Clean

MooTown Cheeze & Pretzels Rennet, Beef Clean

MooTown Cheeze & Crackers Rennet, Beef Clean

Aldi Brand Products:

Dippables Cheese & Sticks Beef Rennet Clean

Dippables Cheese & Pretzels Beef Rennet Clean

Dippables Cheese & Crackers Beef Rennet Clean

St. Claire's Co. Organic Winter Mints Non-Pork Clean

The Stork Company Mamba candies Beef Clean

Riesen candies Beef Clean

Werthers candies Beef Clean

Tootsie Roll Industries Charm Blow Pops Glycerin,Synthetic Clean
(Concord Confections, Inc.) Junior Mints Non- Pork Clean

Tootsie Rolls Whey,Synthetic Clean

Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum Pork Unclean

Van-Melle Airheads (all varieties) Non-Gelatin Clean

Mentos (Candy & Gum w/Carmine)

Vitner Company White Cheddar Popcorn Enzymes,Pork Unclean

Cheese Twist Enzymes,Pork Unclean

Cheese Crunchy’s Enzymes,Pork Unclean

Cheedar Cheese Popcorn Enzy.Non-pork  Clean

Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips Enzymes,Microbial Clean

Goodmark Foods, Inc. : Andy Capp’s:

Cheddar Fries Enzy.Non-pork  Clean

Hot Fries Enzy.Non-pork  Clean

Salsa Fries Enzy.Non-pork  Clean

BBQ Fries Enzy.Non-pork  Clean

Cheeze Kurls, Inc. : Triple Mix Products Enzy.Non-pork  Clean

Cheese Pops Enzy.Non-pork  Clean

Wabash Pizzeria Pizza Chips

Warner Lambert: Body Smarts: Chocolate Peanut Bar Non-Animal Clean
(Pfizer/Cadbury-Adams) Body Smarts: Yogurt Berry Bar Non-Animal Clean

Body Smarts: Fruit Medley Chews Non-Animal Clean

Body Smarts: Fruit Chews Non-Animal Clean

Chiclets Non-Animal Clean

Cinn-A-Burst Non-Animal Clean

Clorets gum Beef & Pork Unclean

Dentyne gum Glycerin,Synthetic Clean

Trident gum Glycerin,Vegetable Clean

Trident for Kids Cow milk protein Clean

Advantage gum Cow milk protein Clean

Certs, gum and mints

Bubblicious (all flavors)

Freshen Up Gum Non-Animal Clean

Wrigley Co.(M&M Mars) ALL Gums, Gummis & Mints Gelatin,Pork, & Cross Contamination Unclean

ALL Life Savers Candy & Mints Cross Contamination w/ Pork Gelatin Unclean

Wyandot World Class Snacks Aldi Brand:

Tasti Buddy Cheese Puffs Enzy.Non-pork  Clean

Tasti Buddy Cheese Curls Enzy.Non-pork  Clean

Clancy's Cheese Flavored Crunchy's Enzy.Non-pork  Clean

Casa Mamita (Aldi's)

Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips Non-Pork Clean

Ranch Chips Non-Pork Clean

Tortilla Chips Non-Pork Clean

Note: Wyandot makes Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips for Casa Mamita, Kroger, Myers and Albertson's (Jewel's).  They are all Clean.


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Biscuits Leclerc Ltd. (Aldi) Breakfast Cereals Non-Animal Clean

ConAgra Breakfast Harvest Cereals (Aldi's)

Cranberries & Nuts Cereal Non-Pork Clean

Granola w/Raisins Cereal Non-Pork Clean

Fruit & Grains Cereal Non-Pork Clean

Banana & Nuts Cereal Non-Pork Clean

Chocolate Granola Bars Non-Pork Clean

Peanut Butter Granola Bars Non-Pork Clean

General Mills Lucky Charms Cereals Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Kashi GoLean Cereal & Crunch Cereal Non-Pork Clean

Good Friends Cereal Non-Pork Clean

Good Friends Cinna-Raisin Crunch Non-Pork Clean

Heart to Heart Cereal Non-Pork Clean

Honey Puffed Kashi Cereal Non-Pork Clean

Kashi Medley, Pillows, & Pilaf Non-Pork Clean

Puffed Kashi Cereal Non-Pork Clean

Kellogg Co. Most *Cereals (Look for "K" symbol) Gelatin, Beef Clean

Kellogg Fruity Marshmallow Krispies Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Marshmallow Froot Loops Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Snack-Ums Rice Krispies Treat Krunch Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Kellogg Smorz Cereal Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Kellogg Frosted Mini Wheat Cereal Gelatin, Beef Clean

*All Cereals containing marshmallow derivatives Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Little Crow Foods CoCo Wheats Non-Pork Clean

Malt O Meal Golden Puffs Gelatin Unclean

  *(Pending further review)

Marshmallow Mateys Cereal Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Frosted Mini Spooners Gelatin, Pork Unclean

All other Bag Cereals Non-Gelatin Clean

         Hot Wheat Cereals: Original Non-Animal Clean

Chocolate Non-Animal Clean

Maple & Brown Sugar Non-Animal Clean

  Big Bowl Instant Oatmeal:

Apple & Cinnamon Flavor Gelatin Unclean

Maple & Brown Sugar Flavor Gelatin Unclean

Variety Pack Gelatin Unclean

               Breakfast Best's Cereals have been discontinued. Aldi's Cereals are now supplied by Millville. All of their cereals that contain GELATIN and/or MARSHMALLOWS are UNCLEAN.

McKee Foods Corp. Sunbelt Cereals Non-Pork Clean

Post Cereals Non-Pork Clean

Quaker Oats Company Instant Oatmeal:

Apples & Cinnamon Plant/synthetic Clean

Cinnamon & Spices Plant/synthetic Clean

Maple Brown Sugar Plant/synthetic Clean

Ralston Foods (Aldi's) Shredded Wheat Non-Pork Clean

Honey Puffs Non-Pork Clean

Wheat Puffs Non-Pork Clean

Crispy Oats Non-Pork Clean

Honey Nut Crispy Oats Non-Pork Clean

Frosted Shredded Wheat Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Millville Marshmallow & Stars Cereal Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Sovex Foods (Aldi’s Brand) Breakfast Best Low Fat Granola Cereal with Raisins Gelatin, Fish/ unknown Unclean


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Baldwin-Richardson Foods Baldwin Ice Cream Non-Animal Clean

Mrs. Richardson Toppings Vegetable/plant Clean

Berner Foods Casa Mamita Salsa Non-Pork Clean

Con Quesso Mild Non-Pork Clean

Leland Cheese Topping Non-Pork Clean

Best Foods I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Non-Gelatin Clean

Regular Quarters-Butter Non-Gelatin Clean

Regular Spread-Butter Non-Gelatin Clean

Spray Butter Non-Gelatin Clean

Squeeze Butter Non-Gelatin Clean

Sweet (Unsalted) Butter Non-Gelatin Clean

Fat Free Butter Gelatin, Beef/Pork Unclean

Light Butter Gelatin, Beef/Pork Unclean

Sweet Cream & Calcium Butter Gelatin, Beef/Pork Unclean

Borden Foods Cheese Singles Gelatin, Pork Unclean

CDS Aldi's brand natural cheeses Microbiological Clean

ConAgra Foods Jolly Rancher Gel Snacks Non-Gelatin Clean

Crystal Farms Natural cheeses Non-Animal Clean

Process cheeses Beef and Pork Unclean

Cheese Loaf singles Beef and Pork Unclean

Hot Pepper cheeses Beef and Pork Unclean

Dannon Flavored: Coffee, Cran Raspberry, Lemon & Vanilla Yogurts                   Non-Pork Clean

Plain: Low-fat, Nonfat,  Clean Natural, & Organic Yogurts Non-Pork Clean

Frozen:  All Varieties Non-Pork Clean

Soft Frozen Fat Free:

Blueberry Pie, Strawberry, Chocolate Non-Pork Clean

French Vanilla, Orange Blossom, Non-Pork Clean

Peach Passion, Praline Pecan, Non-Pork Clean

NY Cheesecake, White Chocolate Non-Pork Clean

Mousse & Red Raspberry Yogurts  Non-Pork Clean

SS No Sugar Added:

Vanilla, Chocolate, & Nonfat Gourmet Non-Pork Clean

Variety Pack Mix Non-Pork Clean

All Yogurt Products with Gelatin or Cochineal Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Dean Foods Dairy products Gelatin, Beef Clean
   (Morning Star Foods Div.) Dairy Ease 100% Lactose Free Milk Non-Pork Clean

Dips (All Varieties) Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Chugs' Milk VD3, non-animal Clean

Ice Cream Non-Pork Clean

Milk VD3, non-animal Clean

Sour Cream Non-Pork Clean

Fieldcrest Ice Cream Plant/Vegetable Clean

Fieldcrest Milk VD3, non-animal Clean

Del-Monte Fruit Chillers (All Varieties) Carmine/Cochineal Unclean

Dole Foods, Inc. Fruit N' Gel Bowls (Most) Non-Pork Clean

Fruit N' Gel Bowls with Cochineal Cochineal Unclean

Jar Fruit Cochineal Unclean

Driggs Farms Sundae Shoppe Ice Cream Sandwich Cow Clean

Sundae Shoppe Nut Cones Cow Clean

Sundae Shoppe Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream Cow Clean

Edy’s Dreamery's Galactic Chocolate Swirl Gelatin, Pork Unclean

All other Dreamery Ice Creams Non-Pork Clean

Edy’s Grand Ice Cream Vegetable/Plant Clean

Edy's Sherbet Vegetable/Plant Clean

Fruit Bars Vegetable/Plant Clean

  (Plain flavors only e.g. Vanilla, Chocolate, etc…)

Edy’s Rocky Road Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Friendly Farms (Aldi's) Blueberry, & Strawberry Yogurts Non-Pork Clean

Strawberry-Banana Yogurt Non-Pork Clean

General Mills Colombo & Yoplait Yogurts

Without Gelatin or Cochineal Non-Pork Clean

With Gelatin or Cochineal Gelatin, Pork, /Insect Unclean

Great Lakes Cheese/Aldi Happy Farms Natural Cheeses Microbial/Chymosin Clean

Processed Cheese Singles/Spreads Enzymes,pork/calf Unclean
Horizon Organic Butter Non-Pork Clean

Cheeses Non-Pork Clean

Cottage Cheese Non-Pork Clean

Milk Non-Pork Clean

Parmesan Cheese Rennet, Beef/Pork Unclean

Puddings Non-Pork Clean

Sour Cream Non-Pork Clean

Yogurt Non-Pork Clean

Kashi Products GoLean Ready-To-Drink Shakes Non-Pork Clean

Kraft Foods Blue Cheese Dressing Calf Clean

Ceasar Salad Dressing Romano, goat and lamb Clean

Ranch Salad Dressing Calf Clean

Grated Parmesan Cheese

Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese

Light Philadelphia Brand Neufchatel Cheese Clean

Natural Swiss cheese

Kraft Singles Flav. Enzymes, Beef/Pork Unclean

Kraft Velveeta Flav. Enzymes, Beef/Pork Unclean

Miracle Whip Salad Dressing Non-Pork Clean

Mayo Real Mayonnaise Non-Pork Clean

All Products with Gelatin Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Kroger Company Cheeses without gelatin Non-Pork Clean

Cheeses with gelatin Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Land O’ Lakes, Inc. Butters and Margarines Non-Pork Clean

Cheeses Pork Unclean

Master's Gallery Foods Jewel Processed Cheese Singles Cross-Contamin/Pork Unclean

Natural Cheeses Non-Pork Clean

McNeil Lactaid 100% Lactose Free Milk Enzymes, fungal Clean

Multi-Foods Pet Evaporated Milk Non-Pork Clean

Nestle Nestle Carnation Coffee Mate Vegetable Clean

Carnation Evaporated Milk Vegetable Clean

Old Homes Foods Oberweiss, Low Fat Yogurt Gelatin, Beef Clean

Soft Whip Yogurt Non-Pork Clean

Oberweiss Milk VD3, non-pork Clean

Peak Foods Aldi's Frozen Whipped Topping Non-Pork Clean

Richelieu Foods, Inc. Aldi Salad Mate Dressings:

French Dressing Non-Animal Clean

Ranch Dressing Cow Clean

Saputo Cheese USA Dragone Enzyme, calf,kid,lamb Clean

Gardenia Enzyme, calf,kid,lamb Clean

Frigo Enzyme, calf,kid,lamb Clean

Lorraine Enzyme, calf,kid,lamb Clean

Stella Enzyme, calf,kid,lamb Clean

Sargento Shredded, sliced cheeses Non-Animal Clean

6 Cheese Italian Blend Beef Clean

Romano/Provolone Cheese Wedges Beef Clean

Light 6 Cheese Italian Blend Beef Clean

Light Sliced Provolone Beef Clean

Schreiber Foods, Inc. Cub Store Brand cheese Beef Clean

Ultra Food Store Brand cheese Beef Clean

Unilever Breyers, Good Humor, Klondyke & Pop Sicle Products with Gelatin Gelatin, Pork/ Insect Unclean

Products without Gelatin or Carmine Non-Pork Clean

Wish-Bone Italian Dressing Non-Pork Clean

Robusto Italian Dressing Non-Pork Clean


Abbott Laboratories Isomil Soy Clean
    (Ross Products Division) Pedialyte (OU) Non-Pork Clean

Pediasure (OU) Non-Pork Clean

Promote (OU) Non-Pork Clean

Similac Alimentum Advance Enzymes, Pork Unclean

Similac with Iron Cow milk Clean

Similac Low Iron Cow milk Clean
     Similac Lactose Free Enzymes, Pork Unclean

Bristol-Meyer Pregestimil Hypoallergenic Enzymes, Pork Unclean

Gerber Products *Bakery Items Non-Pork Clean

Cereals Non-Pork Clean

Juices Non-Pork Clean

Fruits & Vegetables in jars/plastic Non-Pork Clean

Dinners & Meat Items in jars Beef/Pork Unclean

*Note: Look for the OU kosher symbol

Mead Johnson Enfamil Cow milk Clean

Enfamil w/ Iron Cow milk Clean

Enfamil Lactofree Cow milk Clean

Nutramigen hypoallergenic formula Enzyme, pork Unclean

Prosobee Soy bean protein Clean

Nestle Carnation Good Start Supreme Enzyme, Pork Unclean

Good Start Supreme Soy DHA & ARA Non-Pork Clean

Good Start Essentials Non-Pork Clean

Good Start 2 Essentials Non-Pork Clean

Good Start 2 Essentials Soy Non-Pork Clean


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Aidels Regular Sausage (20-30 Varieties)  Pork Unclean

Mini’s Sausages  Non-Pork Clean

(Chicken, Cajun & Tomato)

Breakfast Sausages: Maple Bacon Pork Unclean

Breakfast Sausages: Mango Chicken Non-Pork Clean

Bar S Turkey Breakfast Sausage Non-Pork Clean

Best Kosher Best Kosher All Beef Franks Beef Clean

Best Kosher Mini Bagel Dogs Beef Clean

Best Kosher Knockwurst Non-Meat Casing Clean

Best Kosher Italian Sausage Non-Meat Casing Clean

Best Kosher Polish Sausage Non-Meat Casing Clean

Cameco (Aldi's) Lunchmate Lunch Meats Pork/Pork processing Unclean

Carter’s Chicken Co. Carter’ Chicken Loaf Non-pork Clean

Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit (Cheese) Pork Unclean

Con Agra Swift Premium Brown ‘N Serve Turkey Clean

     Turkey Sausage

Swift Premium Brown ‘N Serve Beef Clean

     Beef Sausage

Butterball Turkey Bacon Non-Pork Clean

Butterball Skinless Beef Hotdogs Pork casing used in proc. Unclean

Butterball  Turkey Hotdogs Pork casing used in proc. Unclean

Butterball Beef Franks Non-Pork Clean

Butterball Cotta Salami Non-Pork Clean

(Aldi) Kirkwood Pot Pies (All Varieties) Lard Unclean

Marie Callender's Beef Pot Pie Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Dominicks Safeway Select Gourmet Club Meat Lasagna Beef Clean

Eckrich Smoked Beef Sausage Pork casing Unclean

Kielbasa Turkey Sausage Pork casing Unclean

Farmland Beef Franks Non-Pork Casing Clean

Black Angus Beef Smoke Sausage Beef Casing Clean

Freschetta Cheese Pizza L-Cysteine/Duck Unclean

General Mills Totino's/Jenos Products Pork Unclean

Gorton Fish Patties & Sticks Haddock & Flounder Clean

Hebrew National Beef Franks Non-Pork Clean

Black Angus Beef Smoke Sausage Casing, Beef Clean

Sliced Meats Non-Pork Clean

Homerun Inn Pizza Cheese Pizza (Restaurant) Non-pork Clean

Deep Dish Pizzas (Frozen) L-Cysteine Unclean

Hormel Foods Corp. Turkey Pepperoni Non-pork Clean

Casa Mamita Tamales (Aldi’s Brand) Non-pork Clean

Spam & Oven Roasted Turkey Spam Pork Unclean

Hormel/Jennie-O Original & Extra Lean Turkey Bacon Non-pork Clean

Turkey Breakfast Sausage Casing, Beef/Sheep Clean

Turkey Ham Liquid Smoke Flavoring Clean

Cahill Turkey Ham (Aldi's) Liquid Smoke Flavoring Clean

Turkey Franks Non-pork Clean

Sausage Links Pork Unclean

Frozen Breakfast Lover's Turkey Sausage Non-pork Clean

Kashi Products Kashi Waffles Non-Pork Clean

Kellogg Co. Eggo Waffles Non-pork Clean

Eggo Toaster Muffins Non-pork Clean

Kraft Foods Digiorno 4-Cheese Pizza Enzyme, goat,kid,lamb Clean

Digiorno Spicy Chicken Pizza Enzyme, goat,kid,lamb Clean

Land O’ Frost Pre-packaged Thin Sliced Meats; available at Kroger, Wal*Mart, Albertson’s, Safeway and Sysco stores.

      Beef Spice flavorings Clean

      Corned Beef Spice flavorings Clean

      Turkey, Honey Turkey Spice flavorings Clean

      Chicken Spice flavorings Clean

Long John Silver Fish Patties Pollock, Hoki Clean

Cheese used on sandwich Enzyme, Pork Unclean

Louis Rich Turkey Ham Cellulose/Plant Clean

Turkey Bologna Cellulose/Plant Clean

Turkey Bacon Cellulose/Plant Clean
   Exceptions: (Brothers and Sisters, Louis Rich also produces products using pork, READ the LABEL.)

Cotta Salami Cellulose/Plant Clean

Beef Franks Cellulose/Plant Clean

Nestle Stouffer’s Noodles Romanoff Gelatin, Pork Unclean

Stouffer’s Meals with Cheese Enzymes, Beef/Pork Unclean

Stouffer’s (All Other Meals) Pork Derivatives Unclean

Hot, Lean & Croissant Pockets Pork Derivatives Unclean

Pizza Mini's Pork Derivatives Unclean

Oscar Meyer Bun Length Beef Franks Cellulose/Plant Clean

Lunchables (All varieties) Cheese, Pork Unclean

Perdue Kick-N-Chicken Wings Chicken Clean

Pillsbury Hungry Jack Frozen Buttermilk Pancakes Flav., Plant source Clean

Mini Buttermilk Pancakes Flav., Plant source Clean

Red Baron All Pizzas Pork Processing Unclean

Sara Lee Ball Park Beef & Kosher Beef Franks Non-Pork Clean

Scott Petersen Beef Polish Sausage Casing, Beef/Collagen  Clean

Deli Roast Beef (Gelatin Glaze) Pork Unclean

The Turkey Store, Co. Use both pork and non-pork casing.  The non-pork casing is collagen and is man-made.  NOTE:  PLEASE READ THE LABEL!

Tony’s Pizza Co. Tony’s Pizza (All varieties) L-cysteine Unclean

Tyson Tyson Chicken Chunks Chicken Clean

Tyson Chicken Patties Chicken Clean

Aldi Brand Kirkwood Breaded Chicken Breast Chicken Clean

Aldi Brand Kirkwood Turkey Bacon Pork Unclean

Vienna Beef Store Brand: Vienna Beef Franks & Polish (Retail) Casing, plastic Clean

Vienna Beef Franks & Polish 8 or 12 Pack Casing, sheepskin Clean

Vienna Beef (JUMBO) Franks/Polish Casing, Pork Unclean

Vienna Beef Deli Meats Beef, cellulose casing Clean

             Restaurant Brand: Red Labeled Box (FRANKS) Check Casing

Blue Labeled box (POLISH) Check Casing

Vlasic Foods International Swanson Pot Pies (All varieties) Lard, Pork Unclean

Great Starts Breakfast Entrée Pork Unclean

Swanson Frozen Entrée Meals Beef/Pork Unclean

White Castle Frozen Hamburgers & Cheese Burgers Buns, L-Cysteine Unclean

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