Let's Weigh the Evidence
This is one of the easiest books to understand and the quickest to see the difference of the false versions,
 against the King James bibles... Mark

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The Bible version issue made simple

In simple layman's language, Barry Burton explains the basic issues in the Bible version controversy...and makes it easy to understand why the King James is the only Bible you can trust.

In Let's Weigh The Evidence, you will learn the following:

Origins of the King James Bible
The King James Bible Version is from the Textus Receptus, or Received Text.

If the Foundations be Destroyed
This book covers the problems with the NIV bible...Mark

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New Age Bible Versions
This is a very large exhaustive reference book on apostate bibles and worth taking the time to study out... Mark

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Learn how new Bible versions are promoting the new age world church

This book is the result of an exhaustive six year collation of new Bible versions, their underlying Greek manuscripts, editions, and editors. It objectively and methodically documents the hidden alliance between new versions and the New Age Movement's One World Religion.

Facts About the Vaticanus
It leaves out 237 words, 452 clauses and 748 whole sentences, which hundreds of later copies agree together as having the same words in the same places.

The Unreliability of the Siniaticus

Examined by John Burgon, he writes about the Siniaticus, "On many occasions 10, 20, 30, 40 words are dropped through carelessness. Letters, words or even whole sentences are frequently written twice over, or begun and immediately cancelled; while that gross blunder, whereby a clause is omitted because it happens to end in the same words as the clause proceeding, occurs no less than 115 times in the New Testament."

Westcott and Hort

Read quotes made by Hort: "The old dogmatic view of the Bible therefore, is not only open to attack from the standpoint of science and historical criticism, but if taken seriously it becomes a danger to religion and public morals."


The following versions have copyrights: Revised Standard Version, New American Standard, Living Bible, Good News Bible, New International Bible, New Scofield, and more. According to the New Standard Encyclopedia vol. 3, page 565, the definition of a copyright is, "The legal protection given to authors and artists to prevent reproduction of their work without their consent. The owner of a copyright has the exclusive right to print, reprint, publish, copy and sell the material covered by the copyright." By taking out a copyright on a so-called "Bible", the copyright owner admits that this is not "God's Word" but "Their own words."

Side-by-side Verse Comparisons Show Modern Versions Have Attacked Fundamental Doctrines

     • Deity of Christ
     • Salvation by faith
     • Atonement
     • The Second Coming of Christ
     • The Virgin Birth of Christ

and much, much more!

What does the NIV have against Jesus?

Is your Bible missing important verses and doctrines? If it is an New International Version there's a lot missing! Author Chick Salliby documents the sad truth of how much is left out of this popular modern Bible. If you or someone you care about is using it, you really need to read this book!

For example, did you know that there is only one verse in the whole Bible that tells us we need to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ before we are baptized? That verse is Acts 8:37. Why is it missing from the text in the NIV? (Look for yourself).

Or what about Colossians 1:14, where it says "In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins." Why has "through his blood" been removed from the NIV? Do you really believe that you can be saved without the shed blood of Jesus Christ?

The author gives us 155 clear instances of changes and omissions from the Bible, things that should be in the NIV but are not. The NIV weakens the deity of Christ, and removes doctrinally important teachings. Verse comparisions between the King James and the NIV cover a wide range of topics, as seen here from the table of contents: 

The Men
Each page opens a door exposing new version editors -- in agreement with Luciferians, occultists, and New Age philosophy -- in mental institutions, seance parlors, prison cells, and court room for heresy trials -- and most shocking of all -- denying that salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ. Five have lost their ability to speak. "BEWARE OF THE SCRIBES" -- Luke 20:46

The Manuscripts
The Greek manuscripts, critical editions, lexicons and dictionaries behind the new versions are examined, revealing their occult origins, contents, and yet unreleased material -- a blueprint for the Antichrist's One World Religion and government. Also presented is the latest research proving that the Authorized King James Version represents not only Christianity's earliest and most widely used Greek text, but is the easiest version to read according to computer analysis based formulas from the Flesch-Kincaid research firm.

The Message
The emerging 'new' Christianity -- with its substitution of riches for righteousness, a crown for a cross, and an imitation for a new creation -- is shown to be a direct result of the wording in new versions.
Documented are the thousands of words, verses, and doctrines by which new versions will prepare the apostate churches of these last days to accept the religion of the Antichrist -- even his mark, image, and Lucifer worship. "THEY WORSHIPPED THE DRAGON" -- Revelation 13:4