Banquet Hall
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5824 W. Diversey Ave. Chicago,IL. 60069
Small Gatherings to Large Parties
Reuniones Pequeñas y Fiestas Grandes
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       Customer Reviews:

 They made everything perfect:
the good:  the owner was very helpful and accommadating
the bad:  I didn't have any bad experiences there.
the details:  It was such a pleasant experience I'm having another party there. The food was great, the wait staff was very nice and I would recommend this hall to anyone looking for a nice place to throw a party. The price was also very reasonable.
Lissette (IL)

 My sister held our babyshower there everything turned out beautiful. My friend also had her wedding there and everything turned out beautiful. Food is great, banquet is beautiful no complaints.
aiylee (IL)

 A nice three star experience.  This place is a small banquet hall that has been here since the 1970s.  The current owners are a very nice couple, a man from Cuba and his wife from Mexico, and they have carved out a niche market by catering to various Spanish-speaking communities.  They occasionally throw $30 "parties" during several holidays throughout the year, which are essentially the same:  open bar, except during dinner, then open bar again and music all night.  Music played depends on the country of origin of the crowd, but rest assured it's all in Spanish.  Dinner is usually Cuban fare, such as arroz congri (black beans cooked with rice), roast pork, and yuca.  I guess I'd book here if you want a small, no-hassle economical banquet, and you're a Spanish speaker.

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