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'My Examopedia' is a totally free, collaborative exam revision service that brings students together during their exam revision period. It is based on the most common informal revision strategy used by students, namely, the use of past exam papers or tutorial/revision questions.
Many students revise from past exam papers/revision questions for their exams. Others, still look at past papers to get an idea of what an exam may look like. People also use past exam papers in mock exam conditions to test their own performance. Usually, such informal learning techniques used by students can be isolating and stressful. 
By collaborating with other students for exam preparation and through timely guidance from an 'Expert' in the field you can go in the exam hall with more confidence and improve your chances of a higher mark.
Yes, we may be able to put you in touch with an expert in the field or you can request your academic to join your 'My Examopedia' and share it with the entire class. So, if you are a student, register now for your 'My Examopedia' site and spread the word. See registration page for details.
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For academics this service provides an additional opportunity to help gauge knowledge & confidence of their students prior to the examination. Based on this information, an academic can encourage deep learning in students by providing timely guidance and feedback using this service. They may also be able to deliver relevant 'Just-in-time'  teaching on topics identified in this way.  This is particularly useful if you have exam as a substantial assessment method in your course. If you are an academic who wants to use this service or volunteer as an 'Expert' see the registration page for details. Its a great opportunity to volunteer and help facilitate a personal learning network of a group of students.
To see examples of Examopedia in action click here. I recently won a National Teaching Award for using 'My Examopedia' with my students. Therefore, I decided to extend the benefit of such a service to all worldwide. Of course, students and volunteers willing to help other students or academics wanting to use it with their students are all very welcome.
Note: This site is open access to all and free, i.e. does not cost a penny, as long as Google keeps it free.
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