MY BELIEVE........

     What i believe is thatmusic will change people in their way of life's and their way of knoledge. Just like me, when I study sometimes I hear music to ignore everything that might destract me. for example, if my little brother is being noisy, I won't be able to hear him and I'l be more focus then before. So i'l get more time to study and it helps people relize more then ever.

     If you know what I mean, don't you see people with some kind of device hearing music with it. Every day I see someone in a place going to relax and to do some work, don't you see them lisening to music to be more focus in their work. A I know that when you do your homework sometimes dont you lisen to music don't you, because I know I do it helps me ralax and more focus then usual.

     When I go to college of course Im going to hear music, but only when Im by myself.A I know im just not going to be the only in college I bet the whole school is going to be hearing music every day so I think music changes people lives and knoledge. 

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