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         Hello my name is Danny, and today im going to  tell you about my web site, for a teacher.By the way, I am living in Richmond CA. I'm a student in Richmond  high school and it isn't bad as people say it is.I'm not going to lie it is bad but at the same time it is a good place.

         My goals are really in school nothing but school well until I  finish school I have to think of new goals for my future and a high paying job.Well one of my goals, is to be the top student in every of my class room for every year im in school.One other is to past all of my test like the SAT,AP,and CAHSEE so i can get into a good college and do my four years and just maybe even more then four years i hope but I want to go to UC Berkeley to be close to my family.

         So for me to get there im going to be the best, and the student that is in top in every class that I have.Then I have to get good grades and try to get a 4.0 averege or at least a 3.5 or higher.My other way, is to do everything, my teachers tell me to do, and dont be lazy to do what he/she tell me to do.

         Well these are few of my reason to get where you want to get like college.So always try to do your best in school so maybe this website might help you so why not try it this might make your life easyier for you or easyier for you to think for college. 


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