Cambridge English Teaching Framework

  • Learning and the learner. After reading through and analysing the information I can say that I am somewhere between the developing and proficient levels. When planning my lessons I find myself automatically thinking "What is the aim of, or why am I doing this". When teaching I take into account that all learners are unique and each of them have their own learning style. I might lean more towards one style if this style is dominant in a certain group. I try to make room for problems that might occur while giving the lesson, so I keep in mind that lesson plans should also be dynamic. 
  • Language knowledge and awareness.  I think that I have a reasonable to good understanding of key terms for describing langauge. Courses like TKT, have greatly improved my knowledge of such terms. So far this year I am mainly working with young learners and can confidentally answer their questions. 
  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment. I am at the developing level in this area, I can plan and deliver lessons with considearation to the needs of the learners and can design tests. This is definately an area that I would like to improve before I can feel that  i have reached the proficient level. 
  • Professional Development and values. I think that I am at a developing level. I can reflect on lessons without guidance and respond positively to feedback, as well as self-assess own needs and identify my strengths and weaknesses. 
I am grateful for this Teaching Framework because sometimes one gets lost in self development courses because there are so many areas to cover, and this framework is structured and I can   monitor my progress using a scale which is much more productive.