Moshe Egel-Tal, CSPP

Professional Payroll Services

For Employees and Employers in Israel


    • Do you know what your rights are by Law, statute or regulation ?
    • What your employer is obligated to pay you for and how much ?
    • When is your employer obligated to pay you ?
    • How much is the required rate for overtime hours ?
    • What are your vacation / sick days / reserve duty / holiday rights ?
    • Are you being paid for training / internship ?
    • Are you entitled to social benefits ?
    • Are you being re-imbursed for travel expenses to and from work

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  • Are you using financial programs that don't "speak" to each other
    (time-sheet, payroll and bookkeeping) ?
  • Save precious time by canceling the need for recurring manual tasks
  • Better and more in-depth checks and balances prior to payroll
  • Cut down on recurring mistakes due to a system that might not be best suited or optimally used
  • Looking for someone reliable and efficient that speaks your language ?
  • Do you outsource your Payroll ? find out how you can save time and money using an in-house system that meets your needs and requirements while providing you with on-line reports on request

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