Where do you turn to when you want learn something new?
  • a colleague
  • a teacher on assignment/coach
  • a friend
  • youtube
But what if that person isn’t available or if learning from the internet isn’t your thing?

My EduLink is where educators can link with others to advance their professional learning. Based on geographic location, content, and educator profile, individuals will can to connect with others to learn about a range of topics to impact classroom instruction. 

My EduLink was created at the Google Innovator Academy, Mountain View Academy 2016. The goal of My EduLink is to provide teachers, and others in education, a place to link together to learn; because professional learning shouldn’t be confined to the people you know or within the walls of your district.

How to get Started

  1. Click on Find Your Link.
  2. Use the search filters to find a mentor to help you learn.
  3. Fill out the Mentor Match request form.
  4. Wait for the Digital Introduction email.
  5. Coordinate with your mentor and start learning!
  6. Fill out the Share Your Story form.

My EduLink