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with logging for your home solar project, you've come to right place!!

11/15/10 -- I have a new domain and improved website now at www.mydtcstore.com that includes some newer products.  Check it out.

I looked at the current differential temperature controllers on the market and decided I could build one myself that was better and cheaper from scratch.  I'm using one to construct my solar hot water test system.  Now I'm offering them for sale to home hobbyist needing temperature control.

Capabilities of the
myDTC Differential Temperature Controller:

1.  PIC Microcontroller with 2 Differential Temperature Controller Capability-
    Each Temp Controller provides differential or thermostat type operation
2.  Supports upto 4 myTS Temperature Sensors (-25C - +125C)
3.  1 or 2 - 10Amp Relay Outputs
4.  Programmable Set Points for all Relay Outputs including Freeze Protection
 and OverTemp / UnderTemp Limits
5.  Temperature Logging Capability with FLASH Storage (192/1216 records)
6.  RS-232 Interface for Configuring, Real Time Logging, Data Acquisition,
and Relay Control
7.  Reports of All Temperature Sensors / Outputs Hour Meter / Time Stamp
8.  LED indicators for Output Relays
9.  11-14.5 VDC operation

10.  Made in USA

Price:     $60 for myDTC Basic, $65 for myDTC Deluxe
               $12 for 2 myTS Sensors

Already have a temperature controller but want to use a 8 channel temperature logging for only $70? 
Check out the myDTC Ultra TMP here:



1.  Solar Hot Water Heating - Use it to control a pump for collecting hot water from solar collectors and store in tanks.
2.  Attic Cooling - Turn on an attic fan when its cooler outside than in the attic to cool your attic and reduce your cooling bills.
3.  Solar Air Heating Fan Control - Use it to control fans to bring solar heated air in when the collector is hotter than inside.

4.  Radiant Floor Heating Control - Use it to control pump and valves based on hot water tank temps and floor temps.

Block Diagram of myDTC Controller

myDTC Block Diagram

Sample Application Wiring Diagram

Specifications and Pricing:

myDTC Specification

Mechanical Info for myDTC Differential Temperature Controller

Board Size = 1.7" x 3.1".  MTA-100 type connectors are provided for all Temperature Sensor Inputs, Screw Terminals for Relay Outputs, and 12V power input.  A DB9 Female Connector is provided for RS-232 Interface.  Board has 4 mounting holes.

Warranty: 1 year - replace or repair free of charge with return

To Order:  Please email me at smith100griggs@gmail.com with "myDTC" in the subject line.  Please include your mailing address, items desired to purchase and any special requests.  I will review and email you back total cost + shipping and expected availability.  I have a PayPal account set up and can provide a PayPal Invoice for your order by email.  You can use PayPal to pay with a credit card, bank card, PayPal balance, etc. thru PayPal secure website.  You may also pay with a check or money order by mail.
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Contact for more information or questions: smith100griggs@gmail.com

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