myTextSpeed is a tool (or game) that test your texting skills. There are two modes: Classic and Beat the Time.
  • Classic - You have 60 seconds to text a bunch of words using virtual keyboard (or hard keyboard) the old school way, no auto-completion and correction. 
  • Beat the time - You have to text one or more sentences as fast as possible. In this mode you can use the keyboard's built-in word auto-completion/correction feature (Or disable them if you prefer).

At the end of the game, you will get statistics like: WPM (Words Per Minute), CPM (Characters Per Minute), Accuracy (percentage of correctly typed characters).

Note: You can use any Input Method you've installed on your phone.

On Android phone: Click here to goto Android Market, or search for myTextSpeed.

Alternatively, scan the following QR Code from your Android phone.