A  hand built geodesic dome house  with 
major solar and green design features

This Geodesic green house was designed and built by the owner to fulfill his vision of a modern energy efficient passive solar home with dramatic interior spaces in a wooded setting.  The geodesic dome (an invention of world renowned Buckminster Fuller, one of the most creative designers and thinkers of the twentieth century) is the strongest structure ever devised by man and incloses the most interior volume for a given exterior surface area of any structure. The dome house was positioned on the site to take full advantage of the light and heat of the sun. Windows and skylights were designed to bring in the light throughout the day. A deck and a secluded balcony  make the natural world outside a part of the living space. On the inside, light was emphasized again with a dramatic 11 ft semicircular atrium and unique cantilevered custom staircase hand fashioned out of red oak connecting all three levels with light streaming from a 5 ft pentagonal skylight in the roof above. The interior walls of the house radiate out from this central atrium dividing up the space as needed into bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, living room, kitchen etc.. The radiant heat panels in a fifteen zone system provide heat that is comfortable, responsive, affordable and does not promote drafts. The central vac system and the whole house ac air filter helps keep the house free of allergy causing dust and mold.


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Green design features:

Location - The house is situated on a Southwest facing hillside on the eastern edge of a large woodland preserve with a major stream (the Gwynns Falls) at the bottom of the hill. The prevailing Westerly breezes blowing through the forested hillside and across the water are cooled more than 5 degrees, a natural air conditioning micro-climate for the houses on that hillside. The house is shaded by trees to the South and West of the house in the Summer and in the Winter the Sun bathes the South and West sides of the house with warming solar radiation.

Passive solar heat gain - over 200 sf of insulated window area on the South and West sides of the house provide a major heat boost throughout the Winter months. On many Winter days often no other heat source is required.

Radiant heat panels - The fifteen zone radiant heat system allows you to control the heat level for each room and is more efficient, quiet  and comfortable than forced air or hydronic systems and doesn't promote drafts. This radiant system  takes up no floor space, requires little if any maintenance and has an indefinite life span.

Geodesic dome design - The geodesic dome, an invention of world renowned Buckminster Fuller, one of the most creative designers and thinkers of the twentieth century, is the strongest structure ever devised by man and incloses the most interior volume for a given exterior surface area of any structure. Less exterior surface area means less heat loss through the walls and roof of the house and makes the structure more efficient.

Vermont Castings Parlor Stove -  This sophisticated, efficient parlor stove has both furnace and  fireplace modes and when used as an auxiliary heat source, it can maintain comfortable temperature levels in 2/3 of the house even during the coldest Winter nights. The use of this stove as a secondary heat source along with the passive solar capability of the house can significantly reduce reliance on the grid for power during the Winter months.

 Single Family Property
      * Status:  no contingency
      * County: BALTIMORE CITY
      * Subdivision: WINDSOR HILLS
      * Year Built: 1980   
      * 4  bedrooms
      * 2 full baths   
      * three stories

Type: Detached home, Fee simple
Style: contemporary, innovative, energy efficient
Interior spaces
      * Master bedroom - 19' X 11'  approx.
      * Bedroom # 2 -  12' X 10' 6"  approx.
      * Bedroom # 3 -  15' X 11'   approx.
      * Bedroom # 4 -  15' X 8'  approx.
      * office/den   8' 6" X 7'  approx.
      * Living room - 35' x 16' approx.
      * Kitchen   14' 6" X 14'   approx.
      * Hall Bathroom - 10' X 6'  approx.
      * Master Bathroom -   12' X 11'   approx.
      * Entry Hall - 6' x 16' - ceramic tile floor
      * Downstairs Hall - 8' x 16'
      * Lounge - 15' X 8'    approx.
         * Laundry - 9' X 11'  approx.
      * Utility Room - 10' 9" X 15' 9"  approx.

        Bedroom # 3 and the Office/den are off the front hall and were designed to be
        used optionally as a professional suite (i.e. office, waiting room and bath) suitable for a
        Psychologist, acupuncturist, Massage therapist etc.

 Floors:   hardwood, laminated, carpet, tile
 Heating: Efficient, comfortable (and surprisingly inexpensive) radiant glass heat
       system with 15 zones, each controlled by its’ own thermostat. The   
       components of this system last indefinitely. After thirty years there has been no  
      maintenance required, no furnace to take up space or to keep up and eventually

 Cooling:   central air conditioning system  with programmable thermostat

 Exterior construction:     six inch tongue and groove cedar siding over 2 X 6 framing

 Roofing:   Innovative membrane roof consisting of an acrylic compound and an
     embedded  polyester reinforcing fabric. The composite cures to form a seamless,
     permanent,  elastomeric  membrane  highly resistant to ultra violet radiation and
     temperature and humidity cycles. A long lasting and easy to maintain modern roofing solution

Lot size
      * Lot is 19’863.36 sq. ft.
    * Approximately 0.456 acre(s)

Interior Features:
    * Custom designed and hand built eleven foot diameter  cantilevered solid oak circular staircase
    * Paloma 89300 btu/hr whole house instant gas hot water heater - This is a high quality Japanese 
          unit made with the finest  materials and built to last a lifetime.
    * Fifteen zone radiant heat system allows you to control the heat level for each room and is more 
          quiet  and comfortable than forced air or hydronic systems and doesn't promote drafts.
    * Whole house central vacuum system - system has a 30' hose with outlets on each floor and many
          attachments including  a motor driven rug, carpet and apholtery attachment.
    * Custom built-in cedar paneled sauna with a 6000 watt Tylo sauna heater imported from  Finland. 
          This world  famous sauna heater has the exclusive "Thermosafe" velvety  covering on the outer
          surface which makes the sides "safe to touch".
    * Custom 80 gallon  ceramic tile lounging tub with built in arm rests designed and built by  the 
    * An optional professional suite off the main entry hallway including a consultation room 15' x 11',
         waiting  room and  bath. These rooms have also been used as a bedroom and office or den.
    * Vermont Castings wood burning Parlor stove in LR with both furnace and  fireplace modes. 
    * Custom five width wide board solid cherry wood floor in LR.
    * Brand new custom kitchen with all new appliances, porcelain tile floor, full extension soft close  
          doors and drawers, porcelain sink and mahogany trim designed by the owner.
    * Under sink carbon block water filter with mounted faucet.

            Winter Scene through the Living room window

Outside Features:
   * Panoramic views of the Gwynns Falls valley wooded park lands and the Gwynns Falls stream.
        Gwynns Falls/Leaken Park is one of the largest urban wilderness preserves in the country.

   * Rear property line connects to protected wooded land owned by the Baltimore City.

Spacious lot can accommodate a second building like a shop or studio, or
         sub-divide and build another house.
   * The Conservation Trail which meanders along the Gwynns Falls down the hill from my house:  
        The Conservation trail is maintained by Windsor Hills residents as a wilderness area and is ideal for
        hiking and birding. It is one of several access trails to the Gwynns Falls Park and Greenway

   *   The Gwynns Falls Trail and Greenway:      http://www.gwynnsfallstrail.org/
        The Greenway (just two blocks from the house) provides a 15 mile bicycle and walking trail following 
        the Gwynns Falls valley through the city, linking the neighborhood with the B&O Railroad Museum, 
        Mount Clare Mansion, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, The inner Harbor and the Patapsco Valley to the 
        south and west.

      Windsor Hills is on the National Register of Historic Places 12/27/2002
          Windsor Hills is a Baltimore City Historic District  

    The community of Windsor Hills was laid out before the dawn of the twentieth century and most of the houses were built by 1920. It was described as a "unique and beautiful suburb" in an article in the Baltimore Sun in 1916. More than a decade past its' centennial, Windsor Hills is still a unique and beautiful suburb although not so removed from the city as it was in the early days.  Venerable oaks and tulip trees still tower above the houses. Spacious shingle houses with wraparound porches still perch at the top of hills and cling to their sides. Those who live here now take as much pride in their beautiful neighborhood as those who preceded them.  Windsor Hills is proud of its' unique and pioneering history, its dynamic school, beautiful adjacent parks and its diverse neighbors working together for the future of their Windsor Hills community.

    *    Windsor Hills Neighbors, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization chartered by the state of Maryland in May 1949  
             holds monthly meetings open to all residents
             publishes a news letter "Windsor Hills News and views" nine times a year
             Maintains neighborhood play lot, The Centennial Garden and The Conservation Trail
             map of Windsor Hills - http://www.windsorhillsneighbors.org/images/WHN%20Map%20060104-WS.jpg     
             Web site for Windsor Hills Neighbors, Inc.  -  http://www.windsorhillsneighbors.org/neighbors.html