Keynote and Workshop Offerings

Google Apps for Education Training  |  One Day Workshop

In the one day workshop, Flipped Education will focus on combining best practices and core suite of tools in Google Apps for Education.  Participants will have hands-on experience with Google Drive, including Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms and best practices for organization and navigation.  The most popular break out of the one day workshop is YouTube. Participants the chance to create their own Channel, subscribe to great existing content and create playlists to organize and save YouTube videos for classroom use.  The one day workshop is a fast paced, high intensity workshop.  This workshop is often combined with Google Sites for and tailored to focus on teacher web pages or student projects.  

Google Apps for Education Training  |  Two Day Workshop

The two day workshop is very similar to the one day workshop, however Flipped Education builds in work time for the participants.  In this two day workshop participants will create resources, lesson ideas and digital age learning experiences for their students to be used in class immediately.  This two day workshop allows learning, application and creation to happen to move digital age learning forward in your school or district.

Google Apps for Education Cohort

The Google Apps for Education Cohort is a year long commitment to integrating Google Apps for Education and nurturing a group of lead learners in your school and district.  Flipped Education will provide between 3-6 days of face to face training throughout the school year or summer to provide hands on experiences with new tools and concepts.  Teachers will then have direction as to what to apply into their classroom.  During subsequent face to face work time, teachers will be able to share, ask questions, collaborate, and enhance their learning and integration with new skills, Apps, tools and concepts.  Flipped Education can also provide blended learning experiences for participants in between the face to face cohort meetings.

Chromebooks: A Classroom in the Cloud Training

Flipped Education can train your teachers on a Chromebook roll-out pilot or 1:1 implementation.  Along with training on Google Apps for Education, the Chromebook training would include sessions on an introduction to the Chromebook device, how to introduce the Chromebook to students, best practices for uses of the Chromebook, Chromebook Apps and Extensions and how to get the most out of the Chrome Browser.  Other sessions could include any of the sessions offered to customize your experience.  Many Chromebook clients choose the Digital Writing with Google and the Web session as a good partner to their Chromebook training.  The Chromebook training can be one day, two days or a cohort experience.

Flipped Learning Workshop

This workshop will focus on the design, pedagogy and authentic implementation of digital content in your classroom. The workshop will promote flipped learning with a student centered approach and will help you individualize your instruction. You will walk away knowing how to use video and media to promote inquiry and leverage formative assessment to inform your curriculum. Flipped Education customizes events based on your instructional needs and goals.  


Flipped Education will provide your Professional development day with an inspiring keynote to get your teachers excited about their day of learning.  Our keynotes address moving to the web as the platform for learning, why advance digital age learning, and moving towards design thinking for creating learning experiences.  Let Flipped Education motivate and inspire your staff.

Customize your training with these Sessions

  • Google Drive - Google Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets and Forms - Create, Collaborate, Share

  • Organizing Google Drive - Best practices for navigating and organizing Google Drive

  • Google Sites - For teacher web pages or student projects

  • YouTube - Using video in the classroom - Channels, subscriptions, playlists and creating video content

  • Google Search – Information literacy skills for digital age learning  

  • Google Chrome - Personalizing the Browser with Apps and Extensions

  • Flipping Your Classroom with YouTube, Forms and Sites

  • Google Geo Tools – Google Maps and Google Earth – Using the Map as your textbook across all disciplines

  • Digital Writing with Google and the Web

  • Gmail and Google Calendar for maximum efficiency

  • Chromebooks Introduction - For staff and students

  • Best Practices for Students and Chromebooks - Bringing your classroom into the cloud

  • Chromebook Apps and Extensions

  • Personalizing the Chromebook for students

Quotes from past participants…
“Thanks! By far the best and most beneficial technology workshop I've attended.” – Nicholas, ISD 138

This was a great workshop. I want more.....” – Cathy, Edina Public Schools

“This was fabulous! I'm excited about putting this to use with the teachers and students in my district.” –Penny, Orono School District

“All educators should have the opportunity to attend a GWE.” – Participant, Hopkins, MN 2009

"This is the best workshop I have ever attended!  Thank you very much for all you have shared and the continued commitment." - Participant Toronto, Ontario 2010

"This was a great workshop!  The presenters were extremely knowlegable and well-prepared.  I would recommmend this to all educators.  I am excited to go home and explore everything I have learned!" -Jody TIES, Minneapolis 2010

"Amazing Job... thank you! I was engaged and not off track all day." -Nicole, TIES, Minneapolis 2010

"Thank you for a tremendous day! Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious." TIES, Minneapolis 2010

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